I left Jack's room and as I headed for the office, I saw Luke sitting in his car apparently getting his things together. I walked up to the car as he got out. We hugged and asked how each was doing.

'How's business?' he asked.

'Great, we nearly fill up every night.'

'That's great. I'll bet you're happy about that.'

'Yes, I am. Go put your things in the house and meet me back at the office and we'll go get something to eat.'

'Will do. I'll be back in just a minute.'

I walked into the office and into the back and noticed that the monitor cabinet was open. I couldn't believe that I had left it open. I quickly closed and locked it just moments before Luke walked in.

We walked over to the truck stop and went in and found a table and ordered. Because of the extra business that the motel had brought in for the truck stop, the owner gave me free meals and I'd give him a free room whenever he needed it.

As we ate, I noticed that Luke was not his jovial self and asked what was wrong.

'Oh, I'm just tired. I think I just need a good nights rest.'

'Well, after we eat you can go to your room and to bed if you want to. I understand.'

'Thanks, I just might.'

We ate then returned to the office and house. Wetalked a while and Luke excused himself and headed for bed. When I closed up the office at midnight, I went to see Jack. After a quick round of fucking each other, I headed back to the house and went to bed.

The next morning I opened up the office at seven and after taking care of initial business put up the sign 'Push Button For Service' I went back to the house and began getting breakfast ready to cook when Luke got up.

After a while he strolled out in his briefs and asked if coffee was ready. Handing him a cup, I looked over his muscular beautiful body.

'Ready for breakfast?' I asked.

'Yea, whenever you are.'

I prepared breakfast and as we ate I asked how he had slept.

'Real good for a while, but woke up early with a lot of things going through my head.'

'Anything you want to talk about?'

'Since you asked, yes there is one thing.'

'Okay, what is it?'

'Dad,how long have you been gay?'

'What?' I asked stunned and in shock.

'How long have you been gay?' he repeated.

'What makes you ask that question?'

'Yesterday, when I arrived, you weren't here. I looked for you and found the cabinets open and saw you with another guy.'

'Oh,shit. I thought you had just arrived when I saw you in the car. Luke, I'm so sorry you saw that. I hope you don't hate me. I should have told you.'

'Yes, you should. Dad, I don't care if you're gay. I still love you just the same. Nothing you say or do could ever change that. Hell, my roommate at school is gay and he's on the track team. He's still my closest friend.'

'Luke, son I love you so much. Please forgive me.'

'There is nothing to forgive. That's just who you are. None of my feeling for you have changed. I'd just like to know when and how it started.'

I told Luke the entire story, not ommittimg any of the details.

'Dad, is sex with a guy as enjoyable as it is with a woman?'

'Son, I personally think it's more enjoyable. Women tend to put pressure on a guy to satisfy them. It's not that way with a guy. There is no pressure, just mutual loving sex. Why do you ask?'

'Tim,my roommate, has asked if he could go down on me. I've refused but have been very curious about it.'

'Son, what you do is your business. But be sure that whoever you it with, if you do, you can trust to keep it quiet. Some love to tell of their conquest, and if it gets out it can ruin your reputation.'

'I understand,' he said. After a few seconds, he asked if the guy I was with was Jack.

'Yes, it was. He's a damn nice guy. He recently got a divorce, and I think a lot of him.'

'Can I meet him?'

'I guess so, but why?'

'Curiosity, I guess. You just don't think of truckers being gay.'

'You go get dressed and I'll call him to come down.'

I called Jack and told him everything, even about the hidden cameras.

'You mean he saw us having a sixty-nine?'

'Yep, and he wants to meet you.'

'Shit, this is embarrasing as hell.'

'Tell me about it. You coming down?'

'Yea, I'm on my way.'

Shortly, Jack and I were sitting at the kitchen table having coffee when Luke came back in. I introduced them and after Luke refilled his cup he sat down with us.

We talked for a while when Luke asked, 'Jack, can I ask you a personal question?'

'Uh, yea, I guess so.'

'How do you feel about my dad?'

'I like him a lot. He's a great friend and I enjoy being with him.'

'And you enjoy sex with him?'

'Yes, very much,' Jack said without hesitation.

'All I ask is that you treat him right and don't hurt him. Otherwise, you'll have me to deal with.'

