Being a single parent isn't easy, especially when the dad is only fifteen years older than the son. That's the case with me. I'm Clint Sims and my son was born when his mother and I were only fifteen. We kept the boy and with the help of opur parents, raised him. We married when we were eighteen. I was from a middle class family and she was from a very well to do family.

After high school graduation, I went to work for a local cross country trucking company, working on the docks. The pay was adiquate for us to live on and we were a happy family. For a while anyway.

when we were twenty, her mother passed away from cancer and Jill, my wife, went into deep depression. With the proper medications, she came out of most of it. Then, my parents were killed in an auto accident.

We had moved in with her dad and at twenty-one, I trained and became a cross country truck driver. The pay was great but the only draw back was being away from home, but i had an agreement with management that I would be home every other weekend for four days.

Things seemed to get better. Her dad loved having her and Luke, our son, around the house with him. When I was home, Tom would give us our privacy and time together by watching Luke for us.

It was while on the road that my life began to change.

I was driving through the southern states late one night. I preferred driving at night because of less traffic. I had been away from home five days and was horny as hell. Needing to take a dump, I pulled into a small rest area along the highway, out in the middle of nowhere almost.

As I pulled in, I noticed one car in the parking area. The driver seemed to be asleep. I parked my rig and set my brakes and after locking up, headed for the rest room. The weather was expremely warm and I was shirtless but I really didn't think that mattered. I went into the first stall and after dropping my jeans and sitting down I noticed a three inch diameter glory hole between the two stalls.

As I began reading some of the grafitti on the walls, my cock began to get hard and as I began stroking it, I heard footsteps. They came in and went into the stall next to me. The guy dropped his pants and sat down. My cock was still hard and pointing upward from lack of attention.

Suddenly, an open mouth appeared at the hole, tongue flicking up and down. As I stared at the mouth, he said, 'Let me suck it for you. Please?'

I hesitated a second and decided 'what the hell.'

I stood and slipped my cock into his waiting mouth and as he closed his lips around my shaft I felt the wonderful warmth of his mouth. I had never had a guy suck me before, but this was the best I'd ever had. He knew what he was doing to make it feel good. It didn't take long for me to climax. He took the load in his mouth and I pulled back and sat down.

His open mouth was still at the hole and I could see my cum in it. He closed his lips and swallowed and reopened his mouth for me to see that it was empty. He pulled up his pants and as he walked out he said, 'Thanks, man. That was delicious.'

That experience started the ball rolling. I knew then that if a guy wanted to suck me, I'd let him. I finished my business and hit the road again, no longer horny.

The next morning I pulled into a truck stop and after eating breakfast went back to my rig to sleep. When I got up in the early afternoon I went to the restaurant for coffee and lunch. There wasn't much of a crowd and I sat at the counter. A few minutes later another driver came in and sat one stool away. We struck up a conversation while I ate.

'Oh, shit,' he said suddenly.

'Something wrong?' I asked.

'Grandpa's here,' he said.


'You must not come through here very often. Grandpa is that old fat guy at the table by the door. He's gay and puts the make on all the younger drivers.'

'Really? Does he succeed?'

'Sometimes. He's nearly had his ass beat on many occasions. He's tried it with me before but knows I'm not interested. Oh, between me and you, I don't mind crawling in the sack with another guy, but I want the to be closer to my age and slim.'

'Uh, can I asked something?'


'Do you let other guys go down on you?'

'Fuck yea. Look, I can tell you're new to driving aren't you?'

'Yea, I am.'

'Well, it's like this. Being on the road, a guy gets horny as hell. I won't touch the whores that hang around these truck stops. There are dirty. But all the guys are okay. If someone wants to do something, I'll take them to my sleeper and let things happen. Sometimes there is sucking and other times we just jerk each other off. Feeling another guys hand on it sure beats doing it yourself, and I don't mind stroking theres for them.'

'Damn, I didn't realize all that went on.' I told him about the blow job I had received. 'That was my first experience with another guy.'

'How did you like it?'

'Hell, it was fucking awesome.'

'You going to get it done again?'

'Sure. Like you said, a guy gets horny.'

'Hey, my names Jack. Why don't we go out to my rig and I can give you some tips since you're new to all this.'

'I'm Clint and I guess that wouldn't hurt. At least I might know what to expect.'

We left and after paying for my lunch, I walked out to Jack's rig with him. We sat back in the sleeper and began to talk.

Jack asked how old I was and I told him that I was twenty-one and had been out on the road alone for only a couple of months.

He said he was twenty-nine and remembered when he first started and even his first blow job.

He gave me clues to watch for that indicated that a guy might want to get me in bed. I listened and made mental notes.

'Hell, Clint, you're going to find that most of it will come from other drivers.'

'What? Other drivers?'

'Yep. Both married and single. Lots of married guys live two lives, one as the straight guy at home and the gay life on the road.'

'Damn, I can't believe that.'

'You'd be amazed at the number of bisexual drivers that are out here.'

