From Part 2.....

Filming began and I was with him on the set most of the time.  Filming of the first episode had finished, and there was a few days before the next episode began.  One day as I paid some of his bills and verified his schedule, he went out on his own. 

After a few hours, he called and said he had a surprise for me and would be back at the suite in an hour.  Regardless of how much I begged, he refused to tell me anything about what was going on.  An hour later, he arrived at the suite and when he walked in, he told me to go to my room and wait.  I did, reluctantly.  A few minutes later I was called back into the living room and when I entered I froze.

Part 3..........

I couldn't believe what I was seeing.. There in front of me stood Scott and Brent Vaughan, the main star of the series, both completely naked and boned.  As I stood in total shock, Brent looked at me, smiled and said, "Scott assures me that you can be trusted to keep what we do private.  I'm going to take him at his word, so why don't you get out of those clothes and come over here and let's have some fun."

I immediately began stripping as fast as I could, at Brent's muscular hard body and his muscular chest covered in silky blond hair.  Then my mouth began to water for his beautiful eight inch rock hard cock. 

Scott smiled and said, "You have been so loyal to me, I thought you needed a reward."

Brent looked at him and said, "I certainly hope that you are going to join us."

"Oh, I will in due time, but right now I want Mark to enjoy you alone."

Brent stepped up to me and as he slipped his arms around me, he pressed his lips to mine.  In an instant, our tongues were exploring each others mouth. As the kiss ended, Brent began licking and kissing his way down my body pausing to caress each nipple.  He then began to squat down, continuing his oral pleasure lower on my body.  My senses were going wild at the feel of his hot tongue tracing its way lower on my stomach.

Then my body gave a wild spasm as Brent's mouth engulfed my rigid cock in it's entirety.  Ever so gently, he began working his hot sensual mouth back and forth on my throbbing cock.  I glanced over at Scott to see him smiling as he slowly fondled his own hard tool. 

Brent continued working on my cock and I was in heaven.  After a few moments I could tell I was getting close.  Brent could sense it also and began sucking me with more vigor.  Suddenly I grabbed his head and held it on my cock as it exploded, filling his mouth with my load.  Eagerly, he began swallowing and after I released his head, he continued milking my cock dry until he had eaten every drop possible.

He stood and we kissed again and I returned the pleasure to him, lingering with my tongue caressing the entirety of his hairy chest.  Before long, I had Brent's cock buried down my throat and it was awesome  I worked it slowly at first then with more intensity.  He looked over at Scott and said, "Man, If you ever split with Mark, let me know.  He's got a permanent job as my assistant."

Moments later, Brent began to moan softly, signaling his impending eruption.  I was eager and ready and began hungrily swallowing his thick creamy load as it erupted from his cock. After milking him dry, we again kissed, and as we did, Scott stepped up to us and said, "Fuck, watching you two was so fucking hot.  I need some release."

Brent looked at him and said, "Well, you know how I love sucking your cock but while I do I want Mark's cock up my ass."

Scott smiled and as he knelt on the floor, Bent got on his hands and knees.  Scott tossed me a tube of lube and as Brent started swallowing Scott's raging boner, I made my entry into Scott's ass. 

"Oh, Fuck Yea!" I heard Brent say.  As I fucked Brent's ass, Scott fucked his mouth.  We both leaned forward and kissed as we each fucked a hole.  Before long we were both ready and filled Brent at the exact same time. Once Brent had milked Scott dry, he surprised me and whirled around and began sucking my cock clean.  It was a first for me and I loved it.

As we took a break and had a beer, I asked Brent if his wife knew of his activities.

"Fuck No!  I would be in divorce court in an instant and she would make millions telling her story to the gossip sheets. Plus, it would ruin my career."

"Well, if I may ask, how do you keep it secret?" I asked.

"Like Scott, I'm deep in the closet.  I can only have sex with fellow actors that have as much to loose as I do.  Fortunately, I have a couple of close associates that I play with and the with and Cindy and I are apart quite a bit, with our own careers."

Later, I had Brent's cock buried in my ass as I buried mine in Scotts ass.  When Brent climaxed, it triggered my senses and I filled Scotts ass.  Brent immediately began sucking his load out of my hole then sucked mine out of Scott's ass.  Looking at us he said, "I refuse to see good cum go to waste."  We both began laughing.

During the remaining filming of the episodes Scott had signed to do, we had sex with Brent almost daily.  Since he lived in Hawaii most of the time, he gave us an open invitation to visit.  Scott gave him the same privileges to visit us.

We returned to the mainland and Scott signed on to do a western, being filmed in Arizona.  All the main actors were furnished with luxury mobile homes to live in.  As I passed one of the trailers right at dusk, I heard a soft moan emit from the window.  The curtain was open just slightly and as I peered in, I could see Josh Meadows, one of the main stars, laying on his back in bed. his legs were pulled up and as he stroked his cock with his right hand he used his left hand to work a very large life like rubber cock in and out of his ass.

