Byron and Uncle Pete were sat chatting in the living room and Ben had joined his brother Tom in the kitchen to give the two some space
"That guy is fit, I mean really fucking hot" Ben commented as he approached his brother and kissed him on the lips
"But not as hot as you are bro" Ben added with a smile
"Bollocks, and yes he is pretty damn handsome" Tom responded

"Has he fucked you bro?" Ben asked casually as his head cocked to one side a little
"No" Tom replied, which of course was technically true but still he found himself breaking eye contact and looking away from his brother
"You fucked him?" Ben asked with a sound of surprise in his voice
"Yeah I fucked him" Tom responded, as big a bottom as he was it was not like he was incapable of fucking guys. It was just not always his position of choice.

Tom turned and felt his brother pat him on the back
"Lucky you bro, well done. I bet he has one sweet bit of ass"
Tom turned and grinned as he looked at his brother and remembered that short but exciting fuck in the hallway just days earlier
"So that means you and Granddad have both shagged the same bloke" Ben commented wiping the smug grin from Tom's face.

Tom had not considered that part of the equation. Now his mind started working overtime
"Do you think Uncle Pete and Byron have?" Tom paused wide eyed
Ben laughed out loud
"Bro! With a body and ass like that and those smoking looks, I mean can you imagine what he looked like when he was 18? So I would be more surprised if Uncle Pete had not been banging him at every opportunity"
Tom nodded his head
"Yeah it makes sense. No wonder Uncle Pete went off the deep end and broke his nose"
"Shit Uncle Pete punched him?" Ben asked
"Yeah when Byron confessed about his affair with Granddad, our Dads Dad" Tom clarified.

"How deeply involved do you think they were?" Tom asked
"What Uncle Pete and Byron?"
Ben shrugged his shoulders and watched as Tom quietly crept down the hallway and paused at the door of the living room briefly before hurriedly returning on tip toe

"So?" Ben asked impatiently
"They are sucking some serious face in there, looks like two sink plungers stuck together" Tom replied pulling a face

"Granddad, Uncle Pete, now you. I mean fuck that is kind of twisted right bro" Ben commented with a smirk
"Oh shit, he is like the family hand me down" Tom said his face dropping
Ben placed his hand on his brother's shoulder
"Bro, knowing what I know I would still do him mate. Maybe I should, I mean he is no cast off. He is like a family tradition" Ben said as he pointed his finger towards the living room.

Uncle Pete had his eyes closed as his tongue passionately kissed Byron with a desire that had never really diminished over the years. Byron had been his first male experience long before Pete had ever fooled around with his own brother Rob.
No matter what had happened between them he could not change that deep feeling that wrenched at his heart every time Byron was close.

Uncle Pete felt Byron pull away his hand remaining on his groin grabbing hold of his stiff prick through his jeans
"There is something I have to tell you" Byron said looking at Pete in the eyes.
"That is never a good start to a sentence" Uncle Pete commented

Pete looked back in to those eyes he had once described as like two wishing wells that he would use all his wishes to spend all his life looking into.

"Well..." Byron began
"My nephew Tom fucked you, I know, I guessed" Uncle Pete added with a smirk before giving Byron a peck on the lips
"Yeah and..." Byron replied looking back as if he had another long kept guilty secret
"Mate I slept with your brother" Byron blurted out as if saying it quickly would make it not sound so bad.

"Fuck yeah I know that too, I slept with my brother all the time back then"
"You and Rob?" Byron asked as he began to chuckle with relief
"We compared notes about you the entire time mate. But I was the one who was so bloody infatuated with you. I always was, and I still am"
Byron looked back at Pete with a look of longing
"So you and your brother" Byron said as he shook his head in disbelief
"We had a brothers bond, but what you and I had, well. Fuck look I am sorry I punched you and broke your nose" Uncle Pete said sincerely
"Hey I thought it added a kind of masculine charm to my face mate" Byron replied smiling.

