Chapter 9

Primary Characters:

Doug Meat:  

  • CPT U.S. Army Special Forces aka "Meat"
  • Team commander of Alpha Zulu 69 task force

Steven Goodman:  

  • CPT U.S. Army Special Forces
  • Assistant Team Commander of Alpha Zulu 69 task force

Randy Best:  

  • COL U.S. Army Special Forces
  • Director of Security, Worthington Industries

Adam Mann:  

  • COL U.S. Army Special Forces
  • Head of Army AZ Security

Robert Masters:  

  • MG. U.S. Army (Ret.) Alpha Zulu Security
  • Husband of Gloria Worthington

Gloria Worthington:  

  • Code Name:  “Mama Bear"
  • Emeritus Chairwoman of the Board, Worthington Industries

Luke Worthington:

  • Code Name:  “Papa Bear”
  • CEO of Worthington Industries Married partner of Liam McIntyre

Logan Worthington:

  • Son of Luke Worthington
  • Adopted son of Liam McIntyre

Liam McIntye:

  • Chief Financial Officer, Worthington Industries
  • Married partner of Luke Worthington

Aiden McIntyre:

  • Son of Liam McIntyre
  • Adopted son of Luke Worthington

John Worthington:  

  • Director of Research and Development
  • Worthington Industries

Conner McLain Mann:  

  • Son of Randy Best and Adam Mann
  • Married partner of John Worthington

Randy Adam Worthington:  

  • Adopted son of John Worthington and Conner McLain Mann
  • Leader of the trio of “imps”

Magnus Savage:  

  • MAJ U.S. Army Medical Corp Code Name “Doc”
  • Combat Medic, board certified trauma surgeon, internal medicine and psychiatry

Jason Allman:

  • 1SG U.S. Army Alpha Zulu 69 Team
  • Partner of Matt Longdick

Matt Longdick:  

  • SSG U.S. Army Alpha Zulu 69 “Charlie” Squad
  • Partner of Jason Allman

“Billy Bob Vance:  

  • CPL U.S. Army Alpha Zulu Team Dog Handler
  • Combat Veteran and holder of the Army Silver Star

“Beauty” Malinois:  

  • MSG U.S. Army War Dog (60 pound Belgian Malinois)
  • Holder of two purple hearts and a bronze star


An Atypical Day

This story is an original work of fiction.  Names, characters, businesses, places, events, locales and incidents are either the products of the author’s imagination or used in a fictitious manner.  Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental. This is a free electronic story. No part of this electronic story may be reproduced or transmitted in any form by any means electronic or mechanical including photocopying, recording or by any information storage and retrieval system, without written permission from the author.  If you are not of legal age in your location to view and read adult material, please close out of this story and delete any material you have downloaded or copied to your computer.

Steven and I were buried in paperwork which we had a tendency to procrastinate doing.  My wrist communicator went off and SSGT Longdick announced he had a Private that was requesting to see us on a personal matter.  As Steven and I always had an open door policy we had no problem with his request and advised we would make time at the Private’s convenience.

Within the hour a meek Private knocked on my door requesting permission to enter.  (Damn military formalities and courtesies get into the way of most things trying to be informal.)  I asked him if Steven could join us and he had no objection.  He was in tears as he admitted he wasn’t an oral virgin, he had plenty of experience sucking cock and was damn good at it.  But, he had never been fucked.  He had the hots for his roomie and the man refused to fuck any “screaming virgin”.  (What a fool!)  We told this young man his roomie was an idiot and suggested he look around for a different person to share his quarters.  He understood our suggestion but didn’t want to face the same problem again.

His face was beet red stuttering when he meekly commented would we consider allowing him to conquer Mt. Meat.  Steven could only smile knowing another virgin ass would be sacrificed to Mt. Meat.  We were honest with him and shared with him what would happen and be expected from him.  His fear turned to excitement that we would consider being the ones to take his anal virginity.  We asked him if the coming weekend was his long weekend off the duty cycle and as it was we had him ask Doc for a “strong laxative” which was our code to Doc:  “this kid is going to get his brains fucked out”.  Take it after breakfast on Friday morning and plan on spending the rest of the day on the john shitting your brains out.  Eat salads with oil and vinegar dressing for lunch and dinner.  Flush out your ass after dinner and then report to our quarters.  The kid was beaming from ear to ear when he left knowing this was the last week he would be a gay virgin.

Steven was so excited as he kissed me and I could feel his hardon straining for release through his BDUs.  How could anyone be so stupid and insulting to turn down breaking in a virgin.  Didn’t he realize the courage it took even for the Private to ask.  I’d make certain SSG Longdick had a closed door conversation with this idiot and make him aware that his words can be as lethal as a two edged sword.

