"40.. 41.. 42"

I made sure I savoured the best of out of the sight upon my very eyes as I witness the muscles rippling while I counted the reps. By the time it reached 50, James was already soaking in sweat; if flows down his fine nose and chiselled cheeks. The sweats seemed to drip down his deep armpits and impossible narrow waist, further accentuating the muscular frame.

I had positioned the pull up bar high enough so that when James pulled his body up, his abdominals would be at the same level as my head – and if he descended down, my tongue would be resting easily on the deep crevices of his chest. To make it harder for him, I had also placed a 50 pound barbell attached to the leather strap around his slender hips hanging down around his knees.

My hands were free roaming all over the majestic torso. I sometimes took a few brief seconds to feel the biceps and triceps contracting as he strenuously pulls himself up.

"Stop.. now stay still" I ordered.

I stopped him as he half way pulled himself up, forcing his whole torso and arms to flex to their extreme.

If there was such thing as heaven, this would be it. My hands slowly traversed through the heavenly body, starting from the deep ridges of his perfectly 8 pack abs up until I can feel his trembling biceps. I took a while to massage and pinch the muscles, appreciating his beauty. When I brought my head forward and lap my tongue to his inviting nipples, I could hear him grunting as he writhed in pain and sensation.

I kept my licking rhythm going for a few mins until I decided to use my teeth to bite on the sensitive nubs.

"Urgghh.." he almost lost his stance. I could feel his arms struggling to keep his body up as the sensation through my touch overwhelms his mind.

By this time, my dick was already spewing pre-cum. I decided to pull it out and slowly massaged it as my other hand fingered his abs and oblique; a gesture to remind him to keep on contracting his abs at all times.

His grunts were becoming louder. Despite all these sensation flowing through every point of his body, he still managed to flex his abs to my liking. I stopped and looked down at the deep ridges of muscles and then I smiled.

"Good lord, you are beautiful" I hissed in between my heaving breath.

James was, by now, already sweating profusely. It was then I decided to use my tongue to sweep off the sweat from all over his body, starting from the beautifully carved muscles up to his rippling neck.

After about 5 minutes hanging there, I finally ordered him to bring himself down.

To him, it was like a huge relief as I saw his arms muscles soften up. I then forced him to kneel In front of me with my hands resting on his neck as I brought forward my erect penis to full attention.

I clawed my hands to keep his attention. His half-opened eyes were now focus on erect tool that is dancing in front of his face. As if he could read my mind, his hunched back suddenly was up straight, his whole pectoral expanse were at the tip of my dick. My body became weak when I saw him kneeling in the most vulnerable yet sexual way, allowing myself to savour his muscular torso in all its glory.

I stopped stroking my shaft; both of my hands were now on his neck to support myself from falling down. Despite the fact that he was still exhausted and panting for air, James actually brought his body forward, high enough so that my penis was now resting on his perfectly cut abs.

When he moved his body upward and downward, massaging my now engorged dick, I groaned so loud that I almost lost myself.

"Ohhhh.. my god!!"

I was literally abs-fucking him – correction, he was LETTING himself getting abs-fucked by me - as he submissively surrendered his body to my foul act. The thought of this muscle guy giving himself up for my pleasure was too much to bear.

Just when I thought anything couldn’t get any better, I heard James suddenly moaned up to the point of screaming so loudly.


When I opened my eyes to see what’s happening, I couldn’t be more delighted. To my satisfaction, Ikarus had appeared and began to thrust his own tool into James’ virgin arse. He shoved so hard that it shredded James’s pants apart.

"Well, I wouldn’t want to miss out all the fun would I?" teased Ikarus as he kept his thrusting rhythm.

Ikarus’s movement had dictated James’s massaging pace, allowing himself to take control of the guardian’s angels body. James contorted his face in response to the pain, and I watched the whole sight in jubilee as I intensified my grip on James’s wailing shoulders.

The penetration had also caused James to tense his whole body, further accentuating the muscular frame. His abs began to tighten while his hands were clenched on his sides, allowing the broad expanse of his pecs to jut outwards.

In such position, it is almost impossible to resist to touch the inviting and sensitive nubs.

"Yes, don’t hesitate to twist those luscious angelic nipples. Lick them or chew them. He is made to serve you, isn’t that right James?" asked Ikarus rhetorically.

Upon hearing that command, I instantly brought my hands to touch the erect nipples with both of my fingers. As I started to twist them, James groaned and yelp in agony.


The combination of pain and sensation was probably too much for his humanly senses that he instinctively grab my arms as if commanding me to stop.

But Ikarus had made it impossible for James to set things in motion. He grabbed James’s trembling arms and then forced him to let go of his hold on my arms.

"Bad boy... ckckck" Ikarus hissed.

He then forced James to do do a semi-flexed double biceps pose, making just about every corners of his torso vulnerable and exposed to my touch. I could see how James’s wide shoulders tapered down into his impossible narrow waist in such position. I let out a huge sigh.

"Savor in the sight of this heavenly creature!" Ikarus then continued chanting in his devlish language, which causes James’s whole body to contract every bits of his muscles.

When I witnessed what was happening, I instinctively twisted James’s sensitive nipples and then groaned out loud, keeping myself in sync with James’s howl of pain.

Here he was, your fantasy muscular man, getting himself violated from front and back while still offering his body for your lustful desires. He had become weak to your touch that he was simply begging everything to stop.

Not even a minute into it, my cock suddenly exploded into one of the most relieving orgasm in my entire life. I rested my hands on his bulging biceps as my juice splattered all over the muscular crevices of James’s torso. I shot and shot and shot a few loads until there was nothing. And it felt like forever.

When I was finally spent, I let my body fall into James’s arms and hugged him tightly. Ikarus also immediately released his grip on James’s arms, which caused them to flail on his sides – drained of all his strength.

"Thank you" I whispered.

I held him like that for a while, trying to console him of the ordeal that he has just gone through. I could feel his chest heaving under my hug and I savoured every moment of that.



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