Ben awoke to the sound of his alarm clock and after forcefully hitting the snooze button several times he sat up rubbing his sleepy eyes before slipping on his underwear that lay by the side of his bed. He made his way to the kitchen to put the kettle on and on the side noticed his younger brother's phone plugged in on charge, he guessed he must have been in a rush to get to work and left it there by mistake.

Ben went to the bathroom and pulled his slowly subsiding morning wood free and sighed as a hefty golden torrent sprayed into the toilet bowl. He glanced around the now sparse bathroom that was devoid of all the cosmetics of his long term girlfriend that had moved out just weeks before. It was still strange her not being here but he did not miss the amount of feminine crap that had once cluttered every part of the small apartment. At least now he could leave the toilet seat up or miss the toilet with his golden spray without getting an earful.

Ben shook his cock and tugged it a few times before putting it back in his underwear and cursing as he felt a few remaining drops create a damp patch against the fabric.

Back in the kitchen the kettle was boiling and after he had made his coffee he reached for his brother's phone and swiped the screen. Ben did not know why he did what he did next but he found himself opening the photo folder. The screen filled with a close up image of Ben pulling a stupid face that he remembered his brother had taken after a few drinks on the night he had moved in.

Ben swiped his finger over the screen to show the next image which was of Ben's face clearly fast asleep on the couch, mouth open and a line of drawl dripping down to his chin.
"Fucking little twat" Ben said as he chuckled.

The smile was quickly wiped from Ben's face as he moved to the next image

"What the fuck?"

There on the screen was a large image of a fully erect cock, Ben knew instantly it was his own rigid member with the foreskin pulled tight around the large mushroom head and drawn back enough to expose the moist piss slit.
There were several other close images of his erect cock and a few of his sagging ball sack, as well as one of his hairy butt crack with the sheets pulled down over the back of his thighs and his brothers nose almost touching his bare exposed fleshy cheeks.

Ben felt an initial feeling of shock as he processed the images on the phone but then he began to recall memories of when they were younger, the times his younger brother had climbed in his bed at night when they shared a room and he had felt his younger brother slip his hand curiously within Ben's underpants. That was back when Ben had slept wearing underwear, he had never objected to his brother's attentions as he had felt his cock awaken from its slumber, growing stiff and hard as his brother groped and fondled away.

Ben smiled as he recalled times they had masturbated together. It seemed no big deal at the time, just two brothers fooling around and exploring, wanking each other and rubbing their stiff pricks together until they busted a load. Things seemed simpler and uncomplicated as they had engaged in their male bonding rituals and Ben remembered with a sense of nostalgia.

His brother had been the first person to give him head and he recalled that first time his brother had disappeared beneath the sheets as Ben was oblivious to what was about to happen. He had felt his brother slip his underpants down until pulled over his feet, then Ben had gasped and taken a deep breath in as he felt the warmth of his brothers eager mouth over the tip of his stiff prick.

He had heard his brother gag and heave but his brother had been relentless and continued until he had ¾ of Ben's throbbing length down his throat. Ben had grabbed at the sheets with clenched fists as the sensation quickly built up and he could hold back no more.
Even when Ben had groaned that he was about to cum his brother continued until he had drained him dry, swallowing every last drop of spunk.

After closing the folder he put the phone back down and now felt a mix of confusion as his own cock throbbed within the confines of his underwear. It was so innocent back then but to be taking pictures like that now. Then he looked down at his own pulsating member that pressed hard against the thin fabric and wondered why the hell the memories had got him so worked up and horny.

Ben had finished his coffee before washing and getting dressed for work and he found his thoughts the whole day drifting back to the images on the phone and how he would confront his younger brother about the images. He run scenario after scenario through his head as he considered the outcomes.

Three weeks earlier...

Tom could not believe the timing of his brother's break up with his long term girlfriend coinciding with needing a new place to live
"I swear big bro it must be fate" he told his brother as he put his arm around his shoulder to comfort him
"Yeah guess so" Ben replied, "will be like old times when we shared a room" Ben added
Tom smiled awkwardly as he recalled those old times before his brother had met his girlfriend.

Tom could not explain the deep feelings that stirred inside when just being close to his older brother. A feeling that had never dissipated as he had grown older and he yearned for the closeness they had once shared even if only for one more time.

They ordered pizza and sat around in their underwear drinking beer and playing on the game console. Tom found his attention drawn occasionally down to his brother's stomach and the narrow track of dark hair that tracked from his belly button down beneath the waistband of his white underwear. Then his gaze fixed upon the tight fitting cotton that wrapped firmly around the goodies beneath, offering a distinct silhouette of his large balls that stretched the fabric between his thighs and the shaft of his brother's cock that lay clearly to one side topped by the large head.

