From Part 1....

So it began. I started meeting my mystery man three times a week, always looking forward to sucking his cock.

I began waiting outside to see what he looked like when he came out, but he never did. However, I did see drivers enter and after a while come out. I wondered if he was sucking them also.

Finally, I decided to wait him out. After sucking each other off and fucking his ass, I stayed in my stall, deciding to wait him out.

With me not leaving, it was preventing any others from coming in. After about twenty minutes, he stood and began pulling up his jeans. Quietly, I did the same, and as he stepped out of his stall, I stepped out of mine.

Looking into each others face, we froze, neither of us saying a word.


My body tensed in sheer panic as did his. There I stood, looking straight into my own father's face. Neither of us knew what to say.

After a moment, Dad looked at me and said, "We need to talk," and headed for the door. I, of course, followed.

Once in the car, dad sat silent with his hands gripping the steering wheel, staring straight ahead.

After a few moments, he turned to look at me and asked, "How long have you been having sex with men?"

I told him how it started and revealed everything to him. I looked him straight in the eyes as I said, "Dad, I'm not sure if I'm gay or bi. I enjoy fucking pussy but I also love sucking another guys cock and fucking a guys ass."

Dad surprised me by asking, "Did you enjoy sucking me and fucking my ass?"

"Hell yea. It was awesome, and now I think it was even hotter knowing that it was you that I was having sex with."

"Yea, I know what you mean," he replied.

"Dad, what about you? How long have you been having sex with guys?"

"I started with a buddy of mine in school. I was seventeen, and like you I enjoyed both male and female sex. After your mother and I married, my activities with men weren't as often but still continued. However, after she passed away, I knew no other woman could take her place. I now had the opportunity to resume my activities with men. Now, I'm totally gay. Can you accept me as being gay?"

"Hell yea. You're still my dad regardless of what ever your sexual preference is. Can you accept me?"

"Of course. Shall we head home?"


As we headed home he asked if I had plans to continue stopping by the truck stop after school.

I was honest and said "Yes, I do. Are you?"

Looking at me, he smiled, "Of course."

"Dad, may I ask a question?"

"Sure, son, what is it?"

"Well, I was wondering that since I'm of legal age, could we continue having sex together?"

"If you really want to, I don't see why not. Just not at the truck stop."

Smiling, I said, "No, not any more."

We arrived back at the farm and went about our activities as if everything was normal. That evening, as we ate dinner, I casually asked dad if he ever had sex with any of the hands.

"Why are you asking that?"

"Well, Luke and Cole are both well built and hot as hell," I answered.

"Son, I'm sure that they are straight. They have never given any indication that they would have sex with another guy."

"Dad, they are gay. I know."

"Have you had sex with wither of them?"

"No," I replied and told him what I had seen and heard. He found it hard to believe what I told him.

That night when we headed for bed, I stepped into his room and asked, "Dad, may I sleep with you tonight?"

"Of course."

As we undressed, I decided to take the lead and stripped totally naked before slipping into his bed. My cock was steadily stiffening and when he stripped, I noticed that his was also.

It didn't take long for dad to introduce me to the pleasure of man kissing and caressing. Soon, as we kissed, we began fondling each others cocks and seconds later dad flipped around and we began our first sixty-nine. Climaxing at almost the same time, we watched each other swallow the other's load.

The next day, while spying on the hands in the showers, I heard Luke and Cole making plans to meet in the old barn. I told dad about it and together, we hid in the barn waited for them to arrive.

Luke arrived first and a few moments later Cole arrived. They immediately began kissing and groping each other. After a short moment, they began undressing each other and soon they were both totally nude with raging boners. As they eased themselves onto an old blanket, I noticed dad open his jeans and extract his cock and began stroking it. Smiling, I did the same.

Just as Cole and Luke climaxed into each others mouth, dad and I both erupted, sending huge ropes of cum out into the air.

One of dad's first volleys was exceptionally strong and went over the edge of the loft, landing on Cole's cheek..

"What the fuck?" he screamed.

They both jumped up and headed for the ladder to the loft. They were there looking at dad and I before either of us could put away our cocks.

"Son-of-a-bitch!" Luke exclaimed. "The boss and his kid both get turned on watching us have sex. That's hot!"

They both walked over to us and as they stood in front of us, the blob of cum began sliding down Cole's cheek. Without hesitation, dad leaned forward and licked it off then kissed Cole and shared the load.

Luke stepped closer to me and began tongue kissing me. Seconds later they were undressing dad and I there in the loft. Before it was over they had sucked us both off and we had sucked them some before they took turns fucking dad's ass. After they had both filled him they said they wanted to see me fuck my 'old man'. I readily obliged and as I fucked dad hard and deep, they both stroked out another load, feeding both to me.

We began to all meet on a regular basis in the old barn. Sometimes I would meet Luke or Cole one-on-one for sex or sometimes a three way. However I remained a virgin anally.

That is until I begged dad to fuck my ass. He did and after the initial pain, I loved it.

After dad had been fucking me for several days, we met Luke and Cole in the barn. After some hot making out, I got on my hands and knees and as I began alternating between Luke and Cole's cocks, sucking them, dad slipped his cock in my ass and began fucking me.

After a few moments, the stopped letting me suck them and began watching dad fuck my hot ass. Looking over at them I said, "When dad gets through, you can both fuck me if you don't mind sloppy seconds."

"Hell no we don't mind. We've been wanting his hot little ass."