Uncle Pete rubbed his fore finger down Byron's nose gently
"Such a perfect nose" Uncle Pete said before adding
"I always knew you had a crush on my Dad you know, he was a hunky geezer back then so I sort of understand what happened"
Byron went to speak but Pete put his forefinger to his lips and continued to speak
"you know I have been married three times and each time I was left wondering what was missing. The truth was you were missing", Pete removed his finger from Byron's lips as Byron looked at him with astonishment

"Peter Burns are you proposing to me mate?" "The man that slept with your Dad, your brother, your nephew"
"Slept? You never said anything about that, I thought you just got shagged by them" Pete said laughing before adding
"Well I guess it is not what is traditionally meant by being a family man, but Byron, will you marry me?" Pete gazed deep into those blue eyes and waited for the response to the question he had wanted to ask for a lifetime
"Is this the part where we fuck like rabbits?" Byron asked with his usual cheeky charming grin.

Pete began to fumble at Byron's belt before carefully undoing his zipper, remembering how he always went commando. Pete felt Byron tugging at his clothes as they began to frantically strip each other until they both stood naked in the living room, their cocks throbbing against each other with excitement as they embraced and kissed.

Tom and Ben stood just inside the living room doorway, watching as their Uncle Pete and Byron made out naked. Their clothes scattered across the living room floor as their bodies rubbed together and their mouths opened to welcome each other's moist tongues.

"I feel over dressed" Ben whispered in his brother's ear before he nibbled his ear lobe
"Yeah me too" Tom replied as he began to unbutton his own shirt whilst his brother continued to nibble at his ear before moving down to his neck.
"Would it be rude to crash the party?" Ben asked before planting several more passionate kisses on his brother's neck as Tom removed his shirt completely
"We are not crashing as such. Just happen to be in the same room while they fuck"
"Sounds fucking kinky bro, you and me getting off in the same room as our Uncle Pete and his mate"

Ben began to quickly undo a few of the upper buttons on his shirt before impatiently pulling his shirt up over his head and tossing it to the floor. As Ben was undoing his trousers his brother Tom was already pulling his trousers and underpants down before kicking them away.

Ben stood behind his brother wrapping his arms tight around his chest, he nestled his aching prick between his brother's plump ass cheeks as he kissed his brother and watched the continuing action over his brother's shoulder.
The two naked mature masculine bodies melded until seemingly one. Their glistening perspiring bodies, their hands grabbing flesh and muscle as their mouths exchanged a flow of saliva.
An unfolding rough passion that they both delighted in as their rock hard cocks arched and throbbed, producing a downpour of sticky pre cum that clung to their stomachs and thighs creating shimmering strands between them, a web like structure of male arousal that was added to with each manly groan, grunt and growl.

A firm slap to an ass cheek and a tender kiss to the mouth, a punch to the chest landing with a resounding thump, followed with a sweet tender word and a sigh of yearning. The hunger of the sensation of man against man, the colliding of rugged male attributes, one that mirrors the other in strength yet finding softness in return.

Ben felt the secretion of his own raging hard cock oozing free as his bulbous swollen head found the entrance to his brothers fluttering hole. He felt the way his brother pressed back and wiggled his hips slightly in a welcoming motion
"I want to fuck you in the ass bro while Uncle Pete is fucking Byron" Ben said his lips brushing against his brother's ear as he spoke excitedly
"Fucking hell yeah" Tom responded pushing back more against his brother
"Watch Uncle Pete's big fuck stick slamming in that glorious ass while you feel your own passage being pounded bro" Ben continued.

Graphically Ben described the sexual act to increase the anticipation. Arousing Tom and himself in his use of language and feeling his manhood pulsate with each word as his brother began to plead

"Fuck me bro, please fuck me. I want you deep, slamming into me, fuck yeah" Tom responded, his hips gyrating over Bens prick as he felt his hole open and close with muscle contractions intended to direct Ben inside

Uncle Pete and Byron had changed positions, Byron kneeling on the couch whilst resting his forehead against the head rest. He presented his backside to Uncle Pete, spreading his ass cheeks apart as Uncle Pete stepped back and observed the glory of the point of access. The downy blonde coated ravine that held at its centre the soft fleshy puckered hole.

