Paul awakened first....for the first time in his relationship with Jason. Jason had always bounded out of bed at 5:00am and took care of Paul in the mornings. Paul shook away the sleep and sat up looking at Jason's prone position.

That kinky motherfucker was holding his dick in his sleep like it was a national treasure.

Paul could smell food being cooked in the kitchen and smell the coffee making. He stared morosely down at Jason gripping his junk in his sleep.

Jason was the most god damned kinky, immature, motherfucking bastard he had had ever known. He was a complete slave to his dick... treasuring all 8 inches to hell in back. Jason's dick completely ruled Jason's life and subsequently now Paul's life. That narcissistic mother fucker! Probably jerks off to the image of himself in the mirror.

Paul curbed his instinctive urge to stab Jason in the eyeball with a pen he sighted from the side table by the bed. Paul picked up the pen from the side table and looked at it and thought about how far he could penetrate into Jason's skull if he stabbed it in as hard as he could.

Almost simultaneously the door opened by Yvonne, bringing in coffee and fruit. She had been thinking she would surprise them with breakfast in bed. At that exact same moment Jason opens his eyes to see Paul looming over him with the pen and jumps out of his skin, literally out of the bed, onto the floor in raw unadulterated fear. Yvonne drops the tray she is holding and coffee and fruit going everywhere splattering across the floor, the china shattering.

Paul jumps up, stark naked, and stomps into the bathroom and slams the door. Jason is absolutely shell shocked by being yanked out of a deep slumber and finding himself in such a vulnerable position. He's butt naked on the ground looking at Yvonne in fear. He earnestly wants to be able to navigate Paul's morning time black moods but just does not know quite how. Jason's eyes plead with Yvonne's for an answer.

Yvonne pats her chest in dialect and says. "Baby... Mama got you" and then backs out the room to get a broom to clean up the mess. Jason tries to steady his nerves and stand up.  He wants to clear the room to give Paul time to get coffee and wake up. He gets off the floor, puts some boxer briefs on, and goes into kitchen. He is obviously off kilter and Yvonne sits him down at the breakfast bar.

In a very knowledgeable motherly tone Yvonne explains "See black people in the Caribbean have the sugar issues. The high sugar make you go and lose your feets and your hands. The hands and feets get sick and the doctors just wacks them off", Yvonne uses a dramatic machete motion with her arm. "But...",  She got closer to Jason and pointed to his chest and said "The low sugar makes you mean. Real mean.".....then she pointed to the bedroom "that is what your man gots. You have to get in front of it and stop it before it happens. Maybe you got to wake him up for a little snack at night. A little fruit or they say the proteins are what are best. I read that on the internet. I read that on my baby sons' computer."

Jason absorbed what Yvonne had said and the heart which she said it.

Yvonne washed and cleaned up dishes and Jason took the time to mull the situation.  Jason knew from the training John had given him over the years how taxing this lifestyle can physically be. He instantly felt guilty and promised himself that he would give more care and consideration to Paul's physical needs. Jason pledged to never put his own dick in front of Paul's health and well-being. If that mean waking him in the middle of the night to eat something to keep his blood sugar level then by all means, that is exactly what he would do!

There was a sound from the bedroom and Paul popped his head out. He had his frowny face on. Yvonne encouraged him into the room and settle at the bar with Jason and wait on a plate of eggs and chicken and rice she was preparing.

Paul quietly joined Jason at the breakfast bar. Jason knew better than try to engage him in any way. After about 30 minutes of coffee and food, the love of his life reemerged. The sweet Paul was back. With all their to do lists and plans, Paul became almost bossy with Jason about the plans for the day.

Jason, being the deviant pervert that he was, immediately wanted to spank Paul's ass. Jason began to rub his dick through his boxer briefs. Paul looked down at Jason hand in disgust. Jason said, in his most menacing whisper possible so Yvonne did not pick up on the conversation, "Paul, I almost died this morning by your hand, there will be consequences."  Paul rolled his eyes at Jason's take on the situation.  Paul leaner over and whispered in Jason's ear with challenge and suggestive innuendo "so  hurt me".  Jason ball sack tightened. Jason was transfixed.

Jason's agenda for the day immediately cleared.  New priorities were derived in a matter of seconds. He would solely focus on beating Paul's ass and fucking him on every square foot of the estate, wherever and however he chose to do it. He may not have access to the playroom at home, but he would devise ways to use every bit of the estate to fuck Paul's brains out. Jason was beside himself.