Before long dad filled my hole with his hot thick huge load. After he pulled out, Luke got behind me and as dad's load began draining out Luke began licking it up and once he had a mouthful, he kissed me and shared it before he entered my hole.

he soon deposited his load and Cole repeated Luke's actions and he too, kissed me and shared it. Then Cole was pounding my hole and I was loving it. After Cole filled my ass, dad took the hint and sucked out Cole's load and kissed me.

Before the evening was over I had fucked all of them and sucked each one.

I continued going to the truck stop and sucking truckers and was now letting them fuck me. Dad and I had sex every night before going to sleep.

I graduated high school and began college about a hundred miles away. I came home every weekend and spent it having sex with dad, Luke, and Cole.

As agreed, Mr. Jacobs paid all my expenses at school. Then during my junior year, Mr. Jacobs became seriously ill and passed away.

When it was time for the reading of the will, his lawyer had everyone meet in the living room of the main house.

He began reading the will and Mr. Jacobs had left each of the hands one thousand dollars and dad five thousand.

I wondered why I had to be there. The lawyer continued reading the will and as he did I realized why I was there.

"And to Mark," the lawyer continued reading, "whom I look at like he is my grandson, I leave the balance of my estate."

I was in total shock as were dad and the other there.

The lawyer had us all sign papers and after he left, Luke looked up and asked, "Do we now call you 'boss'?"

"No. I'm still Mark, and everything will remain as it was in the past. Dad is still in charge."

The only change was that dad and I moved into the main house and when I was home on weekends, Luke and Cole would sneak over to the main house and we would have sex there.

I graduated with a degree in agriculture as well and management. I returned to the farm and took over control, soon buying surrounding property and expanding.

I had a meeting with dad, Luke, and Cole, letting them know that I had made a decision.

I had hired a private detective to find out if any of the other hands were bi or gay. Only one was, Buck.

Buck was a little older but still hot as hell and preferred being a bottom offering his ass to all as well as his mouth.

I had to let Buck know that I knew about him and devised a plan. I decided to have Buck ride with me to check out my most recent land purchase. I knew it would be an overnight trip on horseback.

We headed out and I began making very slight suggestive remarks, mainly about how his ass fit the saddle so well or how firm it looked.

That evening we set up camp on the new property after inspecting it. We were on the edge of a small clear spring fed lake and after getting a fire started, I said I needed to get some of the dust off me and began stripping right in front of Buck, inviting him to join me.

Soon I was totally nude and saw Buck glancing at my slowly stiffening cock. I hit the water and seconds later, I noticed Buck stripping and head my way. His long thick cock was semi hard and beautiful.

After a moment I eased up to him and let my hands rub his ass cheeks. "Umm, they are nice and firm," I said. His face turned red.

I eased around and once I was behind him, I stepped closer and as I pressed my body against his, I wrapped my arms around him and grasped his rock hard cock.

"Damn, the front is as nice as the back. I could just eat both," I said. I could feel him rubbing his ass against my hard cock so I eased back slightly and with one hand I slipped my cock head between his cheeks. As I did, he moaned softly. Without hesitation, I began pushing into him and he began pushing backwards.

Soon, my cock slipped into his hole and buried itself balls deep in him.

"Oh fuck yea," he said.

"You like that?" I asked.

"Hell yea. You can fuck me anytime you want boss."

"I plan to," I said, "but just be warned that I get to suck your cock anytime I want it."

"Just as long as you fuck me regularly."

"Oh, I will. I just might even share you with friends."

"You're the boss. What ever you want."

I soon filled his ass with my load as he yelled out in pleasure. We exited the lake and as he lay back on his saddle, I got between his hairy legs and began sucking his massive cock.

After receiving and swallowing his load, I said, "Buck, I know you are mainly a bottom and love getting fucked in the ass or mouth, but you are also going to top me when I want."

"Like I said, you're the boss, but how did you find out?"

"DO you remember the guy you met at the bar in town that took you to his motel room?"

"Yea, why?"

"He was a private detective I hired to find out of any of they hands were into guys."

"Mark, does your dad know anything about your sexual likes?"

"Oh yea. He's loves men as much as I do."

"Damn!" he exclaimed.

We returned to the farm and I again had a meeting this time including Buck.

"Guys, if any of you know of gay hands that would fit in with us let me know. I'd like to eventually have an entire group that are gay. We could live nude and be ourselves. Bring me some names and contact information."

Soon, I had 'interviewed' enough hands to replace all my straight ones. My 'interviews' consisted of a chat then a hot time in bed.

I had all the new hands scheduled to report to work on a certain day. However, before hand, I documented every screw up the other hands made regardless of how minor. Then, the day before the others were scheduled to arrive, I laid off the straight workers, with a nice severance.

Within a week, we had all had sex together and Buck was thrilled to get fucked by dad Luke and Cole. When not out in the fields, everyone stayed nude. It was known that sex was allowed anywhere around the property anytime but only if you were off duty. It was common to see guys coupled up exchanging blow jobs or fucking.

Buck eventually became dad's 'wife' yet everyone used his mouth and ass when they wanted. Cole latched onto a young hot stud that I hired and they soon became lovers. Dad kept telling me that I needed to settle down with someone special.

"Son, I've seen the way you look at Luke. I can see the love in your eyes. Go for it."

I eventually did, and Luke and I became lovers.

I decided to change the farm into a gay nudist resort. It took a lot of money but was well worth it. Before we ever open reservations were pouring in and we were booked full.

That was three years ago and we have been extremely successful, adding more buildings to house guest.

But the best part of any day is when dad and I slip into bed and have hot passionate sex.

THE END...........

Coming soon.....A Helping Hand



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