The three sat together eating a lunch delivered from the deli. Paul was being very verbal and charming. He was making solid eye contact and smiling at Jessica. He asked her, "Jessica, would you be willing to share with me how you became involved all this?"

Jason knew Jessica's past and her motivations for being in the scene as a 24/7 sub. He also knew that Paul was not ready to hear the story. Jason's eyes told Jessica to sanitize her response.

"Well I was exposed early in my sexual experience to bondage play and I realized that I really enjoyed it. And I have had three contracts with different couples that have allowed me to live, go to school full time, but at the same time pursue my interest in the scene."

Paul marveled at her openness. He wondered if it was typical of those that participated in the scene. Jason was also very frank about answering questions.

Paul asked, "Why do you leave one couple and go to another?"

Jessica answered honestly, "Well it was due to location. I went to undergraduate school in Arizona and lived with a couple. I went to graduate school in Boston and lived with another couple. Now I live with John and Tammi. But I have loved all of my masters, and I still keep in touch with all of them. They get all of my report cards and John and Tammi keep them informed of my progress. Sometimes we even make videos for them to enjoy."

Paul was completely taken with her. She was sitting at the kitchen table in one of Jason's long tee-shirts. Her curly black hair spilling every where. His eyes were glued to her.

Paul asked Jason, "What will we do this afternoon Jason?" Jason had been watching the interaction and answered, "What are your guys thoughts?"

Jessica just wanted to be dominated. But he knew Paul was cooking on something and wanted to pry it out of him.


"Normal sex on a bed with no pain."

Jason laughed. Jessica yawned and said, "How boring!"

Jason pressed, "Details please, Paul"

"Just straight normal vaginal sex. Except maybe we could take turns with her. That was would really hot, at least for me."

Jessica rolled her eyes and said, "Baby kink."

Jason said, "Lets do it!"


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