All week I kept springing a hardon thinking about breaking in a virgin on the weekend.  I’d see him in the mess hall and couldn’t help but smile and looking at his ass when he walked away I nearly shot a load in my BDUs.  Steven whispered in my ear:  “Down stud, just a few more days and he’ll be addicted to Mt. Meat”.  (Damn, did Steven get his brains fucked out when we got back to our quarters.)  I don’t know who was happier when Friday finally got here, Steven or I.  Although, Steven failed to realize no matter what happened with the Private, Steven’s ass was mine and would still get fucked plenty all weekend.

A quiet knock on our door signaled the event of the weekend was now happening.  The imps were delegated out to the 1SG and SSG who were well aware of what was happening.  As a very shy Private entered our quarters we invited him to relax as Steven poured him a double of single malt whiskey.  He gulped it down which is a sin to good whiskey.  Steven sat beside him, wrapped his arms around this beautiful man and kissed him passionately showing him a talented tongue is even more sensual than a hard cock.  As Steven slowly removed his BDUs his beautiful body was revealed.  Not a muscle stud but firm in all the right places and a rock stiff hardon just shy of seven inches slapped against his six pack abs. 

Steven’s tongue and lips had him a quivering mass of sexuality within minutes and when his lips wrapped around the Private’s cock his mouth was filled with the sweet essence of his balls.  The Private was so embarrassed to have such a fast orgasm and we both assured him it might be the first orgasm but not the last one we would share together.

Steven licked and sucked on his cock and balls as I filled Stevens hand with lube.  He then started to work his fingers up the Private’s ass driving him wild with passion.  It took almost an hour and multiple orgasms to get four fingers in his tight ass and work over his prostate making the Private beg to be fucked.  Steven was most happy to oblige.

Putting the Private on all fours Steven buried all seven inches in his ass on the first thrust.  I heard a muffled howl escape from his head buried in the pillow as both men held onto each other tightly.  I was shocked to hear the Private say how wonderful that felt.  Steven slowly pulled back till only the head of his cock remained in the tight ass and proceeded to give full length thrust making certain his thick cock head applied serious pressure to the young man’s prostate.  His body seemed to be erupting in constant orgasms and I was astonished at the amount of creamy man seed his balls could produce.  (His roomie was indeed stupid!)

Steven reached the point where it was time to consummate this ExVirgins first fuck.  Flipping our willing victim onto his back, wrapping his ankles around his neck, he could looked between his thighs to see Steven’s thick cock sliding in and out of his now stretched ass.  The power piston fuck now began and the guaranteed outcome of both sets of balls erupting simultaneously. 

As they uncoupled I don’t know which one of the two had the biggest smile.  The Private only looked at the massive hardon between my legs and knew Mt. Meat was next on his agenda for the evening.

Steven held him tight as I joined them in bed and made a cuddle sandwich of the Private with Steven.  We both assured him there was no rush and we wanted him rested so he could enjoy conquering Mt. Meat.  He succumbed to his sexual exhaustion wrapped in our arms and Steven and I could only smile at each other knowing the pleasures this deserving young man had experienced.

He was embarrassed when he woke apologizing profusely for falling asleep.  His hands around Mt. Meat made it apparent he wasn’t finished for the night.  As with most people, his mouth couldn’t handle the size of my cock head but his tongue sure knew how to polish the top of the “mountain”.  His hands massaged my balls as his tongue worked over my cock head and I even gasp when he snuck a few fingers into my ass and grabbed onto my prostate.  (He had been taking lessons from Steven?)

I pulled him up wrapping my arms around his beautiful body holding him tight to my chest as our lips danced the dance of the ages.  Looking into his eyes he knew it was time for his destiny with Mt. Meat.  I quietly whispered into his ear he could stop anytime if the pain became too much.  There was no shame in admitting he couldn’t handle Mt. Meat. 

As Steven generously lubed Mt. Meat and then fingered an immense amount of lube into the “victims” tight ass.  Our willing victim positioned himself astride Mt. Meat as Steven aimed his ass at the “top of the mountain”.  As his eyes glazed over, our Private firmly applied downward pressure stretching his ass muscle till he felt it would tear him open.  Suddenly his ass snapped around the crown of Mt. Meat and he gasped, shuddered and coating me with a huge load of his ball juice.  As he apologized profusely for this “accident” I only laughed at him and assured him it was proof of how much he was enjoying conquering Mt. Meat.