Uncle Pete spat on the palm of his hand several times and smothered his spittle along the length of his stiff rod, his eyes remaining fixated at the target, that forbidden place of entry that provided such bliss. Uncle Pete watched as Byron moved one hand momentarily towards his mouth before returning it with a spit drenched index finger. The tip of the finger lingered at the hole briefly before sliding in with ease causing Uncle Pete to grasp his girth as it reacted to the sight.

"You fucker" Uncle Pete muttered, knowing that Byron was purposefully teasing him as his wet finger slid in and out of his hole.
A second finger slipped in beside the first, stretching the hole open in readiness for Uncle Pete's large member.

Byron watched Pete as his attention remained fixed and was aware of the audience of Pete's two naked nephews. Byron felt exhilarated by putting on a show, ever the exhibitionist, proud of his muscular body and his ability he had to arouse. His rough rugged tattooed exterior offering a seemingly contradictory facade to his sexually passive nature, however when taking cock in his ass Byron felt complete and utter control.

It was not a position of subservience but one of power, the power to satisfy and to summon a man's ejaculation with the controlled manipulation of his sphincter muscles. The contracting and relaxing that created a wave like effect over the male member, giving him the recipient in a sense the overall control.

Byron practised his muscle techniques around his two fingers, clamping them in place firmly and then relaxing in short intermittent bursts before slowing down the contractions. It was an art that he had developed, and he knew he had the ability to make some men spunk a load in an instant.

Ben pushed a finger in and out of his brother's mouth as he watched Byron's two fingers slide in and out of his own asshole, then slowly Ben pulled his finger free before stepping back and placing it at his brother's hole. Ben felt Tom push back welcoming his moist finger between the warm fleshy walls inside.

Tom gasped pushing back harder as he watched Byron's continued display. Recalling how his cock felt inside that hole and now feeling his brother fingering him, knowing at any moment he would be getting fucked while watching Uncle Pete fuck Byron. The whole thought was exhilarating, the shared experience of getting fucked, the excitement of watching and being watched in the most intimate of moments.

Uncle Pete stepped forward gripping the base of his shaft and slapping the head of his cock against Byron's moist hole
"Is this what you want?" Uncle Pete asked in a husky tone through gritted teeth
"Fuck yeah" Byron replied, his fingers gripping at his ass cheeks as he spread them as far as they would go
Uncle Pete's swollen cock head lingered there at the entrance, pulling away each time Byron motioned back only to return again as Byron moved forward.

Uncle Pete could see Byron's body quivering with eager anticipation of receiving Pete's meaty length
"Fuck me!" Byron pleaded as he looked back to see Pete motioning his cock head into position once more.

There was a sharp gasp as Byron's body shuddered and he held his breath in, his hands moved quickly to the head rest, his clenched fists taking a firm grip of the leather padding.
Pete had pierced passed the barrier and all the way in, one purposeful and forceful motion of his hips had penetrated the full length of his stiff rod into Byron's awaiting channel.

Pete began to pummel away as Byron groaned and gasped
"Oh fuck yeah" Byron cried out as he pushed back his muscular ass onto Pete's stiff cock.

Tom felt his brother's cock begin to press its way in. It was tender and exploratory as Ben burrowed his length slowly inside, awaiting for non verbal gestures and clues to confirm that it was OK to proceed. As much as Tom loved cock he was not the expert that Byron was and such a quick entry would have done damage.

"Oh fuck look a Byron take it bro. He loves Uncle Pete's huge cock" Ben said as he pushed deeper inside the welcoming grasp of his brother's fleshy walls
"Fuck me bro" Tom called out as he felt his muscles comply to his brother's rigid cock
Tom felt Ben began to pick up his pace, the full length sliding in and out until Tom to was being pounded firm and hard.

Ben began to match his own pace with that of his Uncles as he felt Tom pushing back upon his length.

The two pairs of men watched each other in what quickly become competitive as they both fucked harder and harder, the room filling with groans, whimpers and the masculine odour of sweat.