I was frozen in place and knew I had to watch to the end.  With steady motion he worked the dildo in and out of his ass.  The dildo was larger than a beer can and twice as long and he was shoving it up him all the way.  As his climax neared, he tossed the dildo aside  and worked his legs farther over his head.  Suddenly, he began his climax and  as he did he aimed directly for his own mouth, eagerly devouring every drop he could.  When the climax was over, he scraped up what missed his mouth and sensually licked it off his fingers.

I hurried away, my own cock bulging in my pants very obviously.  I decided to not tell Scott and see if I could somehow get Josh in bed.   

The next day, as we ate in the commissary, I saw Josh come in and join a few others at a table.  Scott had retuned to our trailer to go over the script and as I finished my lunch, the others at the table with Josh left.  The table was off to the side away from most of the others and the ones that were somewhat close were empty.  I had met Josh and we had chatted numerous times.  He was in his early thirties, divorced and hot as hell.

I got a cup of coffee and walked casually to his able and asked, "May I join you?"

"Hey, Mark.  Pull up a chair," he replied.

"How's it going," I asked.

"I sure miss the city.  There is absolutely nothing to do out here."

Getting up my nerve, I decided to go for broke. "You sure seemed to be having fun yesterday evening," I said softly.

As his face turned  red, he asked softly, "Just what do you mean?"

"Josh, make sure your curtains are completely closed.  I was passing by yesterday evening and heard you moan.  I thought you might be injured and peeked in.  I saw everything you were doing."

"How di I know you're telling the truth?"

"Shall I tell you everything I saw?" I asked.  Without giving him tie to answer, I began, "You were masturbating and using a huge lifelike dildo in your ass and when you climaxed, you took most of it in your mouth.  Need I say more?"

"Mark, please, please keep it to yourself."

"I will, I promise.  But I just have one question."

 "And what would that be?" he asked.

"May I join you?"

"Are you serious?"

"Yes, very," I replied.

"Well, sure.  When?"

"Well, you're not filming tonight and Scott is so I'll be free about dark."

"See you then," he said nervously.  I could tell that he still wasn't sure.

Just at dark I arrived at his trailer and made a walk around it to make sure seeing inside was impossible.  I knocked on the door and instantly he answered.  He was nervous as hell so to try and calm him down, I stepped up to him and as I gently groped his crotch, I softly pressed my lips to his.  After a moment he relaxed and began offering his tongue.   Then, I felt his hand began to caress my cock.

After the kiss, I directed him to his bedroom and we began undressing each other.  once naked, I knelt and  began to gently suck his cock. After a moment, he stopped me and led me to his bed and we began a hot sixty-nine.  Moments later, we both climaxed and eagerly swallowed what had been fed to us. 

We relaxed and talked and I found that he had been into men since his teens and that the divorce had nothing to do with his sexual preference for men.   Soon  we were both hard again and he said he wanted me to fuck him.  I did gladly and soon dumped a hot load into his hole.  As I pulled out, he said, "I have another request."

"What is that?"

"I want you to fist fuck me while my ass is lubed with your cum."

I agreed and moments later, with Josh on his back and legs pulled up I gently work my right hand and arm in and out of his hot hole, going as far as my elbow.  he was soon ready to climax and I made sure that it was in my mouth.

We met several more times during the filming, but I never told Scott. 

Filming ended and we returned to the coast and back to a somewhat normal life. That's when Scott surprised me and asked me to be his life partner.  I was thrilled but at the same time felt guilty about what had happened with Josh behind Scott's back.  I had to confess.

I told Scott everything and that I never mentioned that I was having sex with Scott.

"Baby, I love you  with all my heart," he told me.  "I have no problem with what you did.  I see nothing wrong with an open relationship just as long as our nights are spent in each others arms."

"I love you, also, Scott, and would be honored to be your partner, and if marriage is ever legal, I'd love to marry you."

We celebrated our union with a hot night of raunchy sex and decided to invite Josh over for dinner and to play.

I called Josh and extended the invitation and he accepted.  I still had not told him that Scott was gay also.   As far as Josh knew, Scott knew nothing of my sexual activities.

He arrived that Saturday evening and everything was normal until after dinner.  Scott suggested cocktails out by the pool and Josh agreed.   after a moment, Scott stood and said, "Let's have a swim.  That water sure looks inviting."

Before Josh could reply, Scott began stripping and once completely nude asked," Anyone going to join me?"

""Sure," I replied and stripped nude.  Before going to the pool I looked at Josh and said, "Come on and join us."

He seemed hesitant but soon began stripping and once nude he dove into the pool.  As he was undressing, Scott and I decided that we would get things started as soon as he was in the water.

Josh surfaced near Scott and I and as he looked at us, Scott leaned closer and kissed me.  Josh just stared in disbelief.  Our kiss ended and Scott disappeared under the surface.  Suddenly, Josh jumped and said, "Mother Fuck!"

I smile and leaned over and  kissed Josh.  After the kiss, Scott surfaced and we explained everything to Josh, before having a wild suck and fuck fest poolside.

Scott and I are still together after five years and everyone except a very few friends think I'm just his assistant.  He still dates women when necessary and even has sex with them on occasion to keep his cover.  Josh is a frequent visitor, spending entire weekends with us and getting us to double fuck his ass and both fist fuck him.  Somehow, we have managed to keep our secret a secret.

    THE END..............



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