Slowly, ever so slowly he slid down, retreated, slid down, retreated even as the pain was apparent on his face he never waivered from his conquest.  Finally his tight ass rested on my pelvis.  I held him, kissed him, and told him how proud I was of him.  Steven whispered in his ear:  “You really do have a stupid ass as a roomie”!  This gave him the encouragement to lean forward, wrap his hands around my neck, kiss my lips as he proceeded to give Mt. Meat full length thrusts in and out of his ass.  My balls erupted so many times I lost count but the sex addicted “monster” riding Mt. Meat was going for the “gold medal”.  His actions become more brutal and I was concerned about seriously damaging his ass.  Steven and I held him firmly and let him come back to reality with Mt. Meat buried in his gut. 

He smiled at me and told me how wonderful this was.  He would remember this moment until the day he died.  All good things must come to an end and as he posted himself one last time on my mountain of man flesh erupted.  Steven grabbed a towel knowing the massive amounts of cum that would be gushing from his ass when I finally pulled out.

As he collapsed into my arms, Steven immediately held a towel against his ass as he came back from Nirvana.  Steven helped him into the shower and the necessities required after such an intense fuck of this now ExVirgin. 

We spent the next few hours being social, finishing off the single malt and he enjoyed watching Steven riding Mt. Meat.  Before the three of us crashed for the night Steven suggested he get into bed on all fours which had him apprehensive about another ass fucking.  Steven assured him his only goal was to give his ass a good coating of ointment so he wouldn’t be in so much pain when he got up in the morning.  A look of relief spread over his face.

The three of us slept soundly that night from sexual exhaustion and knowing we had another loyal friend and newest member of those who had conquered Mt. Meat.

SSG Longdick had a closed door discussion with this kids roomie and strongly suggested he find new living quarters.  He also commented what an idiot he was to pass up a chance with such a beautiful young man.  When the SSG was done with him he definitely knew he had his ass chewed by an expert (with little enjoyment) and he had made a major blunder in his life.

The jungle grapevine was in high gear the next morning and our Private was held in high esteem by his squad for “Conquering Mt. Meat”.  There were endless offers to be his roomie and his ego was redeemed and his libido had offers from nearly every man in his squad.  In one short night he went from an anal virgin to a stud every man wanted in his bed.  Good things do happen to men who wait.  Steven and I were happy to be part of this man’s life and wonderful future.

The imps were well attuned to the jungle grapevine and they made it well known they knew what we had done the previous night they were shipped off to be with Jason and Matt.  They smiled at us and thanked us for being the friend the kid needed and giving him the confidence to enjoy his sexuality.  Our imps were growing up and they were barely ten years old.

Our resident specter was with us every night and as he adjusted to his new form of eternal life he came to realize he could become a corporal form on nights with a full moon.  That first night he came to us in human form he asked if he could spend it with Steven and I.  (Asking it more of Steven than of me.)  Steven said he would be honored and Connor said he would only do it if Steven would fuck him also.  The horny dog Steven was he wouldn’t turn down a tight ass even if it was from a specter.

I was rock hard as I watched Steven and Connor have sex and with Steven cum leaking from Connor’s ass I went in balls deep on the first thrust giving Connor a screaming orgasm he had so longed to enjoy.  My cock remained rock hard and I fucked him like a demon possessed.  I held him tight and went balls deep on every powerful thrust.  His body shook in massive orgasms and I made certain if this was the last time we were together he would remember this moment for eternity.

As the three of us cuddled in post orgasmic exhaustion he told us he could only become human form on the nights of a full moon.  Steven and I now planned our lives around a lunar chart.  We thanked him for looking after our men and especially the three imps.  He explained to us it was now his assignment for eternity and as our time together continued we would understand it more.  All I knew the first love of my life was in my arms, in my bed and the current love of my life wasn’t jealous.  I had been truly blessed.  The additional knowledge of the protection it gave my men and the imps only made it better.  Hopefully, as our future progressed together he could share more with Steven and me but for now I was content to bask in the arms of the two men I loved most in this world.

A video conference with Luke and John the next morning and told them about Connor’s revelation of being corporeal on nights with a full moon.  The next time you are with him ask if we can join you in the future.  Not for sex but to be with a good friend and wonderful man that died protecting us.  They really were committed to Connor and protecting him from the military.  Rumors abounded around the base about our resident “ghost” and the sergeants simply passed it off as enlisted fantasies and bull shit.  If the men had known the truth, those who knew and hadn’t known Connor Williams would have probably asked to transfer out of the unit.  Sometime ignorance is bliss and I didn’t hear any complaints about the men who had fantastic wet dreams at night.  A welcomed perk from our resident specter.