Ben and Tom had positioned them self closer and Byron leaned forward and began to kiss Tom passionately as they both continued to get fucked relentlessly in a game of stamina.

It was Tom who was first to feel his limits reached and his brother Ben was quick to read the signs as Tom's body become a little more sluggish and his groans sounded more of discomfort than pleasure.
Ben felt his brother clenching muscles and the build up of his own orgasm quickly arising
"I am going to cum bro" Ben cried out as he hammered his brothers ass a little harder as he got closer

"Yeah bro" Tom cried back feeling a rush of adrenaline
"Oh fuck yeah" Ben cried out as his body tensed up and he watched Byron kiss Tom deeply
Ben's load exploded inside his brother with force and he slowed his motion as he felt the last few drops release before pulling slowly free.

"Turn around" Byron instructed Tom
Tom looked a little bewildered as he turned his body around and then felt Byron pull on his hips
"Oh fucking hell!" Tom cried as Byron buried his tongue deep within Tom's freshly used hole
"Yeah you dirty fucker" Uncle Pete groaned, his motion picking up again with a new found momentum from the excitement of Byron's actions.

Ben watched Byron's hungry mouth at his brother's spunk filled hole and could only imagine the rich cocktail of musky flavours that were seeping into his mouth.

"Fuck I am close!" Tom called out as wanked himself with excitement and he quivered under the anal assault of Byron's tongue on his already sensitive hole
"Give me your load" Byron said slobbering at Tom's hole
Tom continued jerking off as Byron licked and lapped at his hole until Tom could take no more.

Tom turned around as he jerked his cock frantically. Watching as Byron continued to get pulverized from behind. Tom placed his cock head at Byron's open mouth and released his own flood of fresh spunk that was eagerly swallowed.

Uncle Pete felt his own orgasm quickly arise at the sight of his nephew spewing his thick load in Byron's hungry mouth.
"You are a dirty cunt" Uncle Pete groaned as the last of his thrusts hit hard and deep
"Oh fucking hell yeah do it" Byron cried out aware of Pete's impending load
Uncle Pete clenched his fists as his face contorted and finally his own jizz erupted filling Byron's chasm.

Uncle Pete pulled his cock free clearly exhausted but Tom was clearly not through. Tom positioned himself behind Byron and stuck his mouth against his crack and began to lick out his Uncles thick salty load. Byron began to stroke off as he felt Tom work his tongue deep inside his opening and knew he would not be far behind.

Tom felt Byron's muscular thighs quivering and shaking as his clenched fist worked on his cock, all the while Tom continued to savour the flavours that lingered at Byron's ass hole as it released dribbles of his Uncles spunk.

"You are a bad influence on this dirty little fucker" Uncle Pete commented to Byron as he watched his Nephews mouth devouring Byron's hole
"I am going to cum!" Byron cried out loudly as his clenched fist moved with lightening speed.
To Uncle Pete's surprise it was Ben who dropped to his knees in front of Byron, his mouth gapping wide ready to be the receptacle for his juice.

"Oh shit here it comes" and with that some of Byron's thick load sprayed into Ben's mouth while more of his man batter missed and sprayed over Ben's face.
Byron collapsed back as he gasped and Tom manoeuvred himself over to Ben. The brothers began to kiss passionately, exchanging the man gravy that filled their mouths.

"Looks like you have competition Byron" Uncle Pete commented watching as his two filthy nephews remained kissing and slobbering over the remains.
    The wedding...

"Some wedding reception, it looks more like all my past trade has come back to haunt me" Byron whispered in Pete's ear as he looked around the reception room and spotted at least a dozen guys he had been laid by.

