Jason woke early and made sure he had a spectacular breakfast set out and ready for 9:00a.m. He called the Deli and had them deliver fresh fruit, bagels, quiche, and orange juice. He set out Paul's vitamin. He wanted everything perfect for Paul as a reward for his submission. He would have to learn to work the damn expresso machine. He would hire someone from a coffee shop in the neighborhood to come and show him this week.

By the time it was 8:30a.m. he had already done 30 minutes on the treadmill, meditated, and setup the breakfast buffet. He was making Paul's coffee now. He would try to ease Paul awake with a cup of brew. He opened his bedroom door and found Paul's lying perfectly still with his eyes open looking at the ceiling. Jason dropped the coffee and cried out in fear. Paul jumped up frightened and disoriented.

"Paul, what were you just doing?" Jason yelled.

Paul look bewildered, "I don't know I just woke up."

Jason went to grab a towel and clean up the spilled coffee. Jason's hands were shaking as he cleaned up. He said, "I have breakfast out and I'll make another coffee for you. Do you feel okay?"

Paul was standing up, still trying to orient himself into a fully awake state. "Yeah I think so. Paul reached down and touched his nipples to test out whether they were sore or not. A big smile spread across his face." Jackpot. Happy nipples.

Jason laughed. He had come into the room thinking Paul was dead. In reality Paul was waking up with morning wood and dreaming about Jessica. He felt so relieved.

"Get through your dark and moody shower-shit-shave routine quickly please. Be ready at 9:00am." Jason hurried out to grab another cup of coffee for Paul.

When he brought the cup of coffee back to Paul he was standing in the bathroom brushing his teeth, naked as a jay bird and fully erect. Jason laughed out loud.

He had almost dropped Paul's coffee again. He said, "Really, Paul?"

Paul said simply, "I have not been with a women other than Liliana in ten years. What does she look like?"

Jason answered, "If you will hurry your ass up, you'll find out in 10 minutes!"


Mara Copa



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