I was setting on a lounge chair out on the balcony of my new two bedroom

apartment, watching the things that were happening below, just wondering whats

next.  I had just moved here after selling the home my lover and I had

lived in for so many years, at my age, "what do I do now?"

So many questions

were popping into my head.  Allen was gone, he passed away about two years

ago from a massive coronary, leaving me absolutely devistated.  I had loved

him so much, and had spent almost twenty years with him, we did everything

together.  And just in the space of twenty five minutes "BAM" a massive

heart attack and it was all over, just like that.  I didn't really want to

go on alone.

That was two years ago and I still have the vivid memories of my

wonderful Allen in my head, it seemed as if it was yesterday.

 I still

lay awake at night desiring Allen and his awesome body, his cock, and knowing he

was there and was all mine, he was just plain wonderful.

I have known for

some time now that I needed to  go on and get on with life, and start

thinking about meeting someone else, but at my age, where? Being "Gay" and

fifty, sorta complicates things in this day and age.  Most gay men of any

age wants  the super built,jock looking men, with bodybuilder builds, or

they want a guy with a cock the size of Godzilla, which both sorta leaves me out

in the cold.

Today was my birthday, I picked up  a bottle of wine at

the grocery store,  and had a birthday drink, I stood in front of my

bedroom mirror and  stared at my totally naked body, held up a glass of

wine and said, "Happy fiftieth Ken," and drank a full glass of my favorite wine

like it was a glass of pepsi, gulped it down with one slug.

I walked around

the apartment naked for about an hour, getting a boner, not planning to stroke

it off but needing someone, I longed to be touched, held, cuddled with, and just

loved for being me, I wanted to touch that someone special again.  I

finally decided to go to a bar and celebrate my birthday.

I left the house

and got to a bar known for being a "Gay" bar, but for some reason I didn't want

to play that game, so I drove to a regular bar, I guess you would call it a

straight bar. 

I parked and went inside.   I looked at the

men and some women too, and I noticed that a lot of men were just setting alone

at tables or at the bar, and most of the  women were trying to make

connections too, and thats when I decided to set at a small table in the corner

and just "drink up" on my birthday.

I had been at the bar about twenty

minutes and I saw this man, looked to be about my age, maybe 5'10" tall or

so.  He was very nicely dressed, casual of course but nice, he had a

gorgeous head of very well kept hair, almost a blackish with sort of silver

highlights, it was awesome looking, his body was very nicely kept, and he was

nicely built for our age, I felt a twinge in my stomach but just wished it off,

thinking he was probably here to pick up a woman.

I watched this awesome

looking guy walk over to the bar order a drink as he looked around as if looking

for someone.  He paid for his drink and picked it up and walked over to the

table I was setting at and said, "Do you mind if I share a table with you? there

aren't that many places to set."   I looked up and smiled at him and

said, "Not at all please, I would enjoy the company."   He smiled and

set down, stuck out his hand to shake mine, and said, "I'm Greg Lawson," 

"I'm Ken Robinson," I said, "Very glad to meet you." Just touching his hand sent

shivers of excitment thru my body, god was I needing something bad.

He sat

down and we hit up a conversation and started talking about our jobs, He was a

medical lab technician at the local hospital, I said, "Wow thats really great,

I'll bet it's interesting work."  He said, "yes it can be, but it can be

rather labor intensive too."

We chatted back and forth about all sorts of

things, He looked at me and said, "Are you celebrating or something?' Your

really drinking a lot."  "Yes, it's my birthday," I said.   "How

old are you today, twenty-nine?" Greg asked me,  we started laughing along

with each other,

"don't I wish," I responded.

he said, "do you have a lady

friend?" I said, "Not really, OH I have female friends but not a girlfriend,

like to date or something." I said, "I'm sorry man, but I must tell you, I'm

Gay, If you don't want to stay here with me I can understand,"  Gregs eyes

lit up and he said, "Your gay, really gay, man, this is my lucky day' I am too,

just found out and have not started acting on it yet."  "Truthfully, I have

always known, but I've never tried anything sexual with another man," 

"your just kidding right?" I said.  He said, "just how do I go about asking

you if you would have sex with me?" Greg said. I just smiled at him and said

Greg, "you just did."

I said, "Lets go to my place it's close by."

He smiled like a kid with a

new bicycle, and I led him out of the bar and to our cars.

We got to my apartment and opened the door.  He walked in and said, "Man

this is really nice,"   "I just moved in about a month ago, still got

a lot of straightening up to do."

We walked into the apartment and he set on

the sofa, I brought him a glass of wine and we set there and just talked like

two teenagers getting ready to have our first sex. I was as nervous as a whore

in church.    Since Greg had never done this before with another

guy I took the lead.  I went over in front of Greg, took his hand and

gently started rubbing it and telling him how beautiful he was, I noticed his

body language, it was responding to my advances, his crotch had sprung a

noticable swelling, sticking straight out and down, Looked like it might be a

pretty good sized package.