Doc was stumped by the number of men expressing intense sexual wet dreams and said he would claim there was something in the water if he hadn’t already tested it.  Doc was too clinical and too much of a scientist to be told the truth about Connor.  The least amount of people who knew the better.  We told Doc if this wasn’t causing anyone any harm then tell his patients to take a morning shower and enjoy the pleasures they experienced in their sleep.  Doc knew we weren’t sharing everything with him but trusted us enough not to pursue it any further.

It was time to start the imps down the road to being responsible with their lives.  Starting with cleaning their room, making their beds, picking up after themselves.  The results being loss of privileges if they failed in their responsibilities.  They had always eaten with the men in the mess hall so this wasn’t a new revelation to them.  None of them ever considered touching a firearm after the fiasco with Aiden/R.A.  These new and simple tasks brought them together to working at a team better than any teamwork building project a shrink could develop.  (Not to mention the intense bouts of sexual gratification they shared every night in bed.  They rarely had more than one bed to make each morning.)

They were surprised one day when returning to their room they found a drawer opened containing an assortment of dildos, butt plugs, sex toys, lubes, etc.  A vast assortment that any teenager would have wet dreams using.  They were now theirs to use and enjoy.  We also let the men know that anything the imps initiated and that was consensual was now allowable.  Back to the old problem of the men chubbing up around the imps even when everyone was wearing clothes.  Those three had some damn sexy and cute asses.  They even gave Steven and me some major hardons when we watched them on our TV monitor at night.

With the size of our camp (75 soldiers) we didn’t have the turnover of most camps but we did lose individuals due to their contracts expiring or simply reaching their 20 or 30 years of service and deciding to retire.  We only replaced a few men each year which made it difficult for Adam doing the interview and selection process.  Adam had a unique opportunity and he was getting all kinds of military flack in making it happen.  He had found a young sergeant that would be the perfect match for our Alpha Zulu team.  The problem being he was a “War Dog” handler and the dog was a Master Sergeant that the base commander refused to approve for a transfer to Alpha Zulu.  The Base Commander and Colonel Mann had a heated closed door discussion.  “Do you really want me to call the Secretary of Defense to have this transfer approved?  I guarantee you it won’t help you with your next performance review!”  Master Sergeant “Beauty” was reluctantly approved for a transfer to the Alpha Zulu program and we received two new additions which we would find invaluable in the future.

The imps were elated when MSG Beauty entered the mess hall much to the consternation of the mess hall staff.  They were politely reminded she outranked them and she expected to be treated with the full respect her rank deserved.  As she “woofed” her reinforcement of the comment the mess staff asked what the Master Sergeant would like for lunch.  “Beauty” was elated to enjoy Sirloin Steak Medium Rare for her first meal.  The entire staff cheered and applauded this newest member of the team.  The imps were constantly enamored with MSG Beauty and were begging their dads for an increase in their allowance so they could buy more doggie treats from the commissary.  We assigned MSG Beauty guard duty to the imps quarters when we went to alert.  We were forced to learn the command that would allow us entrance.  Anyone not knowing the correct command would be torn to shreds by Beauty’s fangs if they attempted to enter the imps quarters while she was on guard duty.  The imps were truly in love with her.  (Doc now had to read up on the basics to veterinary medicine to meet the needs of this newest member of the Alpha Zulu 69 team.)

I didn’t know it was possible till the night Steven and I switched on the TV monitor to find one huge 60 pound guard dog and three imps in one bed.  The imps even bought her a food bowl and water bowl from their allowance for their quarters.  They reluctantly followed her around the morning after her “sleep over” (plastic bag in hand) to recover her deposits made on her “poop detail”.  The imps were learning and accepting the unpleasant facts of growing up.  We now had 76 member of the Alpha Zulu 69 team that would give up their lives for these three imps.

Connor wasn’t impressed with MSG Beauty.  Even in specter form Beauty was aware when he entered the imps quarters posturing herself in defensive mode until Connor left.  This was confirmation that we weren’t the victims of a mass hallucination.  Connor was really with us.  Little did we know how much Beauty’s intuitive nature as to danger would protect us in our future.  The imps immediately called their fathers and insisted they order Beauty a protective new style Kevlar vest along with new lightweight body armor.  The tailor had it made to order and shipped to Fort Connor within a week. 

One thing about “This Man’s Army”… the paperwork never ends.  I rarely left my office before 9pm but for once I cleaned my desk off early and had all my overdue paperwork completed.  I always liked to stop by the imps quarters for a good night hug and kiss.  I even started to get used to a wet nose and sloppy tongue from “Beauty”.  Although, Steven always would comment I smelled like dog when I crawled into bed with him.  (He never kicked me out.)

