Jason sat in the whirlpool tub thinking about the $40,000 he had spent renovating the playroom and the master bathroom. It was worth every cent. Paul was lying back against Jason's chest. Jason's arms were around Paul, and the jets pulsated around them, steam rolling off the water.

Jason heart was suddently full of inexplicable emotion. Jason looked at Paul's profile. He was a very good looking man. Such sensitive lips and eyes. His face was so expressive. Those beautiful gray submissive eyes.

Jessica was right, I'm smitten.

And Paul was scheduled to go back home Sunday per their agreement. That made Jason feel broody. He asked Paul, "How was your time with me this week?"

Paul looked at Jason. His sweet gray eyes full of love. Jason did not need for Paul to speak. He knew. Before Paul could utter a word, he kissed him. It was at tender, loving, even grateful kiss.

"Paul, I can't bear the thought of you going back to your apartment. I will suffer without you."

Paul answered by tenderly kissing Jason's chest with tiny kisses with those beautiful eyes looking up at him. Jason heart melted in his chest. He felt a surge of emotion. He had never felt anything this before.

"Paul, I can't bear the thought of being separated from you even one night."

Paul marveled at the raw anguish in Jason's voice.

He whispered back to Jason. "I'll stay with you forever."

Jason's chest and face flushed with an emotional response. He grabbed Paul's face and kissed him hard for a few minutes.

He eventually pulled Jason back into a relaxed position against his chest. Jason's hands were running along Paul's flat stomach. He reached down to cup and massage his balls. Paul sighed with pleasure.

"Paul, I got us all day passes for the city tour bus Saturday. You know those red double decker buses that tourist ride around on? We can hop on and off all day and explore the city."

Paul had lived in NYC for ten years and he had never been on one of those buses.

"I have always wanted to do that Jason. Thanks, it will be fun."

Jason asked, "Want to go to a movie tonight?"

Paul smiled, "Sure!"


Mara Copa



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