My vacation was starting the next day and I was all packed and ready.  My neighbors knew that I would be gone for two weeks and knew that there would be no activity at my home.

It was Friday evening and I had packed my bags and loaded them in the car in preparation to an early start on Saturday. After ordering Chinese to be delivered, I went through my checklist to make sure I had packed everything I would need. My dinner arrived and after eating, I watched some TV for a while before heading to bed.

Then, in the middle of the night, I heard a strange noise and when I went to investigate, I found four intruders in my home. almost instantly, I was subdued and gagged and blindfolded. I was taken to my bed and my wrist and ankles were secured to the four corners of the bed. Since I sleep nude, my body was fully exposed to the intruders.

Then, I heard one of the men say, "Who goes first?"

"I'd want to be the first.  I've wanted his cock for a long time."

My heart began to race .  Not knowing exactly what they had in mind, I struggled top get free.  My efforts failed. Then, I heard one of the men say, "Make sure all the blinds are closed and limit the amount of light we use.  His neighbors probably know he's going on vacation and that things should be dark."

I had heard one of the men leave the room and when he returned he said, "I've checked the house and he has lights in different rooms set up on timers, but after eleven at night everything is turned off."

"Well,", one said, I"I think we should all get out of these clothes and start the fun."

I heard them all begin stripping and then felt one of them ease into my bed between my wide spread legs and his hand grasp my cock.  Instantly, it begin to stiffen.

"That's it.  Get hard for me."

Then, I felt his warm breath on my cock just a moment before his hot wet mouth closed on my cock.  He closed his lips and began sucking me.  It was my first time ever having another man touch my cock, except for my doctor, much less suck it.  I moaned softly at the awesome feeling.  I hated that I had revealed that I was enjoying the experience.

As the one guy sucked my cock, the others performed oral activities on other parts of my body; my armpits,  nipples and toes.

After a short while, my cock swelled and I filled the mans mouth with my hot built up load.I could feel him hungrily swallow as my load shot into his mouth.  After draining me he pulled off and said, "Fuck, was that ever delicious and huge."

One that had sounded like the leader earlier, spoke up and said, "Let's put on our caps then take off his blindfold so he can see what is being done to him."

A moment later my blindfold was removed and there around my bed were four muscular guys, a couple with hairy chest, and all nude and their cocks rock hard.  If I had to make a guess, IO would have to say that all four of them had between seven  and a half to eight and a half inches of hard cock.

My feet were released  but re-secured to my wrist.  My ass was totally exposed and I was afraid to think of what was about to happen.  I knew that I was about to be raped.  Instead, however, they all took turns licking my ass and shoving their tongues deep into me.

After a short time more, my feet were secured back to the foot of my bed and the four men made beds on the floor and went to sleep.  To no avail, I made every effort to free myself. After a while, I gave up and went back to sleep.

When I again awoke, I was still bound and heard the leader  asked one of the others, "Did you get his car in the garage and out of sight?" 

"Oh yea," came the reply.

One of the others came in with a tray containing my breakfast, and began to feed me .  As they were the night before, they were all still totally nude.  After eating, I was released and taken to the den and re-secured to my recliner, with the gag back in my mouth to prevent me from calling out.

Then, I was surprised to see what happened next.  I had figured that I was going to be the victim and raped repeatedly and abused. Instead, I sat and watched the four of them begin to kiss passionately and fondle each other.  After a few moments, two of the men dropped to their knees and began sucking the other two.  Then, positions changed and the four men were in a chain each sucking another's cock  Their bodies formed a square on the floor. 

Watching them, my own cock became hard as stone and after they had each climaxed and fed one of the others their load, they came to me and began taking turns on suckling my cock.  As I  neared my climax, the stopped sucking me and began jerking my cock off.  When I climaxed, my huge load shot all over my stomach and chest.  They all commented about the huge quantity of cum on my body.  To my surprise they gathered closer and all four began licking my body clean and swallowing everything that they had licked up.