One night after an exceptionally exhausting day I said my good nights to the imps and beauty and snuggled in with Steven.  Almost immediately my wrist communicator went off and Ops was saying I had an urgent call from Colonel Mann on a secure line that could only be answered from Ops or my office.  Thanks goodness the new BDUs had a lot of Velcro closures.  Within minutes I was in Ops and talking with Colonel Man.

“Meat… put the base on high alert.  We have a situation.  I’ll explain it to you when I land in approximately 60 minutes.”  “Anyone who tries to approach the camp without giving the proper Alpha Zulu codes is to be shot out of the sky immediately.  NO EXCEPTIONS!!!”

I had no more than hung up from my call with Colonel Mann and the Alert Status was sounded.  All three squads ran to their assigned station.  Beauty’s handler locked himself in with her and the imps.  Loaded sidearm and Uzi at the ready.  I quickly stopped by the imps quarters and told him if he had any “glowing” visitors not to shoot them, it was a new experimental protection system.  (Little did I know how truthfully that statement would turn out to be.)

As Alpha Zulu One neared Fort Connor it contacted control and asked to have a drone visually inspect the area around their plane before they came any closer to the base.  They didn’t want an intruder sneaking in under their radar signature.  (This was getting extremely scary.)

We put everything we had in the air.  Every drone’s machine gun was fully loaded with ammo and every Missile bay held a sidewinder missal.  Our Apache gun ships were air born and alternated landing to refuel so we had the maximum of air coverage.

I knew it was bad when Colonel Best (Randy) and Colonel Mann (Adam) descended from the plane wearing exposed side arms.  Then Luke, Liam, John and Connor came down the ramp also wearing side arms.  Their protection detail not only were wearing exposed side arms but also exposed Uzi’s on a shoulder sling.  I quickly verified credential and then boldly stated:  “What the hell is going on”?

I was asked to take them to our secure conference room and we would be given all the facts.  Once we were in the conference room I asked Ops to lock us in.  The windows turned opaque and we could hear the electronic locks closing on the door.  Adam then explained the events of the evening.

About 0100 hours there was a “kamikaze style” frontal assault on the Worthington residential compound.  Ten State/county/local police officers were killed and the wounded count had not been finished but it was significant.  Three of the Alpha Zulu team permanently assigned to Worthington Industries had been killed and five additional wounded.  We still have no confirmation as to whom or why this is happening.  Combined with the incursion you had here at Fort Connor recently it was determined the safest place for everyone involved was here.

Suddenly, we hear Ops announce “Unauthorized incoming aircraft.  Presumed hostile.  Refused to acknowledge us via radio, failed to veer after our drones issued warning shots across their bow and successfully used chafe to avoid the missiles the drones fired at them.  This aircraft is presumed to be hostile, take appropriate action.  The use of lethal force is authorized.  THIS IS NOT A DRILL... I REPEAT THIS IS NOT A DRILL!!!

John took the floor and calmly said:  “I think they are after Connor”.  Steven and I had to sit down, how could they capture a ghost.  “Meat, Steven… Connor isn’t a ghost.  He is a first generation artificial intelligence cyborg.  We installed him here during the upgrade to test him and see how he interacted with soldiers.”  “But, we felt him, we slept with him, he was flesh and bone” I stammered!  Connor continued:  “We have spent millions in R&D to make him the soldier of tomorrow and to go into harms way to save the lives of American Soldiers.”  I’ll destroy him before I can let him be taken by any foreign government.

Suddenly, Liam stood, aimed his glock at John and said:  “Everyone put their guns on the table carefully.  If I can’t have the prototype I’ll take the designer back with me to Russia.”  We could hear the exchange of fire coming from the runway so we knew all hell was breaking out.  John simply turned to Liam and calmly said:  “Your dead!  Connor quickly materialized in the room and instantly Liam dissolved before our eyes.  John then picked up his smart phone, opened an App and told Connor to help the Alpha teams at the runway.  He vanished before our eyes and within minutes all was quiet.

I contacted the First Sergeant who was leading the defense at the runway and he simply said the intruders vanished.  We advised Ops to have the base “stand down” and return to normal alert status.  Luke and John had an immense amount of explaining to do and to do quickly.

Liam was dead the minute he pulled his pistol.  I put Connor in protective mode the instant our plane touched down.  Any hostile act toward anyone on his primary security list would be met with immediate lethal force.  As you can see, we have that part of his program mastered.

