Jason awoke with a start, unused to sharing his bed with another person. He listened to the rhythmic breathing of Paul lying next to him. He was pleased with how things had turned out with Paul the night before. He liked having Paul in his bed but he pondered the deviation from his normal routine and what it might mean.

He loved the process of building a relationship with a new submissive. He equated it to "the chase" that most men experience when they court women they desire. He thought about how far he had come with Paul in just two short weeks. He also knew once he attained the complete submission he craved, he would often get bored with relationships. He did not typically renew agreements with his subs. He was always eager to seek out new relationships. Three months was typically his average attention span for a sexual relationship. He wondered if he would ever tire of Paul.

He turned on his side and glanced at Paul's profile in the darkness. Ever so gently he reached down and started to caress Paul's dick. He could feel the moment Paul surfaced from sleep and became aware of the touch. Now fully erect in Jason's hands, Paul moaned softly.

Jason bent down and began to aggressively suck on Paul's cock. Paul gasped. Jason deep throated Paul's cock and rubbed his balls with his right hand. Paul's hands instinctively went to Jason's head. He ran his hands through Jason's hair and urged him onto his cock. Jason heard Paul groan again and utter "my god, Jason."

Jason had no intention of stopping until Paul came. He let Paul's dick fall from his mouth just long enough to suck lick on his balls. He rubbed Paul's balls and revelled in Paul's smell. He began sucking Paul again, this time with even more vigor. Paul's breathing became labored and he groaned again, muttering, "oh god....I'm going to cum."

He signalled to Jason by pulling back on his head that he was about to ejaculate. Jason kept his mouth on Paul's dick and continued to massage Paul's balls. Paul tried to back out of Jason's mouth, but Jason held him inside his mouth and forced his orgasm. Paul's body seized up and he spasmed shooting into Jason's mouth. Jason swallowed Paul's jism. He then sucked and licked the head of his dick clean.

After a few minutes, Paul's breathing returned to normal and he said wryly. "Okay that was very fucking gay Jason. But the hell of a great way to wake up."

Jason lay back on the pillow and laughed. "I am so fucking kinky. There is no end to my depravity. You were great last night. I will always reward you when you please me." Paul looked down at Jason's erection. Jason held up his hand and said one word "No."

Jason turned on his side facing Paul and said, "We will have a hard session this afternoon in the playroom. It will last several hours and include a lot of stress positions. I'm going to tie you up and fuck the hell out of you. This morning I need to spend a few hours in there, by myself, setting things up. I want you to go run errands and do whatever. But I want you kneeling and ready in the playroom at exactly 1:00pm. Understand?"

Paul answered softly, "Yes, Jason."


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