I had to admit to myself that watching them have sex together was intriguing me and making me somewhat curious. After making me promise not to call for help, they removed my gag.  The next thing I knew, the leader came up to me and I was instructed to lean forward.  I did and suddenly, his hard cock was attempting to make entry into my mouth. I eventually stopped resisting and opened my mouth allowing his cock to enter my mouth in it's entirety.

He began to piston in and out and after a few moments I found that I was enjoying it and began sucking him on my own.  When he climaxed, I gagged slightly before swallowing his load.  Surprisingly, I found the taste somewhat good and eagerly swallowed.

When he pulled out of my mouth, he asked if I wanted another.  I immediately told him yes and ended up sucking all four of them. and eating every load.  Next, I was introduced to deep throat tongue kissing and loved it.  I found that women really didn't know how to kiss properly and there was no drama when kissing another man.

That evening, I got to watch as they took turns fucking each other.  It was so wild to watch one man's cock slide deeply into another man's ass.  After watching, I convinced them that if they would release me completely, I would not make any attempt to escape or call for help.

I was released, and as a thank you, I gave each one a hot passionate kiss.  Deep inside, I knew that I was meant to have a life of sex with other men.  I knew I was gay.

That evening they drew straws to see which one would be the first to get fucked by me.  Moments later, I had my cock deep in one of the guys ass and I truly believe it felt better than any cunt I had ever fucked in the past. 

I soon climaxed and the receiver and I both moaned loudly in sheer pleasure.

Then, it was my turn to surprise and shock them.  I asked to be fucked.

I lubed up my ass and asked who wanted to be first.  The leader said he wanted to 'fuck this virgin'.  Moments later, he was easing his cock into my hole.  It hurt like hell but I wouldn't let him stop.  He was gentle and would let me adjust to having something so large deep in my ass.

He began pumping in and out and before long I began to meet his thrust.  After he climaxed and filled my ass with his load and pulled out, I asked who wanted to be next.  One after the other, each one fucked me. 

From that moment on, the sex came whenever one of us was in the mood.  For the remainder of the two weeks, we had almost one long orgy, day and night.

As hard as I tried, I could never get them to remove their caps and let me see their faces.  Finally, my vacation came to an end and the four strangers left in the middle of the night. 

I was awakened to the sound of my alarm clock and when I got up and turned on the TV to catch the morning news I was stunned beyond belief.  Today was the ay I was scheduled to leave on vacation.  I checked and my car was still in the drive where I had parked it and still packed.  It was then that I realized that what I thought was my vacation  time was actually one nights dream.

I went on vacation more relaxed and inquisitive. I found a guy on the beach that seemed to have things in common with me and I invited him to my hotel room.  I had been right and before long I was actually having my first real experience with another man and it was awesome.  I had no problem sucking his cock and eating his load. I decided to wait until I got home to have sex with a man again.

I had a coworker and early in our friendship he had revealed to me that he was gay.  He knew that I was straight and never made any sexual advances toward me.  Our friendship was strong and I had no problem going out with him to ball games or other events since he was extremely muscular and good looking.  We even went to the gym together and even though he would see me nude in the locker room he never said anything suggestive.

I returned home a couple of days early and called Rex to join me for dinner on Saturday at my place. He quickly agreed saying he wanted to hear all about my trip.

When he arrived, I handed him a stack of photos I had taken and as he went through them I finished dinner.  We ate and he volunteered to help with the clean up.

once we were don, I opened two beers and before handing one to him I stepped closer and catching him off guard, I pressed my lips to his and offered my tongue.  After a momentary pause he accepted and wrapped his arms around me. 

After the kiss, he looked at me and said, "What the fuck happened to you?"

"Let's sit in the den and I'll tell you."

I told him everything in detail and then revealed to him that it was really a dream and that it had me wanting sex with him and other men.  He immediately accepted my invitation to spend the night with me in my bed.

That was three years ago and after three months Rex and I became lovers.  I was never as happy in a relationship with a woman as I am in my relationship with Rex.  I love him so much.




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