Tom figured his brother was oblivious to the attention his subtle exposure was giving and the arousal that it was creating. Tom pushed the games controller down on his own crutch to help disguise the fact he was hard beneath his underpants.

Ben had fallen asleep on the couch and Tom sat watching his face as he slept peacefully. Then he reached for his phone and took a close up photo.

The first week was a mixture of heaven and hell, witnessing his older brother walking around comfortably in his underpants or just a small towel. Being so close but not close enough, the occasional playful hugs and grappling each other that brought back memories of when they had explored other more sensual times.

Tom felt his deeper desires being drawn to the surface and one day as he stepped into the bathroom after his brother had showered there on the floor he saw a pair of his brothers discarded underpants.
Instinctively he picked them up feeling the still warm fabric between his fingers, and then as he had once done on so many occasions in his youth he held the pouch of the briefs against his nose and took a deep breath in. The odour was stronger then he recalled and the musky scent quickly filled his lungs. Tom gasped as his other hand grabbed his already stiffening prick and again he breathed in deeply this time holding his breath.

The rich manly fragrance made Tom's head feel light and he opened his mouth and tasted the flavours that had permeated the fabric. That place where his brother's cock and balls had been pressed gave off such a wonderfully arousing and intoxicating smell that Tom felt overwhelmed by as he began to stroke his erect cock.

Tom was so close to shooting his load as the intensity of the masculine perfume built up but suddenly he heard the door handle of the bathroom move followed by a knock on the bathroom door
"Don't be too long in there bro, I still have to brush my teeth".

The following night Tom had walked down the hallway to find his brothers bedroom door open. He glanced inside to see him fast asleep and the sheets pulled to one side as he lay on his back, his large cock pointed directly up at the ceiling. Tom paused in the door way just looking for a moment before he had a thought.

Tom returned with his phone to see his brother still fast asleep, his night time boner still firm and just beginning to leak with fresh dew drops of pre cum that glistened on the piss slit of the swollen head.
Tom kneeled down at the bedside feeling his heart beating fast as he closely examined his brothers manhood and the large vein that run up the under shaft.
Holding his phone close to the erect cock he took a few pictures as he felt his own cock react to the site.

Tom had returned a few nights with his phone in hand in the hopes to glimpse more of his brother's nocturnal arousals. Sometimes he would have to edge the sheets back a little to expose his brother's cock but he always found it worth the risk, jerking off in his room after to the collection of images he was quickly building up building. It never occurred to Tom that at some stage his brother might discover the stash of images on his phone.

Ben had arrived home from work to find his brother in the kitchen wearing just his briefs and a t shirt

"Hey bro, how was your day?" Tom asked all chipper
"Yeah OK" Ben replied with a troubled voice
"Sounds like you had a shit day" Tom added with a concerned look.

There was an awkward silence as Ben could not even look at his brother in the eyes but finally he blurted out
"I found some images on your phone this morning"
"What were you doing looking at my fucking phone?" Tom asked clearly on the defensive
"I have a better question, why were you taking pictures of my dick while I am asleep?" Ben asked getting right in Tom's face
"Fuck you!" Tom retorted pushing his brother away with a firm push to the centre of his chest
"Yeah bet you would like that too you dirty cunt!" Ben replied as he stepped forward as his face reddened with rage and the veins on his temples stood pronounced like horns.

Tom went to push Ben back again but Ben grabbed his wrists with a tight grip and pulled them down by his brother's sides and held them. Tom went to knee his brother as he attempted to pull his wrists free but Ben just moved out of the way before pulling down on his brother's wrists firmly causing him discomfort.

"Let the fuck go!" Tom shouted
"Not till you tell me why"
"I don't fucking know why"
"Bollocks" Tom said as he pulled harder knowing his brother was in pain as he struggled to get loose
"Things used to be different" Tom replied as tears welled up in his eyes
"We used to be fucking younger" Ben added keeping his grip
"You used to fucking love me" Tom blurted out
"I still love you bro"
"Not like you loved that bitch! She fucking changed everything between us"

Ben let go immediately and stepped back as his hands trembled
"What do you mean not like I loved her?"
"You know what the fuck I mean" Tom responded his eyes puffy and red.