    "Yeah but I get to be your husband" Pete replied straightening Byron's black bow tie
"Your nephew Ben brought me a big dildo as a wedding gift you know?" Byron remarked
"I know I saw it, dirty little fucker just wants to watch his new Uncle Byron impale himself on it. Look at you, so smart and bloody adorable, hair all neatly styled an all" Pete commented as he brushed the front of the smart black jacket with the palm of his hand
"You just want to get me out of the suit don't you" Byron stated with a mischievous twinkle in his eyes as he stood straight and tall puffing out his muscular chest proudly
"I can wait a little bit longer to get you naked. Please tell me you did not go commando today" Tom said looking down at Byron's crutch as his hand moved to brush Byron's lapel.
"I don't own any underpants you know that" Byron replied with a grin as Pete's brother Rob approached
"Hey, how is the happy couple?" Rob enquired cheerfully
Byron felt a bit of an uncomfortable moment as they stood there chatting and eventually made his excuses
"I just got a go and drain the old trouser snake. I will be right back guys"
"Sure" Tom and Rob responded as Byron took a step back before turning and making his way to the toilets.

Tom was stood making polite conversation with his Granddad
"I bet you had not thought there would be a fourth wedding for Uncle Pete Granddad" Tom commented raising his pint glass
"Yeah, least of all to some fucking shirt lifter" Granddad said curtly without raising his glass in response
"Well maybe next time it will be me getting married to a man" Tom responded and with that he turned on his heels and walked away. Tom so wanted look back to see if his Granddads jaw had dropped to the floor but instead he remained head high keeping his composure as he walked ever so slowly towards his brother.

Byron was stood at the long metal urinal trough when he heard the door open followed by the unmistakable booming voice that echoed in the men's room
"So not happy with making my son a fucking poof you have to turn my fucking Grandson into a fairy too"
Byron did not have to look around, he knew who it was as the tall stocky figure saddled up beside him
"Maybe it was you that turned me gay to begin with" Byron replied abruptly and heard George huff loudly
"When you buggered me in the back of your dirty old van" Byron added
"Don't fucking bring that up"
"Why?, does that make you feel like a poof too?, maybe you are the queer that turned me queer?, you could not get enough of my fairy ass from what I fucking remember"
"I said fucking drop it before I drop you" the gruff response came as Byron heard George's hefty stream hitting the trough with force
"Oh ever the fucking hard man. I remember the way you cum buckets when you screwed me in the ass, groaning and whimpering, even screwing me in you and your wives bed when she was out shopping"
"If you think I won't fucking belt you lad"
"Your wedding gift to me George? Maybe you would prefer a farewell fuck in the toilet stalls if you are that fucking pent up"

Pete looked at his brother Rob as the conversation seemed to just dry up into an awkward silence
"So I am really grateful you come to the wedding" Pete said
Rob patted him firmly on the middle of the back
"How could I miss it? OK I know it is your fourth wedding but this time maybe it is different"
"Yeah different certainly covers it mate" Pete chuckled before another brief awkward silence followed
"You ever miss that sort of thing?" Pete asked
"Fellas?" Rob enquired casually but clearly knowing what Pete was referring to
"Yeah. You and Byron were pretty close too"
"I miss it sometimes, but when I got married I told myself all that had to stop, especially with having a family and all"
Pete nodded his head and looked his brother in the eyes. This was the first time they had even discussed it since Rob had got married. It was like the taboo topic that neither dare bring up.

"But he still sure has a sweet looking ass, especially in those tailored trousers he is wearing. Damn I could slam that piece of ass good myself" Rob added as he leaned forward and winked at Pete.
Pete felt suddenly at ease with his brother, more so than he had done for a long time.

"You know Dad shagged with one of his brothers right?" Rob dropped in the conversation out of nowhere causing Pete to glance around to make sure nobody was in ear shot
"You mean Uncle Albert?" Pete asked
"No, Uncle Ted. I saw them going at it one time in the tool shed" Rob replied his voice a whisper
"Oh fuck" Pete replied eyes wide open before adding "Because I saw him and Uncle Albert wrestling naked onetime"
"You are kidding me?" Rob replied looking surprised

"Shit Uncle Albert, I always thought he was a bit suspect like" Rob added taking a big swig of beer
"You think he done it with all of his brothers?" Pete asked
"Could be in the genes, him and his brothers, you and me" Rob replied
"Yeah, Ben and Tom" Pete added to the list before wondering if Rob actually knew about his sons
"Yep, them too. I don't know what they are playing at do you? I mean that nice girl Ben was dating moved out and Tom moved in and, well they are like two loved struck bloody lovers"

Suddenly as if by magic Ben and his brother Tom approached in a hurry which brought an end to the topic
"We saw Granddad going in the bogs just after Byron went in" Tom explained
"He looked kind of pissed off" Ben quickly added
"Shit, I hope he has not gone to start an argument" Pete said handing Tom his drink and making a dash for the toilets.