He grabbed one of Paul's fingers and bent it back into a stress position and Paul yelped. Yvonne pretended not to notice and continued washing dishes, her back to the men. Jason grabbed Paul's hair and shoved him down to the floor pressing Paul's face into Jason's crotch. His dick was rock hard from Paul's words and the promise of the day to come. Rocket fuel was surging in Jason's balls. As Yvonne washed dishes and sung a religious him, Jason shoved his cock in Paul's mouth. Jason's was so turned on he struggled with keeping his breath in check and not verbalizing his sexual lust outwardly.   

They were both on the other side of a breakfast bar from Yvonne, Jason with his cock coursing down Paul's throat making obvious sounds of oral sex. Paul was looking up into Jason's eyes begging him to push boundaries with those beautiful gray eyes. Jason had a fleeting thought of losing control and quickly pulled Paul up off his cock to a standing position. Jason's cocks was wet and erect hanging at a 90 degree angle from his body. Jason grabbed Paul's face and locked in a deep penetrating tongue lashing kiss. Both of their eyes were open and searching each other's depths. Paul's eyes meant everything to him. Yvonne glimpses over her shoulder and decides to go out to the garden for a bit and harvest fresh vegetable and give the men some space.

Once Jason hears Yvonne's quiet retreat Jason takes Paul and drags him away from the breakfast bar over to the formal dining room table. He forces Paul to bend over the table face pressed down with the force of Jason's hand. He leans down on Paul and whispers in his ear, "I will fuck every orifice of your body today in front of god and everyone."

Paul's challenge and daring start to waver. A bit of fear starts to develop. Paul became hard. There is an edge to Jason that was utterly frightening. Suddenly Jason is choking Paul with his bare hands. Paul becomes even more frightened and struggles. Jason lets go of the grip around Paul's neck and pulls Paul's briefs down and harshly drives his cock into Paul's ass, so savagely and quickly Paul is stunned, and cries out. Jason is ramming into Paul pressing his face down on the table. Jason alternates with his hands choke holding him and forcing fingers down Paul's throat

Jason disassociates and becomes so invested in the sexual act of savagery he is unable to focus on Paul or his responses. He chokes Paul a few more times until Paul just stops struggling. Jason brutally rapes Paul. Jason is not even cognizant of whether Paul is conscious at this point. Jason is ramming into Paul's limp body, sweat pouring off of Jason in every direction.

He explodes into Paul's ass in the most incredibly violent orgasm of Jason's life. Paul was not moving. After a few moments when his senses return to him, Jason panics, assuming he had gone too far, and checked for vitals. Paul's eyes were open but he was just not moving. Still in the same position, semen dripping down his legs, Paul laid there. Knowing anyone could walk through the door and see him exposed, feeling raped and humiliated. He just laid there. Because he knew it would please Jason.   

The complete and utter dominance Jason wanted from him, the control over his bodily functions, his diet, his bath and shower rituals, had been achieved. Paul was finally starting to understand that his body did not belong to himself any longer. Paul's body belonged to Jason. There was nothing that Jason could not or would not do to Paul's body. Every boundary was just another gate to another boundary. There were no more safe words. When Jason wants to rape him, parade him, share him, beat his ass and throat fuck him that is what Jason would do. Paul's job was to not fight him. Submit with no conditions and no limitations.

Jason was shook up and began to pull Paul off the table into an upright position. When Paul stood up, a load of semen cascaded down his leg. Jason was so grateful to Paul for letting him fuck him that hard and violently and for being so submissive. He impulsively got on his knees and licked the semen from Paul's legs from his ankles to his ass. He covered Paul's ass with wet kisses and told him that he loved fucking him that hard and rough. He loved how submissive Paul was. Jason stood up and helped Paul to the bedroom to clean up.

Paul was quiet, but still fully engaging his submissive role. He was really starting to understand his role as a submissive. One would have thought a sexual event of that magnitude would have been enough for the day. But Jason was so enamored of the nuance and depth of Paul's submissiveness that he wanted to push more boundaries with Paul.