Tom turned his back to his brother as he held back any tears and felt his brothers palm rest on his shoulder tenderly
"Sorry" Ben said softly
Tom felt the warmth of his brothers torso as it pressed gently against his back and felt the comforting of his arms as they wrapped around his midsection. He could feel his brother's warm breath on the back of his neck that was followed by a tender kiss at the nape of his neck.
He felt his brother's arms tighten around him as several more kisses pecked against his skin down to the top of his shoulder as his brother's hands slipped up under his t shirt, his palms rubbing over Tom's bare stomach.

"I fucking still love you bro" Ben whispered against Tom's ear before he nibbled his ear lobe
Tom sighed deeply as he closed his eyes and welcomed the warmth of his brother's tender embrace.

Tom felt his brothers kisses become more passionate as one hand slipped up further under his t shirt and his brothers other hand slipped down, Ben's fingers slipping just under the elastic waistband as his groin ground against Tom's firm ass. Tom felt his brothers fingers rub against his left nipple as his other hand slipped down inside his underwear gripping hold of his already semi aroused cock.

"Oh fuck!" Tom groaned welcoming his brother's passionate attention
"Fuck I missed the way you smell bro" Ben said as he nibbled and kissed the side of his brother's neck.

Ben had forgotten the sensation of man against man and the distinct difference compared to a women. The scent, the feel, the interaction was all so different. Two masculine energies in close proximity as guards and barriers dropped away.
Ben removed his brother's t shirt up over his head and tossed it on the floor with force before gripping either side of his brother's briefs. Pulling them taught against his brother's stiff prick as he now bit the back of his brother's neck hard knowing it would leave red marks. His masculine primal urge being unleashed in ways it only could be with another man.

Tom gasped feeling his brother's passionate bites and the tight restriction of his briefs being firmly tugged before he felt the thin cotton fabric begin to give way at the seams and tear, leaving Tom naked with his brother still fully dressed in his work suit.

As Tom's torn briefs fell to the floor he felt his brother's arm wrap tight around his neck in a choke hold restricting his airways, a firm hard slap landed across his ass cheek making Tom jolt forward. Tender kiss was alternated with hard spank, with hard bite and tender caress until the two sensations merged and it was hard to distinguish one from the other.
Tom welcomed the endorphins that began to surge through his veins from the rough and sensual handling by his brother.
The fine line between pain and pleasure as Tom gasped for air from the tightening choke hold, his cock rock hard and leaking as another strike landed hard on his ass cheeks and another on the back of his thigh while his brother whispered sweet words of encouragement in his ear,
"I need you bro. I love you so much and have missed being with you"

Tom felt the different textures of his brothers clothing against his bare naked flesh and could feel through his brother's trousers that he was highly aroused from the aggressive and sexual interaction.

Ben gripped hard on his brother's now tender ass cheek as he licked and kissed across his shoulder blade. He let his fingers slide to the clammy space between his brother's buttocks until his index finger rested against the tight puckered hole. He pressed his finger tip against the soft skin at the opening and felt it flinch. Ben pulled his hand away and put his finger to his nose to sniff that most intimate of places. Ben still remembered the first time he had placed his nose behind his brother's balls and inhaled the unique whiff of man taint and then gone on to explore his brothers sweet hole.

As Tom closed his eyes he was momentarily transported to the first time his older brother had fucked him. It was the most profound intense unity he had ever experienced. The feeling of him and his brother truly being one for that moment in time, truly connected as brothers as they had looked deep into each other's eyes.
It had not been an easy accomplishment and Tom remembered how his brother would like Tom to lay face down on the bed whilst he placed his erect penis between Tom's clamped thighs and slide in and out, occasionally feeling the moist tip of his brother's cock nudge against the opening of his hole. It was those moments that had made Tom long for more and when the moment arrived it was like a searing pain as he felt the large cock head penetrate him.

Tom had held his breath initially that first time as he fought back the agony and the need to cry out. The last thing he wanted was to wake their parents. Tom's longing for his brother inside had been overwhelming and at some point the pain had dissipated and transformed into the most amazing pleasure. Tom had relaxed his breathing and welcomed the sensation of his brothers erect cock and felt every inch slide in with little resistance.

Now Tom felt his brother's finger slide in his mouth and tasted the pungent flavour of his own ass crack. Ben removed his finger now coated with saliva and he lowered his hand and placed it between Tom's thighs. Tom whimpered as he felt his brother's moist finger probe his hole gently until it slowly slipped in causing Tom to inhale deeply.