In the men's toilets there was a short silence from there heated exchange. Byron found himself glancing down having heard George's torrent come to an abrupt end and was surprised to see a healthy sized swollen schlong being man handled. Byron looked up to see George starring intensely ahead at the white tiled wall as his hand shuffled and fondled his fat erect manhood.

"Are you fucking serious George? I mean I still have a soft spot for you but at your son's wedding, and me now your son in law."
"Don't look like a soft spot, from here it looks pretty firm" George replied glancing down
Byron looked down to see he was indeed erect thanks to his new father in laws own exposure.

"How did you know about me and your grandson's George?"
Byron asked wanting to side track the conversation quickly
"What exactly do you mean you and my grandson's?" George enquired, the tone of his voice changing dramatically
"Shit" Byron said under his breath as George forced his hard cock back in his trousers and marched towards the door
"George wait"
But it was too late and as George left Pete walked in looking a little bewildered
"What happened? Did that cunt have a go?" Pete asked
"Your old man happened" Byron replied as he began to push his own erection inside his fly catching Pete's attention
"What the fuck?" Pete said looking Byron in the eyes with a confused look
"It was not me mate. Fucking blame your old man, stood next to me giving himself a five finger shuffle in front of me for old times' sake". Byron went to storm past Pete but Pete grabbed his arm tightly and pulled him close as he planted a firm kiss on his lips

"I don't give a shit about my old man and his hang ups. It is just you and me I care about. Got it?"
Byron looked down at his feet and then back up
"Sorry, he just has a habit of getting to me. Old ghosts that won't rest you know?"
"Yeah well, I figured that would be the case"

Tom held Byron in a close embrace as Rob walked in to the toilets
"Whoa there guys, is this a wedding reception or the cottage convention?" Rob asked smiling holding one hand up
"The old man has been stirring things up" Pete replied still holding Byron
Rob approached with a concerned expression and put a hand on Byron's shoulder
"Wow, only just married and the old man is kicking off at you. It is like you really are part of the family now"
Byron chuckled and was pleased Pete made no reference to catching him aroused.

"Me and your husband was just swapping notes about the old git, seems he likes playing hide the sausage with his own brothers, or at least did with two of them" Rob explained
Pete liked how the term husband sounded with reference to Byron and could not help but grin like a Cheshire cat
"Welcome to one fucked up family" Pete said kissing Byron on the forehead and watching as his brother Rob leaned in and done the same
"Welcome to the fucked up family" Rob repeated as he wrapped his arms around them both and then kissed his brother Pete on the lips.

Ben opened the toilet door and came to a sudden stop with his brother Tom right behind him looking over his shoulder. They stood watching for a few moments in silence.
"Is it wrong that I just got an instant hard on bro?" Ben asked
"If it is wrong bro than I am just as guilty as you mate. I am tenting like crazy" Tom replied before the pair quietly stepped back letting the door close slowly so as not to disturb the three men in their comforting three way embrace.

Back in the reception room it was like nothing had happened as people danced, drunk and stuffed their faces with food.
Rob stood up to the DJ booth and the music was turned down until there was silence and everyone stopped and looked at the small stage upon which he was stood
"Ladies and gentlemen. I will keep this short and sweet, because I am not much for speeches. First I would like to welcome Byron to the family and welcome him as a brother in law. Our family Byron is now your family"
Rob looked over at his Dad, then to his brother and new brother in law, and finally to his two sons before raising his glass high in the air and looking out to the crowd of guests
"Please raise your glasses for a toast, to a brothers bond forever!"
The room echoed with everyone repeating "a brothers bond"
Even if not all of the room understood the full extent of that special bond...



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