'Wait a minute, Luke,' I said, 'It's not like Jack and I are lovers or anything. We just like being together intimately.'

'I know dad, but I've never seen you happier than I have in the last couple years, and I think Jack is a big part of the reason.'

Jack smiled and said, 'Clint, you've got one of the best sons thaat I've ever seen. He accepts you as you are and Loves you so much that he doesn't want you hurt. Man, what more could you ask for?'

'Nothing. Nothing at all,' dad said as he got up and came to me and hugged me.

'Jack, I was telling dad that my roommate has asked to do me and I've been curious. I'd like to know exactly what goes on between two guys. This may sound gross, but I'd like to watch you two in action.'

'Son, that a little kinky isn't it? and besides it's kind of personal.'

'Dad,If you say no, I'll understand.'

Dad started to speak when Jack interrupted him.

'Clint, I don't mind. Besides, I think it would be a real turn on for both of us to have him watching.'

'Well, it's two to one so I guess I'll go along with it. How about right after lunch? It's slow then.'

We all agreed that Jack would return after lunch.

The time arrived and Jack, Luke, and I went to my bedroom.

Luke watched as Jack and I stripped. Jack stepped up to me and we began kissing passionately, making sure Luke could see our tongues darting into each others mouth. We lay on the bed and made out before getting into a sixty-nine. We sucked hungrily and when I climaxed, Jack backed off so that Luke could watch my load shoot into his mouth and him swallow. When he climaxed I did the same.

As we changed positions so that we were laying side by side, we noticed that Luke had stripped dpwn to his briefs and that he was encasing a huge boner. It wasn't long before Jack and I were both fully erect again. Luke watched as I ate Jack's ass in preperation to fucking him, and fuck him I did. We reversed rolls and as Jack ate my ass and slipped his cock into myass, Luke stood and removed his briefs.

I saw my son'shard cock for the first time in several years. It was magnificent, at least eight inches in length and fatter than normal.

I watched him and as Jack pounded my ass,Luke stepped toward me and placed his cock on my lips and said, 'Do it.'

Without hesitation, I sucked Luke's hard cock into my mouth and heard him moan with pleasure. I was soon deepthroating my son's cock as if there was no tomorrow. Luke got into it and was soon fucking my face. This brought Jack to a rapid climax and after filling my hole, he pulled out and sat back and watched.

Without missing a stroke on Luke's cock, I slowly lowered my legs. Again, my cock was hard and Luke reached down and began stroking it. The feeling of my son's cock in my mouth and his hand on my cock had me floating in the clouds.

Suddenly, I felt a warmth on my cock and looked down to see my cock disappearing into my own son's mouth. He moved his legs to straddle my face as we performed our first sixty-nine. I was ready to blow sooner than normal. I tried to warn him but he refused to let me remove his cock from my mouth.

Then it happened. My cock exploded sending huge ropes of hot cum into Luke's mouth. Like an expert, he began swallowing as his own cock exploded into my mouth and throat. i lavished every drop he fed me and when it was over he auickly turned and began kissing me in the same fashion as Jack and I had done.

We looked at Jack who was rapidly stroking his cock. As we smiled his cock exploded shooting his own huge load out onto his stomach and chest.

I moved to him and as I had done before, I began to lick it up. To my shock and surprise, Luke was next to me doing the same. Once we had Jack cleaned up he looked at us and said, 'Man, that was fucking hot.'

I looked at Luke and asked, 'What made you do that?'

'Like I said, I've been curious. Seeing Tim in the room naked and occasionally stroking has had me curious for a while. But seeing you two first on camera then now, I decided I wanted to do it.'

'Well, is your curiosity satisfied?' I asked.

'Somewhat, but I now realize that what you said about male sex was right. And, besides, I thoroughly enjoyed what I experienced.'

All I could do was smile. Jack began dressing and said, 'I think I'll leave you two alone for now.' When he was dressed, he left.

Luke and I lay side by side in bed and he turned to me and again we kissed passionately. He then looked at me and said, 'Dad, expect this to be a regular thing when we're together.'

'You're the boss,' I replied.

I said that I needed to dress and get back up front as the days arrivals would soon begin. I went up front and soon Luke was by my side. He asked about the cameras.