We still have a long way to go before we can offer Connor as a regular component of any front line unit.  A good example is Msgt Beauty.  Although Connor has excellent Stealth abilities and can pass through almost any material on the earth, Dogs can still detect Connors presence. The other area of concern is what effect Connor’s stealth mode has on the male libido.  That explains your men having super sensational wet dreams and major orgasms during their sleep.  Most find it an enjoyable problem but still one we have to address before we even consider any military application.

As for why we chose Connor as the model for our Artificial Intelligence, both Luke and I owe him our lives and this was our way of making him a permanent part of the United States Military.  Now comes one of the most devastating moments of our lives.  Luke, Connor and I have to tell Aiden his father is dead.  I hope Randy and Adam will agree with us that Liam “died in the line of duty a hero”.  There is no need to hang a traitorous father around the neck of such a fine young man.  As for Liam’s body, it is just scattered atoms and I’ll ask Randy and Adam to have Doc issued a death certificate “Killed in Action” with a closed casket funeral for immediate family only.  Aiden is going to need closure and with the family support he has with Meat, Steven, Logan and R.A. he’ll come through this a winner if we all work together.

As we relieved Msg Beauty and her handler from their post he was embarrassed to say he had seen the specter hover over the room as Beauty growled and snapped to protect the imps.  He had a major erection and couldn’t explain why his balls exploded filling his tighty whities with baby batter.  Steven and I smiled at him and simply said:  “We all handle stress in unique ways”.  “You are excused to go take a shower”.  “Leave “Beauty” with us, the imps are going to need her special kind of love.”

Luke, John and Connor explained to our three young brave imps that Liam had been killed in action.  The tears rolled profusely and although I knew the imps would recover.  The bigger question on our mind is would Luke ever trust another man in his life.  This was a question that might not be so easy to answer.

Within a week everything that was damaged or destroyed during the firefight was operational and life was getting back to normal.  An honor guard accompanied Liam’s casket back for a private family only funeral service.  Only those in the secure conference room knew the truth and we were sworn to silence for the sake of Aiden and his future. 

In reviewing the vetting process of Liam that Luke had done when he got serious about proposing marriage it was determined nothing was done wrong, no shortcuts taken and regardless of any changes that could be made the end results was nothing would have been found.  Liam’s parents were deep cover operatives the Russians had planted in the United States back in the cold war days of President Eisenhower.  Liam was simply the child of Russian parents indoctrinated with the Soviet philosophies.  (Even the Russians didn’t know what happened to their assault team and master spy after arriving at Fort Connor.)

The entire base was advised this incident was classified “TOP SECRET” and any disclosure would result in a court martial and confinement with hard labor at Leavenworth.  Luke, John and Connor stayed on at Fort Connor for a few weeks for some R&R and definitely to help Aiden over another rough patch in his young life.  The family home was beyond repair from the damage it received during the “kamikaze” attack.  Defense Intelligence Agency had the rubble thoroughly “scrubbed” to make certain no classified material remained.  Worthington Intelligence salvaged all they could of any personal effects and the three fathers had to pick up their lives and start over again. 

Connor was a welcome Specter at Fort Connor and no one complained about their wet dreams or crusty cum coated skin in the morning knowing he was there offering his life eternally to save theirs.  Even Msg Beauty learned to accept Connor as one of the good guys.  Beauty was one of the longest holdouts but an abundance of doggie treats and reassurance from the imps tipped the scales in Connor’s favor.

I had to forgive John for making his artificial intelligence cyborg in the image of Connor.  It truly was meant to be an honor to a man we all loved.  I couldn’t look at the glowing specter that floated through my room at night without thinking of the wonderful man that was my first love and still remains in my heart.  Yes, I do have a raging hardon and a massive eruption of baby batter when Connor is around.  You can chalk it up to the bio-chemical effect of the artificial intelligence cyborg but I’d rather chalk it up to the man I will always love.

The imps were a few years younger than their fathers when we offered them the opportunity to learn to use firearms.  They tackled the opportunity with the same fervor that had been done by Luke and John.  We did let them use small frame Beretta’s due to their younger and smaller body stature.  It only took them a few weeks and they were shooting expert.  (At least I didn’t have to wear a Kevlar jock around this set of imps.)

All three of the imps excelled at their schoolwork and were achieving well about their age level.  We knew it wouldn’t be long and they would probably be accepted for early entrance to some prestigious school on their merits and not because of their name or parentage.  Steven harassed me that we still had the adolescent effects of puberty to face and he hoped I was up to the challenge.  After Luke’s fiasco I hope Logan learned from his dad on what not to do.