I leaned over and just wiped his eyelids with my

hand to close them and started kissing his lips, It took about ten minutes and

he was begging for sex, and I was about to explode.  I was in heaven, I

hadn't touched another guy since Allen, and I felt like I was beginning all over

in life, I had turned fifty today, but I felt like I was eighteen again, My cock

was like a lump of rock in my briefs and I knew by the way it felt it had leaked

about a quart of pre-cum, damn I was hot as hell and breathing like I had a

breathing disorder or something, I was hoping my heart could take this.


was really getting into this, and when I reached down and undid his shirt,

licked his nipples and started licking his stomach and navel he went ballistic,

he was moaning and grabbed my face with his hands and said, "Fuck Ken, I have

never felt this aroused and excited before in my life, God I want it all, I was

married but never had any sex like this,"  I smiled and said,"Hey baby, the

best is Yet to come."

Thats when I opened up his trousers and unzipped his

pants, pulled them apart, and started licking on his pubic hair just above his

cock, which I might say was really thick, He was going wild, and hunching upward

and holding onto the top of my head.   I then just pulled his trousers

and his boxers down to his ankles and started licking his hairy awesome

testicles, they were like two eggs in a thin skin sack, and they were getting

tighter against his body by the second, Greg was loaded for bear, he said, "God

man, are you gonna suck it?"  I said, "Oh yea, theres nothing I love better

than a load of man cream."  I then slid his foreskin back and slid my HOT,

WET, SLICK, mouth over the head and down to the hair, he let out a yell, "HOLY

FUCK," and just started moaning, I was licking his cock like it was an Icream

cone, and the taste was just as awesome, he had that clean, manly odor in his

crothch which denotes a mans man, and I was in limbo, I want to swallow every

part of his body, this was the first time for me in years and I was gonna have

all I could have,  I stopped sucking his cock, pulled him down onto the

couch, and raised his legs up and started to almost viciously attacking his

rectum with my mouth, god It was totally awesome, that taste and excitement, I

was in a time warp, I was about to have a heart attack.

Greg was moaning and

groaning and wimpering as I attacked his asshole with mytongue, and saying "OH

God, Ahhhhhhhhh fuck man."   I knew that Greg was getting close to

cumming, I finally knew that he was going to blow it soon, I slid my tongue up

onto his balls and then onto the shaft of his cock and then sunk the whole cock

to the hilt into my mouth just in time, I felt his cock start the cock reflexing

as it shot a string of shots of cum into my mouth and filled, and I do mean

filled my mouth with at least a half of a cup of mouth watering, awesome tasting


He let out a yell and just grunted like a wild boar as he flooded me.

God It was awesome.

I slurpped and licked and sucked him totally dry, not

even a little drip of cum remained on the tip of his cock when I was done. 

I felt like I had won the lottery or something, god it was wonderful to taste a

man again.

We layed there for about six or seven minutes, speechless, then he

said,"Ken that was wonderful, I didn't know sex could be that awesome."  I

smiled at him and said,"and it can get even better too,"  He said, "What do

you mean?"

I pulled him over to me and started kissing him, Then I stood up

and took my slacks off, yanked my briefs down and off, and my cock flopped out

and stood straight out, He smiled and said,"WOW,"  I smiled and leaned down

and started working on his asshole again with my tongue,  Greg started

wimpering again and saying,  "Oh Fuck Yeah man,' Yeah man, thats it, tongue

that ass."   I knew he was ready for the next step, I got a condom and

put it on my cock, lubed up my cock and his assshole and leaned over and said,

"Greg, I'll be gentle to start," and I pushed the head into his turd tunnel,

Gregg grunted and said,"HOly fuck, man,"  and I said,"HOLD ON,it will feel

better and even enjoyable in a few minutes,"  after about two minutes Greg

started smiling and saying, "Fuck MEE! it feels awesome, god man I neve knew

that haveing a guys cock in your asshole would feel this awesome," and In about

five minutes he was getting wilder than I was, Here we were two fifty year old

men, fucking each other like teenagers in total lust and enjoying it just as

much.  I took about a half hour and I finally unloaded a load that would

have fille a thermos bottle, god I was full of cum, it ran down Gregs legs, but

what was really neat was that Greg had another climax and shot his load too,

while we were fucking. 

That was a year ago, now Gregg and I are

lovers, I never dreamed that I would be having another lover in my life and just

want everyone to know, Just because your hair is turning to silver that done

mean that there aint gold in the rest of you.  And a man can have a

wonderful sex filled life after 50, and still has a future to look forward to.



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