This story is a true story, if you have read any of my stories you can go to the authors list and hit Kpaul and go to the very first story I have written 'A New Friend' its at the bottom of the list.

The young man I meet and have a love affair is Leroys older brother Wayne, I had no Idea he was into man to man sex, it happened several years later.

A Saturday Night Three years ago;

I was setting in my apartment really bored out of my skull. Saturday night and I was alone, horny as fuck, and trying to come up with something that would relieve me of both my boredome and being horny, well the hornyness could be taken care of if the right situation presented itself.

I decided to get showered and dressed and go to a local lounge that was Gay friendly, I really needed to suck a cock or get fucked so badly I could almost feel it, my asshole was tingling for the want of a nice hard cock and the feeling of having a man drive it to the hilt deep inside me and then have the pleasure of watching his face as he begins to blow his wad deep inside me. Hell Im getting a hardon as Im writing this.

I went to a bar called 'Tony's Grapevine.'

I went in and there were a lot of nice prospects, actually just looking around and seeing all the eye candy in my situation gave me a hard cock that felt like it would split the skin, I needed a man.

I walked over to the bar, took a stool and ordered a drink and just looked around, at the far end of the bar was this guy looked about my age maybe a little older, Damn he looked familiar.

I got up and walked over and took the stool beside, He looked up and smiled at me, and said, 'Well Shit Man! Is that you Ken?' At first I didn't recognize him but I recognized his deep resonate very masculine voice it sounded like his Fathers.

To my pleasant surprise it was Wayne, My first lovers older brother, he was three years older than LeRoy, they, as the first story told, were the sons of our Pastor at the church our parents had taken us to church as kids, We had grown up together.

I wasn't that close to Wayne, he was the same age as my older brother James, and they were good friends.

Truth was as younger teenagers I had a crush on Wayne but wouldn't dare do anything about it for fear he wasn't interested and would tell on me.

My mind went back to our youth, and I got really sad, Leroy his younger brother had gone to the Army and had been killed at twenty while in 'Operation Desert Storm' in 91 I was devastated when that happened.

Wayne acted so happy to see me, he almost hugged me to death.

Well we started blubbering about old times and discussing Leroy's death and how it hurt so much.

'Well Ken sorry, but I don't like to think about Leroy so we'll change the subject,' which was fine with me. It was a very sad subject.

It was at that point I began to wonder just what the fuck Wayne was doing in a bar that mainly catered to gays.

'Hey man what are you doing in a bar like this?' I asked,

Wayne said, 'Probably just like you, looking for some action,' he said with a smile, 'How about you, what you doing here.'

'Well Wayne I'll just cut to the chase, Im gay and I would rather have five cocks up my ass as to have a beautiful woman with gorgeous tits setting in front of me.'

Wayne smiled, 'Hell man I had no Idea,' he said.

I looked into his eyes as he began to stare at me, 'Well to be honest with you Wayne, I had a crush on you, more back when we were teen agers than now, but you'll never know how many times I would lay in bed at night and stroke my cock thinking of that visual of you that day we played basketball after school, and we showered together, I wanted to drop to my knees and swallow that gorgeous uncut hunk of meat between your legs and drain your nuts dry.'

Wayne smiled a big very pleasant smile at me, 'Well do you still want to do that, If so I think we can make that happen,' he said.

I felt like my dream was about to come true, my mind went back to Leroy and how much fun I had with his thick uncut aweome cock.

'I have an apartment close by if you'd like,' I said.

'Sounds like a winner to me.' Wayne answered.

We finished our drinks, threw down a tip for the bartender, and Walked out of the Bar, and Wayne Followed me home, We walked into my house, I offered him a drink.

'Hey Ken, I had always wondered what it would be like getting it on with you, you remember that night I spent the night with James I almost opened up and asked you if you'd like to mess around even back the, but I was younger and shy.'

Wayne was staring straight into my eyes as I walked up and just took his can of beer from his hands and leaned over and our lips touched, I felt shocks of electricity shooting thru my body as his warm wet, lips touched and we began to touch our tongues together and do the tongue dance inside our mouths.

I felt Waynes body tense up as I began to undress him by unbuttoning his shirt,twisting, and playing with his nipples.

I was very happy to see that Wayne had kept his body in great shape, he was very well built, chest muscles and washboard abs, he had been so athletic back then,he had always been so hot looking as a young man, and now in our thirtys he was still on hell of a hot guy.

I slid my hand down and felt that prize bulging in his trousers and heard his moan as I rubbed his swollen cock thru the material of his pants, I looked down and undid his belt and unbuttoned his trousers and let them fall to his knees and that gorgeous looking crotch that I had fallen in love with that day in the locker room was just as awesome as it was that first day.