Luke, John and Connor spent a month at Fort Connor after the event with Liam and the combined attack on their residence and the Camp.  Luke was devastated by being betrayed by Liam, the man he loved.  Luke cherished Aiden and vowed he would never know the truth about his father.  What helped in Luke’s healing process was a four legged Master Sergeant whose cold nose and wet tongue could heal any broken heart.  To see “Beauty”, Luke, Aiden, Logan and R.A. play and tumble in the grass made me know Luke was on the way to healing his heart and mind.

John and Connor loved spending the night with R.A. sleeping between them wrapped securely in their arms.  Luke usually was a cuddle sandwich between Logan and Aiden with “Beauty” worming her way in till she could lay on some part of Luke.  I’ve heard rumors about the benefit of “pet therapy”, Beauty was living proof.  Beauty was unconditionally loyal to her handler Staff Sergeant Billy Bob Vance a true “country boy” and hillbilly from West Virginia.  As it became evident of Billy Bob spending an increased amount of time with Luke and family I started a review of his file.  Billy Bob was right from the hills and a true Hillbilly.  His family were moonshiners for generations and he was in the family trade until he enlisted in the Army.  He distinguished himself in combat and one of Beauty’s Purple Hearts was given for taking a bullet meant for Billy Bob.  I knew I had a soldier and dog that were committed to each other for life.

I asked SSG Vance to stop by my office for an informal chat.  We dispensed with the customary military courtesies and I asked him to make himself comfortable.  I offered him some Scotch Whiskey which he gladly accepted saying it was the best drink he had consumed since he left home and his father’s moonshine.  (He promised to bring me back a jug the next time he visited home.) The mood was relaxed and I asked him if he would answers some personal questions for me.  If he felt uncomfortable we could terminate this meeting and nothing more would be said.

Billy Bob indicated he was happy to answer any questions I had.  I told him it was obvious he had feelings for Luke and did he realize who Luke was and what he did.  Billy Bob only knew part of Luke’s story but told me he indeed was in love with this man.  Just being around him gave him a boner like no one else.  And Beauty is in love with him also and she just don’t love many people.  When I told him who Luke was and some indication of his worth Billy Bob was shocked.  He had no idea Luke was “THAT LUKE”.  “He could never have feelings for a hillbilly hick like me” as the tears streamed from his eyes.  I assured him that love has few boundaries.

As my questions got more sexual in nature Billy Bob freely admitted he had enjoyed giving oral sex since the day he was weaned from his mother’s tit.  (And, he was damn good at it.)  He had seven older brothers who started him being “cornhold” from his earliest memory and he loved taking it up the ass.  When I asked him if he enjoyed fucking a guy he simply said:  “Who doesn’t!”. 

I gave him the entrance code to a VIP suite and told him he best tell Luke his feelings before he left the base.  I’d make certain John and Connor took all the imps out for the evening and had them for a sleep over tonight.  The die was now cast and I hope I had read Luke’s feelings correctly.  I’m certain Luke was “gun shy” about having another man in his life but here was a man with barely a high school education that was more honest and had more integrity than any man at the senior level of Worthington Industries.

At dinner that evening Billy Bob and Beauty joined us at our table.  As Beauty was in stealth mode liberating extra food from the fingers of the imps, Billy Bob whispered in Luke’s ear “Would you like to join me in my room tonight”?  Luke thought long and hard, you could see the massive swallow in his throat and he discretely nodded his head.  John and Connor took their que and invited Logan and Aiden for a sleepover with them and R.A. and they could bring “Beauty” to really have a major cuddle party.  As the imps were begging Billy Bob for his approval he discretely said he could suffer through another night without the only girl in his life.

As the suite door closed behind Luke and Billy Bob he started to mutter “I’m only a hillbilly hick” as Luke wrapped his arms around him and kissed him passionately preventing him from any further comment.  “Don’t ever say that to me again, you are a beautiful man, the imps love you and you love them as much as you do ‘Beauty’”.  And, you have the perfect and super sexy body for me.  I want you to make love to me, I want to suck, fuck and be fucked by you all night.  I want to drain your balls till you are begging me to stop.  I want to be held in your passionate arms and bask in the post orgasmic endorphins of fantastic sex.

Billy Bob freely admitted he didn’t understand half of what Luke said but the hard mass between his legs said all that was needed.  Dropping to his knees he gave Luke one of the best blow jobs he had received in his life.  As clothing was slowly removed from their bodies Luke was astonished at what a studly body stood before him.  He had to return the intense feelings to Billy Bob that he had received from Billy Bob and his fantastic mouth.