'They ate in rooms 101 through 110.' I took him to the monitors and opened the cabinet. Turning on the monitors, he saw that rooms 101 through 109 were empty. Jack was in 110, lying on the bed watching TV naked, and rubbing his crotch, which was again, semi-erect.

'What is the requirement to get these rooms?'

'I check the yonger, slim, built good looking drivers into these rooms. Ones that I'd like to have sex with. If there is a particular hot one, I'll wait until later and call and say that his name was chosen in a drawing to receive a complimentary ful body massage if he'd like one. If they accept, I take a protable massage table to the room along with some edible massage oil and go to work. Usually, I get to suck them, but not in every case.'

'Dad, you're something else,' he said as he again kissed me.

'I think you like kissing,' I said.

'I do.'

We returned to the front just as one hot young driver came in asking if we had rooms and that the motel had been recommended to him by another driver.

I thanked him and checked him into room 101. He left the office with bag in hand and Luke and I returned to the monitors. I clicked on a button and suddenly the picture of room 101 was on full screen and in color. We watched as the driver put his bag on the dresser and began to strip. He showered and returned to the room and lay on the bed nude. He was muscular with nice pecs and abs and a nice piece of meat. His chest, back, arms ass and legs were hairy. We continued to watch as he turned over and went to sleep.

'Well, he's done for a while. He just might get the free massage today.'

'If he does, I want to be here watching.'

'No problem,' I answered, glad that my hidded secret was now out in the open with Luke. 'You think it's hot watching your old man suck cock?'

'Yea, I do. I love it. It turns me on.'

'Pervert,' I said jokingly.

We both laughed. We chcked in several moreonly giving two camera rooms. I asked Luke if he could handle the check in if anyone came in and he said yes. I went to the restaurant to get us a snack. When I returned, he had checked two in. Only one got a camera room. I checked it out and he was right. He did warrant a camera room. He was hot.

'Maybe we can both give a massage today,' he said.

'What? Are you sure you want to do that?'

'Yea. I have to know if I can do it with others or if it's just between us. I'll watch you and see how you do it.'

The day passed and Luke was watching the monitors. After a while he called out to me and I went to the back.

'Your driver is awake.'

It was close to six and I called the room. After telling him he'd won the massage, he said great and to come on down.

I grabbed the flavored massage oil, the table and a couple of towels and headed for the room. Luke watched as i entered and set up the table. The driver had wrapped a towel around himself and when he was on the table, it was loosened and just lay over his rear.

I began to work, hearing him moan with pleasure. I worked lower and when I reached his butt, I removed the towel casually. I massaged his rear then began on his legs, spreading them slightly. I went down to the feet then began working my way back up. When I reached his upper thighs, I made sure I went down so as to brush against his nut sack. Then back up his back and shoulders before telling him to turn over.

The cameras had microphones and I was sure Luke heard him say that there was a problem. I said not to worry, that it was not uncommon and it didn't bother me at all. He turned over and his hard cock lay against his stomach. I began massaging his chest and abs, his cock throbbing with each heartbeat. I worked around it and down his legs. As I worked my way back up, I began massaging it. He moaned but held still, letting me lightly stroke his hard cock.

Noticing his eyes closed, I lowered my mouth and swallowed the beautiful tool. He moaned louder but didn't begin to stop me. I sucked lovingly and soon brought him to a roaring climax which i eagerly accepted and swallowed.

When through, he smiled and said, 'The guy was right. The service here is excellent. I know I'll be back again.'

I thanked him and folded up the table and returned to the office. Luke was in the back stroking his hard cock.

'Come here and get this quick,'he said. I quickly got to my knees and as his cock entered my mouth he exploded. I took it all and loved it.

When he had himself put back together, he said, 'Now my turn.' He made the call and the guy accepted. He took off and I watched the monitor as he entered and began to work. He copied my procedure and before long was massaging the young drivers hard cock then sucking him. I watched as the guy climaxed and Luke swallowed. They shook hands and Luke returned in time for me to say, 'Your turn.'

He took my cock and I exploded into his mouth. Again, he wallowed.

'Dad, I'm loving this. Wait till I get back to school and take Tim and throw him on the bed and suck his cock. I bet he'll shit.'

That night we went for a late dinner and celebrated his birthday. When we returned to the motel and was in our residence, Luke looked at me and said, 'Dad, Let's fuck.'




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