Family night. The one night of the week that our families come to visit us. Our fathers would stay over night only to take us all home the next morning. 

I remember Brent's father the best. Only being 15 years older than Brent, he was for sure a hot and sexy man. Real ladies man. In fact Brent dad had like 3 girlfriends at once and he was knocking them all up. He was 6'2 with blonde hair and blue eyes. I remember at a family reunion. We had all gone swimming and he had his shirt off. He had a six pack and pecs I could lick all day. 

Everyone else's parents aren't much to talk about. Well there parents. You know older not so hot. 


Brent, Chase, Evan and I all sat together. I could tell Evan was a little sore from the night before. He took that dick like a pro. His asshole had to be stretched wide. 

We sat there and discussed our plans for the night. We thought that we should go somewhere a little more romantic. Around here the most romantic spot was the pool. We thought 'What the heck? You know! What do we have to lose?'

One problem though. Since our families were coming to visit we would switch tents to share with our fathers who would be spending the night. The rest of the family would leave after campfire that night.  So our issue, getting around our fathers. 

We decided to make sure our fathers went to bed before us. We would then open the tent flap to make it look like we got in the tent. Walk in and walk right back out. 


Our families were supposed to come in before dinner so that they could get set up. Everyone also had to move everybody around which actually worked out perfect because we had a few extra tents and there was one dad and son who liked to sleep outside under the stars. No one really liked them. 

Brent's family was the first to show up. They gave Evan and Brent hugs. I went over and said hello you know because they are family. They then proceeded to give me a hug. When Brent's father hugged me it was spectacular.  I felt his abs and pecs rub against my body and I thought a felt a little prick near my stomach area. I left them so they could set up. 

My family was next. They came in gave me a hug and sat around talking to Brent and Evan's family. My father set up and joined the adults. 

All the other parents arrived in no time. As soon as they were done setting up we all took them on a tour of the camp. 


We all sat down to our tables with our families. We ate and talked about the week. My mom kept asking what have I done all week. Of course I would tell her what I did during the day but not what I did at night. 

After dinner I took my parents down to the dock. The exact same dock where I had sex last night with my cousins and friend. I actually saw Brent's cum stain on one of the tables. 

Brent's family came down to the dock and sat down and talked. I went and grabbed Brent and Evan and we talked as well. 

'Hey guess what I saw?' I said.

'What?' they said simultaneously. 

'I saw Brent's cum on the table over there.' 

'No. Really?' Evan said. 

Brent grabbed my neck and said in his seductive voice 'Well baby Ill let you have some fresh cum tonight. Right in your throat.'

I gasped and nodded my head yes. Brent gave me a peck but something was off. It felt like someone saw us kiss. I looked over Brent's shoulder only to see his father staring right at us. He gave me a wink and looked away fast. 

I didn't say anything because maybe soon I might have him alone. That night we would have a big campfire. I would sit next to Brent's father to see if anything would happen. You know a touch on the leg or getting close enough to where I could taste his tongue without touching it. I couldn't wait. 


The bell rang which was the signal to come to the campfire. I ran to catch up to Brent's dad. My father told me earlier he would be sitting next to a church friend. 

I got to the campfire and spotted Brent's dad. He sat there alone while Brent sat on the other side next to friends. Oh I should mention Brent's fathers name is Tommy. Sorry I thought I said that earlier. 

I ran and plopped down on the bench next to him. He saw me and said hello. We talked until it was time to start the campfire. I noticed Tommy was sitting awfully close to me. Maybe he liked me back. 

All of a sudden Tommy moved his hand and laid it on my leg. He looked over to see if I would shrug him off or move. I didn't budge an inch. He made his way closer and closer to my dick region. But just as he was about to touch my semi-hard cock the campfire ended. 

It was about 10:00 so most people were about to go to bed. I was heading towards my tent when I found my dad already asleep. He must have gotten tired and left in the the middle of the campfire. 

I walked in saw him and walked straight back out. I sat at one of the tables waiting for Evan, Brent, and Chase. I saw Tommy walk toward his tent and he gave a me a subtle wink. But I noticed it. It seemed like 'hey hot stuff' sorta wink and not a 'gotcha I know what your doing' wink. 

Brent, Evan, and Chase got there a few moments later. They did exactly as told. They walked in and walked straight back out. 

It was around 10:45 when we left for the pool. We noticed a few people were still out and about so we acted like we were walking around. 

When those few people finally went to there camps I grabbed my lovers and we headed for the pool. There's a fence surrounding the pool. It's about 8 foot high. We all started to climb it when we heard something. 

'HEY!' yelled Tommy. 

He scared us half to death. We were all thinking we have been caught and were done for. 

'What are y'all doing going to the pool this late?' asked Tommy. 

'Oh nothing. Just gonna go for a swim is all.' said Brent. 