Luke pulled him to the bed and the lay there together enjoying foreplay like Billy Bob had never experienced.  He had plenty of sex in his life but little foreplay.  He was putty in Luke’s experienced hands.  It didn’t take long and Luke was gagging and snorting Billy Bob’s baby batter as they both smiled ear to ear.  It didn’t take long cuddling and their renewed hardons made it obvious it was time for the next step.  Billy Bob solved the problem as he kissed Luke, got on all fours doggie style and told Luke “My ass is yours to enjoy”.  Luke didn’t need a second invitation.  He entered Billy Bob with one long hard thrust that turned them both into animals.  Anyone walking past their door knew one of them was getting his brains fucked out.  Luke unloaded a month’s worth of ball juice up Billy Bob’s ass and he was smiling as Luke rolled off of him exhausted and smiling. “Did you enjoy the ride?” was all Billy Bob said.  Luke hugged him, kissed him and said he was one fantastic lover. 

As Luke noticed the hard piece of meat between Billy Bob’s legs he realized he was so horny and wanting sex he hadn’t taken the time to finger his ass, eat his ass or lube his ass.  Luke had given him a raw dry fuck and it must had hurt like hell.  Luke looked into Billy Bob’s eyes and tried to apologize for being so inconsiderate.  Billy Bob simply kissed him and then told him he wanted to do it for him regardless of the pain.  Luke was going to make damn sure Billy Bob enjoyed the fuck he was going to share with him.

Luke was cowardly and asked Billy Bob to use plenty of lube.  As they both were smiling Billy Bob used copious amounts of lube on Luke’s ass and Billy Bob’s cock.  (Lube just wasn’t used by hillbillies, they took it hard and dry most of the time.)  As Billy Bob slowly entered Luke’s ass, the second his cock head hit Luke’s prostate Luke’s balls exploded and his ass clamped down on the intruding cock.  Billy Bob was a thick eight inches and Luke had definitely taken more when climbed Mt. Meat but he was in heaven feeling inch after thick inch enter his body.  Billy Bob was a human sex machine when he was fucking and Luke turned into a screaming mass of flesh as he screamed words of encouragement.  Billy Bob felt his balls ready to explode and Luke knew he couldn’t hold back much longer.  As Billy Bob flooded his guts Luke sprayed Baby Batter all over the bed as the two of them collapsed on the now soggy wet sheets laughing at the mess they made. 

Luke was on the path to sexual healing and at breakfast Logan and Aiden held Billy Bob and thanked him for helping their dad heal from the loss of Liam.  As Luke was boarding his plane to leave a few days later Billy Bob took him aside and whispered in his ear:  “I’m just a hillbilly hick but I’m in love with you”.  Nothing was said but the kiss they shared answered everyone question.  There was to be another wedding in our lives sooner than expected.

Luke would sit at his desk reviewing policy, signing paperwork and then stare off with the thoughts of Billy Bob in his mind.  He knew Billy Bob had been vetted as much as Liam had so anything could happen.  As Liam had been raised and trained to enter into his life Billy Bob had no knowledge of him, what he did, who he was and was truly innocent of the outside world.  Could he adjust or would Luke be corrupting such an innocent young mind.

Luke made plans to visit Fort Connor the next weekend and have a serious talk with the imps about Billy Bob.  Logan and even Aiden weren’t shocked when Luke told them he had strong feelings for Billy Bob.  Logan looked at Aiden and they both told him he deserved to be happy and if being with Billy Bob made him happy he better ask this prime piece of man meat before someone else did. 

Luke excused himself from his sons and quickly knocked on my door.  “Can you tell me where to find Billy Bob?”  I conferenced with Ops and was advised it was his free time so most likely his quarters or the pool.  Luke was gone without so much as a “Thank you” and I knew romance was in the air.

Billy Bob wasn’t at the pool so he knocked on the door of his room.  A shocked Billy Bob opened the door only to find himself wrapped in the arms of a passionate man.  Luke held him, kissed him and whispered in his ear how much he loved him.  Would he consent to being his life long partner.  Billy Bob shuddered and Luke could feel the baby batter soaking through his “tighty whities”.  Luke smiled and said:  “I take that for a yes”!

“Beauty” spent the night in the corner with her paws over her eyes as our two naked lovers kept their neighbors awake all night.  There was applause, whistles and “cat calls” from the men when the two entered for breakfast the next day.  Luke proudly announced Billy Bob had consented to be his partner for life.  The imps ran up and hugged the two men.  They couldn’t fail to notice the massive bulges both men had between their legs.  “Yup, they’re in love” muttered the imps.

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