We talked more and I was curious and asked him about some of his experiences. He said that one of the wildest was with a gay couple. He said he met them in a rest area and went to his sleeper.

'It was right here in this bed. We go up here and all stripped and they began rubbing my body and sucking my nipples and playing with my cock and balls. I was getting so fucking turned on it was crazy. I had been sucked many times by then and jerked off a lot of guys while they sucked me.'

He said that while one was sucking him, the other would be eating his ass and tongue fucking him. As he told me all that they did, my cock got rock hard. He noticed and he reached over and felt it and said, 'Damn, you got quite a tool there. Want to stroke off together?'

'Well, uh, I don't know.'

'Hell bud, it's just the two of us here,' he said as he stood and closed the privacy curtains. He began to strip, telling me to go ahead and get comfortable also. I did.

We began to slowly strole and he continued with his story. He said that as one was sucking him the other kept getting his cock closer and closer to his face. He admitted that he was curious and decided to try it and while one was sucking him off he sucked the other guy off.

'Damn, you sucked him off?'

'Yep, I did and when he came, he held my head on his cock and I had no choice but to swallow.'

'Fuck. What's it taste like?'

'Not bad really. Kind of a salty-sweet taste.'

'Was it just a one time thing or do you still suck?'

'I still suck plus a lot more.'

'That's why you invited me here, isn't it?'

'Fuck, Clint, you're a quick learner. Yes it is. I want to suck you, eat your ass and hope that you'll fuck my ass before you leave.'

'Damn, you take them up your ass?'

'Yes, I love it.'

'Doesn't it hurt?'

'At first it hurt like hell, but that initial pain leaves and is replaced with shear pleasure. Now there is very little pain as the cock goes in.'

I was horny by now and told him to go after it. He had me lay on the bunk and after I did, he raised my legs and began eating my ass. Damn, I'd never felt anything so good. I loved feeling his tongue enter my hole. He then began licking and sucking my balls, before moving up to my nipples. By now, I was so fucking turned on I didn't care what he did.

He lay on top of me, and leaned toward me as I lay there with my eyes closed. Suddenly, I felt his lips on mine and his tongue sliding between my lips. After a couple seconds I slowly opened my mouth and let his tongue in. I was getting more turned on. I was loving the kissing and the attention he was giving me.

He moved down my body with his tongue and slowly began sucking my cock as I let out a loud moan. After a minute or so he stopped and got into a sixty-nine position saying, 'Stroke me off while I suck you.'

I began stroking his cock. It felt strange, yet exciting, to have another guys big hard cock in my hand. Jack sucked me slowly and lovingly. I couldn't help but stare at the cock just inches from my face. A feeling came over me and without hesitation, I took his cock in my mouth and began sucking him. I heard him moan as I did so. Before long, we both climaxed. He hungrily swallowed my load as I collected his in my mouth. After a second, I swallowed. He was right, it wasn't bad at all. In fact, I thought it tasted good. He then came up and we kissed again.

'You did good for your first time, but I really wasn't expecting that.'

'Like you said, I became curious.'


'Jack, it was definaltely different. But I have to admit that I did enjoy doing it.'

As we lay there, I found out that Jack was one of those guys he talked about. He was totally straight at home with his wife and totally gay on the road. 'What she doesn't know won't hurt her,' he said.

I said that I was married also and it looked that I might be leading the double life also. He smiled and said, 'That happens.'

He began kissing me again and playing with my cock which was now hard again. He reached for some lube and after putting some on my cock and on his ass, he lay back and raised his legs and said, 'Fuck that hot ass.'

I got into position ans slipped my cock into his ass. It was like velvet. I buried it to the balls and when I was completely in he said, 'Fuck away baby.'

I did just that with him begging me to go deeper and saying how great it felt. Before long I exploded up his ass.

'Damn, I needed that. How was it for you?'

'Fucking fantastic,' I said.

Before I left, Jack and I exchanged cell numbers and promised to keep in touch which we did and met several times later.

That is how my life changed. When on the road, I would suck, get sucked, and fuck them if they wanted. On one meeting with Jack, I lost my virgin ass to his big cock. I now knew what he meant about the pleasure. Now I was doing it all when on the road.

One thing I found was that there were seldom any motel near the truck stops to get a shower and a good bed. I vowed that if I ever could, I buy property next to a truck stop and build a motel for truckers. It was a dream they I knew would never come true.

The years went by and I had just celebrated my twenty-fifth birthday. It was a Wednesday and I was due home on Friday. As I rolled down the highway, my cell phone suddenly rang. It was Tom, my father-in-law.

'Hi, Tom. What's up?'

'Clint, are you driving?'

'Yea, why.'

'There is something I need to talk to you about but I want you parked when we talk.'

'What's wrong, Tom? Is Luke okay?'

'He's fine. Call me when you get parked.' He hung up.

I saw a sign for a truck stop two miles ahead. I sped up and wheeled into the parking lot and quickly parked. I immediately called Tom back.