"You want that don't you bro?" Ben whispered feeling his brother's asshole clamp around his finger
"Fuck yeah!" Tom groaned backing up to receive his brother's finger fully feeling his brothers other arm still clamped around his neck
"I got more for you than that little brother" Ben said with an evil tone to his voice
"Oh fuck yes!" Tom replied
"You need that cock inside you don't you little bro?" Ben taunted
"Oh fuck yes!"
"Is that why you took pictures of me hard? Because you was aching for me to slam it in that tight ass of yours"
"That is all I have been thinking about big bro"
"Beg for it bro, make me want to fuck your SHIT HOLE real bad!" Ben said
"Please fuck my SHIT HOLE bro!" Tom pleaded feeling his brother's finger push in deeper and rotate until the tip pressed against his prostate.

Tom's whole body quivered as he received his brother's finger and felt it massage his gland for a while before it was pulled free.

Ben released his hold on his brother and reached for his trouser zipper before reaching inside the opening and pulled free his aching cock. He spat on the palm of his hand and smeared it around his shaft and then spat on his palm once more for good measure as he pushed Tom over the kitchen counter and spread his thighs.

"You want this?" Ben asked as he pushed his large swollen mushroom head against his brother's tight pink puckered hole
"Fuck me bro, give it to me!" Tom pleaded as he looked around to see his brother's stiff member there prodding at his back door
"OH FUCK!" Tom cried out as Ben wasted no time in ramming it all the way in to the hilt and Tome felt like he was being skewered by his brother's sizable meat

"Yeah take it all!" Ben shouted pushing his hips forward to ensure every inch was buried deep within his brother
"Oh my fucking god!" Tom gasped as he clenched his fist and struck the work top in attempt to fight the excruciating pain. There was a time he had taken his brother with ease but that was a while back and maybe his brother was bigger now, or Tom was tighter.

Ben grabbed Tom's hips and began to pile drive in and out as his brother panted and groaned, his body quivering as he again struck the work surface of the counter top with his fist
"Come on you know you want it bro!" Ben said slapping hard across Tom's left ass cheek making his sphincter muscles clamp hard like a vice around his girth
"Yeah I want it!" Tom replied loudly as he began to thrust himself back to impale himself on his brother's rigid prick.

Tom had passed the pain barrier and was well in the pleasure zone as he groaned and pleaded for more, welcoming the manly assault on his hole as his eyes rolled back in his head
"Oh fuck me harder bro!"

Perspiration covered Tom's back and Ben thrust his cock in with all his might, occasionally pulling free only to tease the now open hole with his large cock head before ramming it back in. Hearing his brother's sighs and groans only encouraged him more and he could feel sweat dripping from his forehead as he panted, bucking and riding his brothers willing hole and occasionally slapping his cheeks for good measure until they glowed red.

"Oh shit I am going to cum!" Tom cried out his fists clenched on the work surface as his hard cock bounced up and down ready to spurt from anal stimulation
"Fuck I am close to bro" Ben replied almost breathless as he continued to bury his bone deep

Tom felt the orgasm quickly build quickly, wave after wave tingling through his body and filling every cell
"Oh fuck yeah!" Tom whimpered as he felt several loads release.

The frantic thrusting from his brother continued until suddenly he felt the pulsating of his member and the warmth of his spunk shooting deep with
"Oh fuck!" Ben cried, his body trembling and shaking as his thrusts become shorter and jerky
"Oh yeah" Ben continued until he come to a complete halt with his cock deep in his brothers throbbing hole, his breaths short shallow and fast as closed his eyes tightly
"Crap I needed that" Ben sighed
"Me too bro, me too" Tom commented his body still quivering.

Tom soaped his brother as they stood in the shower together and Ben was grinning like a Cheshire cat the whole time

"So penny for them bro" Tom said as he crouched down and began to lather his brothers thighs
"I was thinking of what other rooms and positions I want to fuck you in" Ben chuckled

A few weeks later the brothers had fucked in every room in the apartment and a few places outside too...
Ben slapped Tom's bare ass as he walked in bathroom causing Tom's morning flow to miss the toilet bowl momentarily
"Hey sexy bro" Ben said as he saddled up next to his brother and released his own stream
"Hey bro" Tom replied
"Uncle Pete left a message by the way" Ben said as he purposely splashed his brothers cock causing Tom to try and get out of the line of friendly fire
"What does that old perv want?"
"He has just split from his Mrs and is looking for a place to stay and so I said he could doss here for a while"
"Well that is going to put the brakes on our fucking fun" Tom replied looking disappointed
"I would not be so sure of that" Ben said with a big smug grin

(Too be continued)



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