'Oh really. So you guys are going in there to say, fuck each other? Yeah that's right I knew about this the entire time. Now I have one question.' said Tommy. 

We were all stunned but some how I managed to tell him to ask the question. 

'Can I join you?' asked Tommy. 

Huh! That was the only thing on my mind and I'm sure everyone else was thinking the same. My uncle the ladies man wanted to fuck us. I mean I knew the leg touching and winking was just flirting but I didn't know he would actually want to join in on our sex. 

'Um sure why not.'I stumbled out. 

He walked to the fence and climbed over. We were still on the other side, still in shock. 

'Well, come on. I want you first!' he said while pointing at me. 

We slowly made it over the fence and hopped down on the other side. We turned around only to find my uncle Tommy  completely naked. I looked down to to see his 10 inch cock swaying in the breeze. My eyes widened as did Brent's. Evan and Chase hadn't really looked yet. 

Tommy jumped in the pool. When he came up he was glistening from the pool lights. I looked over to find Brent, Evan, and Chase undressing. I immediately undressed and hopped in. 

'Oh yeah!' said Tommy. 

I swam over to Tommy ,who was in the deep end, an he grabbed me around my waist, held me up above the water, and kissed me like I have never been kissed before. 

I felt around his chest. I felt his pecs and his abs. I felt his extremely hard nipples. Yet they were still no match to this kiss. Tommy started massaging my tongue with his. 

Suddenly I noticed someone was massaging my cock. Without breaking off the kiss, I felt down to the hand and felt the arm all the way to the cock. It was Brent. I knew it was him by his huge cock. I guess it runs in the family. 

Tommy sadly broke off the kiss. He looked over at Brent, let me go and started kissing Brent. I grabbed the ledge of the pool and stared at them. I loved every minute of it. A nice father-son kiss. I made Brent float on his back. I started sucking his cock. I was warm and oozing pre-cum. I let go of his cock when I noticed my ass being prodded with a dick. I turned around to find Evan and Chase fucking and Evan was trying to penetrate me. So I let him. 

Evan went deep inside me and it felt so good. I looked at Tommy to find him enjoying the show. Brent came over and turned around in front of me. That was the sign to stick my dick up his ass. I went in with such force it sent Brent upwards. I started a rhythm and kept fucking him. 

Tommy went around back to Chase. He started fucking Chase vigoursly. I noticed Chase panting and then he exploded in Evan's ass. Chase stopped fucking and Tommy moved on to Evan. 

They got me so hot. Seeing them fuck was so good it was great. The way Tommy fucked his son was slow but then he grew to such a fast pace you could see Evan's stomach moving. And at whatever pace Tommy was fucking, Evan was fucking at that exact same pace. Suddenly Evan exploded in my ass. His warm man juice filled my insides and felt so right. 

That's when I felt Tommy's dick press against my asshole. I decided to clench it tight so it felt better. And that it did. When his cock penetrated my asshole it felt like heaven. He kept fucking and fucking until he went off in my ass which in turn made me go off in Brent's ass. I grabbed Brent's asscheeks ,that were so smooth and big, and let it fly. I reached in front and suffocated his dick. When I was done I stopped fucking and went and stood next to the others in the shallow end. Bren and Chase had already started making out ao I decided to join them. But I kept a watchful eye on and Brent and Tommy though. I knew what they had was magical. 

When I heard Brent start to moan that when I broke off the kiss. I sat up straight to see Brent taking his dads dick with pride. He rode it like a horse. It seemed like an hour before Tommy went off in Brent and Brent started cumming. 

We all started having a five way kiss and got out of the pool. While we were walking back to camp, naked might I add, we decided to stop by the showers for a rinse off. 

Me,Evan and Chase in one and Tommy and Brent in another. Immediately Evan was rubbing my asshole and licking Chase's nipples. Chase gave me kisses while I washed him. Evan decided to fuck me again but I didn't let him. I wanted to feel Tommy's dick forever. 

It wasn't long before we heard moans coming from the adjacent shower. I peered out to see Brent fucking Tommy!

He fucked his dad with force and Tommy took it to. God it turned me on seeing a son fuck his father. Since Tommy was moaning I decided to shut him up by kissin him. He did shu up but no for long. Brent had gone off inside him and Tommy yelled as he felt the cum inside him. 

Evan and chase were fucking so I joined them and took Evan up on his offer of fucking me. He stuck his cock in and started to fuck me. 

When he cummed all over by back I took my finger wiped it up and licked my finger clean. His cum was warm and salty but very tasty. 

Tommy was about to go off so I decided to suck his dick and swallow his cum. When he exploded it felt like gallon. It would never stop. It was warm, salty, sweet and tasty. I wanted more but we had to get back to camp. The sun will rise soon. 




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