'Okay, Tom, I'm parked, now what's going on?'

'This morning after Luke left for school, I went out for a while. When I got home there was a note from Jill. One for me and one for you. Clint, she's packed up and left. Said she didn't want to be married any longer.'

'What? Are her things there?'

'I checked. Her closet is empty.'

'Does Luke know yet?'

'No, he's not home yet.'

'Look, don't tell him. Say she had to go out of town for some reason. I'll be there as soon as I can.'

I drove until I was exhausted, then stopped for some rest. I couldn't believe what Tom had told me.

I arrived home early Friday and read the note she had left me. It said basically the same thing as Tom's. She said that she loved us but couldn't stay.

When Luke came in, Tom and I sat him down and talked with him. He was now ten and very bright. When we told him that she had left, he looked at us and said, 'I bet she left with Mark down the street.'

WE asked him why he said that and he told us that on several occasions he had heard Mark and his mom talking late at night and had sneaked down to listen. He said that he had seen them doing drugs and having sex. We asked him why he didn't say anything and he replied that he was hoping that it would stop. He said that Marks younger brother told him that their parents had kicked Mark out of the house when they found out he was on drugs. That was Wednesday he said.

Tom and I looked at each other. It all fit now.

I got off the road, so I couold be home with Luke in the evenings. My salary dropped but Tom said he's help us out. He said he could afford it.

Time passed and Luke turned sixteen shortly after I turned thirty-one. We had become extremely close and Tom said we looked and acted more like brothers than father and son.

Then another tragic event. Tom died suddenly one afternoon. We were devistated.

His lawyer said that there would be a reading of the will. I told him that I didn't have any idea where Jill was to let her know about her father. He just looked at me without saying anything. I thought that strange. Even though I had received a divorce from Jill on grounds of desertion, I felt she should know about her father.

Tom had his funeral planned out and paid for in advance. It was held per his wishes and without Jill. Two days later the lawyer called and asked for a meeting with Luke and I. We went to his office and had the reading of the will.

It seems that after she left he changed his will completely disowning her and stating that if she ever did return she was to receive only one dollar from his eatate. He left a trust for Luke to be used for college in the amount of a half million dollars. What was not used on college expences was to be turned over to him at the age of twenty-five. The house, property, vacation house, and all bank accounts, stocks and bonds were left to me, saying that I had been the son he never had. They totaled almost eleven million dollars. Luke and I were in shock. We knew Tom was well off but never dreamed that he was worth so much. The will was probated and finalized and everything changed to my name.

I took time off from work and Luke and I tried to adjust to the realization of what had transpired. We now no longer had to pinch pennies.

I told Luke of my dream of building a motel for truckers. He know how I loved the road and said he thought it was a great idea.

'Dad, we could build it and once I'm out of college, I could run it and you could go back on the road if you wanted to.'

'It's an idea son, but we'll have to wait and see.'

I began scouting out property next to the several truck stops in town. The prices were outrageous. I had a realtor looking for me also, and one day he called and said he thought he had just what I was looking for. It seemed the property next to the larger truck stop was up for sale cheap. The owner had dies and his widow wanted to sell it and was asking less than half of it's appraised value. There was eighty acres and she was only asking seven hundred fifty thousand dollars. I said I'd take it.

The sale was finalized and she was willing to finance it after a fifty percent initial payment. I quickly agreed.

I held the property for several years, watching my stocks and bonds make me more money.

Luke turned seventeen and graduated high school. He enrolled in the state university majoring in business management. I had been to an architect and gived him some sketches i had made of the way I wanted the motel laid out. Attached to the office would be a three bedroom home complete with game room.

Jack and I still kept in touch and whenever he came through town we would meet for sex. I called him and said that I wanted to see him and to see if he could get a run to our area. He said he would. I had never told Jack about my inheritance.

He made it down the following weekend and had a layover. With Luke at school, we had a full weekend of hot passionate sex. I finally told him everything and about my idea of the motel. He said it sounded great and that he was sure I'd make a lot of drivers happy. He then told me that he and his wife were having problems and that he might be headed for divorce. I asked if she had found out anything about his road life and he said no. I told him to keep me posted.

Over the next two years the motel was built with parking area for big rigs. Before opening, I selected ten rooms and secretely installed minicameras in them hooked to two monitors in my office. The hot sexy drivers would be given these rooms and with the cameras, I would be able to watch their every move. I'd be able to see them naked, stroking or having sex.

The cabinet the monitors was kept locked except when I was in the office. No one knew of their existance. At least not yet.

We opened for business and Luke was home for that weekend event. It was an immediate success.

Luke turned eighteen at school and was coming home the following weekend for us to celebrate. Jack and come by and I had given him a room no charge. It was Friday afternoon late and I had gone to his room for a quick sixty-nine before Luke arrived. I had forgotten to lock the cabinet in my office and when Luke arrived he went looking for me. He found the monitors and unknown to me saw Jack and I having sex.

TO BE CONTINUED...............




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