Inside the bedroom, Jason closed the door and asked, "Does your ass hurt?" Paul, very vulnerable and somber from the harsh violent sex, nodded.  But Paul immediately dropped to his knees and thanked Jason for fucking him so hard. Paul's beautiful eyes look up into Jason's face and triggered that response in Jason. He wanted to test Paul. Jason grabbed Paul's chin and stuck 3 fingers down this throat and held them there until he gagged. Jason let Paul regain his composure and then did it again. Paul willed himself to not gag. He let Jason own his throat, and did not fight. He relaxed and let Jason own his body. Paul was able to last about 30 seconds and gagged again.

The third time he lost his breakfast. Jason dragged Paul into the bathroom and did it again. Paul persevered as best he could,  breathing through his nose and relaxing his throat. Jason was becoming aroused again with the dominance play.

Jason told Paul to get on his knees. Jason took is boxer briefs off and slapped his dick around Paul's face while Paul kneeled in front of him. He abruptly grabbed Paul's chin and shoved his fingers down this throat while holding his head by the hair harshly. Paul desperately fought the urge to gag and gave into the moment letting Jason own his throat and body. Paul willed himself to a place where he let go of trying to be in control of his body.

Jason felt that release and it set Jason on fire again.

Jason was fully erect again and presented Paul his cock. The implications were clear. Submission, open your mouth and give me full access. Don't you dare gag, or fight me. Paul opened his mouth and took Jason's 8 inch thick cock and just let go of every instinct to struggle or gag. Jason became extremely focused as he face fucked Paul. 

After a few minutes he began to talk non stop to Paul about how pleased he was, how far Paul had come, and how perfect Paul was. Jason's words meant everything to Paul.  As Jason shoved his cock down Paul's throat he began to let go a bit more and relax into the  moment. The more difficult it became Paula just to accepted it and gave more, until he had nothing more to give. He had reached a level of submission with Jason that neither of them ever imagined or experienced prior. For Jason, Paul's submission was paramount to him being able to trust and engage on such a personal and intimate level. Paul knew whatever he gave Jason, it would never be enough and Jason would always want more. Paul just hoped whatever happened would be in the realm of sanity and that he could live through it.

Jason continued to face fuck Paul aggressively for several minutes and then asked him to bend over the tub. Jason got behind Paul, knowing how sore and raw his ass was. Jason fingered Paul's ass, just probing and exploring to let Paul know he owned his ass and could do what he wanted with it. Paul winced and wiggled a little and Jason added another finger and became more aggressive. Paul relaxed and focused on letting Jason do what he wanted. He whispered "Thank you Jason". Jason's touch became more gentle and playful. Rubbing Paul's prostrate expertly. Jason used his other hand to massage Paul's balls. Paul had not had an orgasm during the violent sexual encounter.

Jason pulled out of Paul's mouth.Jason kept his right hand fingering Paul's ass and now he used his left hand to force two fingers down Paul's throat again. Paul focused hard on the sensations and tried not to tighten up, fight, or gag. Paul could hear the pleasure in Jason's voice. Jason was praising Paul and telling him how perfect he was and how much he loved him. Jason was becoming very sexually engaged and heated again. Jason was absolutely focused on fingering Paul's ass to make him feel violated and keeping at least two fingers down his throat, daring him not to gag or reflex against him.

Paul understood the game and how crazed Jason could get during sex play. Jason abruptly took the two fingers from Paul's mouth and pinched his right nipple hard. Paul flinched and yelped. Jason grabbed his own hard dick and stroked it a few times and then pinched Paul's other nipple even harder. Paul did his best to be submissive and not block access and accept the pain and embrace it. Paul started to realize how much his sexual responses were being rewired to Jason's kink. Paul had a raging hard on and his ball sack was tight and full. Jason rubbed Pauls sack and Paul groaned, then Jason slapped his ball sack with an open hand which startled Paul.

Then Jason stuck his fingers down Paul's throat and slapped Paul's balls at the same time. Paul's whole body flushed head to toe. Jason loved how Paul's responses were being rewired and conditioned. Paul was breathless now with arousal wanting Jason to push and stress him more and wanting that amazing release and intimacy he felt with Jason afterward.

Paul whispered "please Jason" he needed to come. Jason positioned himself in front of Paul putting his cock back into Paul's mouth. Paul reengaged those feelings of submission and release. He let Jason deep throat him roughly without gagging or fighting. Before Jason could climax Paul came without even a touch or hand. It came from the experience of having Jason's cock in his  mouth and accepting it body and entire soul.  From totally submitting and giving control away, Paul's orgasm was profound. Jason felt it as he unloaded into Paul's mouth.


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