I was nervous and my body was almost shaking as I reached down and rubbed my hands up and down the insides of his hairy legs, and then I layed my hand against his big bulging nut sack, and felt the thickness of his awesome cock. I heard his sound of a whimper.

I dropped to my knees and finally got to fulfill my dream, I began to get a whiff of his crotch aroma, like an aphrodisiac to my nose and touched the shaft of his cock with my mouth and began to lick thru his awesome looking white breifs.

I was chewing his cock nipping and nibbling his shaft as I went up and down a good eight inch, very thick, harder than flint cock.

I reached up and pulled his elastic away from his body and I heard his gasp as I realized my dream from my teenage years fullfilled.

I took the tip of his throbbing hard cock and licked the tip of his foreskin, nibbling and licking, and then take the head and a few inches of the shaft into my mouth, I felt his body tense up and His head fell backwards as he gasped.

'Oh Fuck yeah' Was all that came out of his mouth, Fuck man I have wanted this for so long.'

I took his cock into my mouth and was working his foreskin back to expose and work on the sensitive head with my Lips and tongue, and of course my wet hot mouth.

I was takeing Wayne's cock to the root feeling his bush tickle my lips and nose.

I was loving this, and I know by the way Wayne was thrusting his cock into my mouth he was definately enjoying it.

I had Wayne lay back on the sofa and slipped his pants completely of and of course his awesome white briefs.

Waynes body was more manly and masculine and I was totally enjoying this.

I began to do a little extra, I felt his nuts tightening up agains his cock and pulling tight against each side, his nuts were awesome big, thick, and oval, I began to suck on his nuts, even tho they were tight against his body, then I began to finger his manhole a little, swirling wet finger around the hole, making Wayne grunt, and squirm, damn I was totally into this.

I raised his legs up and dove into his gorgeous ass, pushing my tongue into his man hole, working it over big time, as he thrust his ass up against my face like a wild man.

I ate out his asshole for almost twenty minutes.

I stopped and began to undress and when I got undressed, Wayne looked over and smiled, 'man you've grown up Ken.'

Wayne set up and pulled my ass over to him and took my uncut cock to the balls in his mouth, God did it ever feel great, I told him not to make me cum too soon. 'Fuck man , just let go and enjoy it, we have all night,' I Felt that old familiar feeling as Wayne's mouth worked over my cock and that churning down deep in my groin, I knew I was about to unleash a torrent of my manseed, I just let it go and Wayne swallowed every little drop as My cock began to spasm in his mouth.

Wayne smiled and held his tongue out and showed my my load laying on his tongue or at least a small part of it, then he swallowed it, 'Fuck man that was delicious.' He said.

I just stood there still shaking from the immensity of the emotions and sensations that I was feeling.

Wayne layed back on the couch and began to play with his asshole and Jerk his own cock, 'No way man, Im going to do that for you,' I said.

I leaned over and took his cock from his hand and began to suck it like Mad.

I stopped and said, 'I want to feel that gorgeous meat in my asshole.'

I got some lube from my bedroom and I went into the living room where Wayne was still slowly stroking his awesome cock.

I lubed up Wayne's cock and then my asshole and got up straddle of his hips and reached around and took his hard, throbbing cock, slid back his forskin, exposing the tight shiny cockhead and placed it at the opening of my asshole, I let my body slowly slip down and I felt his cock spread my asshole apart and slowly sink to the balls inside my intestines.

I felt like I had died and gone to heaven, I had wanted this for so long, and with Wayne too.

I felt his cock beging to thrust in and out of my asshole, I was wanting more and more, the next thing I knew Wayne raised me up and he rolled me over and we went to the floor as I felt his arms raise my legs up and placed them on his shoulders and I felt like WOW! as Waynes cock began to rub my prostate and I began to almost go into convulsions as he fucked me good and proper.

'I Ain't never felt a girl's pussy that felt as awesome as this' Wayne said.

And the began to pour on the heat, I felt like a man with a Jackhammer was working on my asshole, it was fantastic.

I knew before that night was over,I would know what getting truly fucked felt like.

Wayne finally began to go like a sewing maching, and as he began to grunt and say with a low gutteral voice, I'M going to cum, and then I felt his cock go the the hilt as he began to pump me full of cum, and as he did that I began to milk his cock with my asshole muscles, it was the most Indredible fuck of my life. 'Oh HOLY FUCK, that was the most awesome sex of my life.' Wayne said.

I had dreamed about Wayne as a young man, and now my dream has cum true.... I felt like it was a fitting tribute to Leroy. Wayne and I are still seeing each other and yes, we're fucking like Minks.



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