Chapter 7

Primary Characters:

Doug Meat:  

  • CPT U.S. Army Special Forces aka "Meat"
  • Team commander of Alpha Zulu 69 task force

Steven Goodman:  

  • CPT U.S. Army Special Forces
  • Assistant Team Commander of Alpha Zulu 69 task force

Randy Best:  

  • COL U.S. Army Special Forces
  • Director of Security, Worthington Industries

Adam Mann:  

  • COL U.S. Army Special Forces
  • Head of Army AZ Security

Robert Masters:  

  • MG. U.S. Army (Ret.) Alpha Zulu Security
  • Husband of Gloria Worthington

Gloria Worthington:  

  • Code Name:  “Mama Bear"
  • Emeritus Chairwoman of the Board, Worthington Industries

Luke Worthington:

  • Code Name:  “Papa Bear”
  • CEO of Worthington Industries Married partner of Liam McIntyre

Logan Worthington:

  • Son of Luke Worthington
  • Adopted son of Liam McIntyre

Liam McIntye:

  • Chief Financial Officer, Worthington Industries
  • Married partner of Luke Worthington

Aiden McIntyre:

  • Son of Liam McIntyre
  • Adopted son of Luke Worthington

John Worthington:  

  • Director of Research and Development
  • Worthington Industries

Conner McLain Mann:  

  • Son of Randy Best and Adam Mann
  • Married partner of John Worthington

Randy Adam Worthington:  

  • Adopted son of John Worthington and Conner McLain Mann
  • Leader of the trio of “imps”

Magnus Savage:  

  • MAJ U.S. Army Medical Corp Code Name “Doc”
  • Combat Medic, board certified trauma surgeon, internal medicine and psychiatry

History Repeats Its Self

 This story is an original work of fiction.  Names, characters, businesses, places, events, locales and incidents are either the products of the author’s imagination or used in a fictitious manner.  Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental. This is a free electronic story. No part of this electronic story may be reproduced or transmitted in any form by any means electronic or mechanical including photocopying, recording or by any information storage and retrieval system, without written permission from the author.  If you are not of legal age in your location to view and read adult material, please close out of this story and delete any material you have downloaded or copied to your computer.

The sun had barely broken the horizon on a new day as R.A. and I watched Meat, Logan, Aiden and their security team fly off for a few days.  Meat for a “brain storming” session at Worthington Industries.  Logan and Aiden to spend some quality time with their fathers.  We had barely turned around to head back to the Land Rover when R.A. jumped up, put his arms around my neck, wrapped his legs around my waist, held me tight and quietly said:  “I love you Uncle Steven”.  (Now that is a wonderful way to start any day.)  If I had only known what this little imp had in mind for a short time together while his “partners in crime” were off camp.

We headed for flag raising and then off to breakfast.  After breakfast I turned to R.A. and told him, today I’m all yours, anything you want, you can skip classes and we can pal together till everyone is back in 48 hours.  (Boy was that a mistake I’d learn to regret.)

The morning went fine, we splashed around in the pool and R.A. had a blast “cannon balling” all the guys who were having free time in the water.  We headed back to my quarters to wash off the chlorine and it didn’t surprise me when he stripped and joined me in the shower.  Aiden was feeling better about his body but Logan and R.A. never had reservations about being ala natural around Meat and me. 

As I took the fluffy towel and was drying off his body, he wrapped his arms around my neck and gave me a wet and deep French kiss that sent my head spinning.  This little imp was coming onto me and my cock was instantly rock hard which he definitely noticed.  He got this “shit eating grin” on his face and said:  “Anything I want to do, you said!”  (Oh, was I going to regret that statement.)  “Make love to me Uncle Steven.  I’m so horny, my ass is on fire and I need you to fuck me hard and deep.”  Was this coming from my young godson.  “R.A. I’m flattered but I’m afraid I’d hurt your virgin ass.”  I was more shocked when I heard him tell me he had lost his virginity before he left home and there wasn’t much opportunity for sex until Aiden recovered from his rape.

As R.A. saw my hesitation, he let go of my neck, planted his feet firmly on the ground, his small hands grabbed my rock hard cock and instantly he had my cock head in his mouth and his tongue was driving my nuts wild.  Any rationale thoughts were out the window. 

I picked him up, carried him to bed and proceeded to kiss, tweak, lick, suck, fondle and drive him into a sexual frenzy he didn’t know could exist.  He may not be a virgin but he never knew how enjoyable foreplay could be in having sex.

I could see and feel his body convulse in pleasure even though he was too young to have a wet orgasm.  His body was definitely enjoying its self and I had yet to even consider penetrating him anally.  I hoped I’d exhaust his body and getting fucked would be forgotten.  I wasn’t to be that lucky.  Even after two hours of foreplay and more body orgasms than I dreamed a young boy his age could have, he looked into my eyes and pleaded for me to fuck his ass.  (Flashback to Logan, John and Connor seducing Meat and me vividly returned to my mind.)  I loved this young imp and I knew if I didn’t do this for him, as determined as he was he’d find someone who would.  I’d rather keep his sex life “in house” where it could be monitored and controlled.

After an additional 20 minutes of my tongue working over his tonsils, I flipped him on his stomach and for the first time in his life ate out his ass.  He was crawling all over the bed but there was no chance for escape.  He had a horny adult who was going to give his ass the fucking it deserved.  He was going to learn the hard way (literally) that “Actions have reprocussions”.  I took the lube from the bedside table and generously worked it into his ass until I had three fingers sliding in and out of his sloppy hole.  He was begging and pleading to be fucked and I sure hope he was ready for the main event. 

I pulled his knees up to his chest as his little ankles rested on my shoulders, I looked into his eyes as he looked between his legs and saw my fat red inflamed piece of man meat resting at the entrance to his ass.  His face turned to a look of freight.  Before he changed his mind, I placed my lips on his, probed his mouth, held his body tight and proceed to force all fat seven inches of my cock balls deep in his ass without stopping.  I could feel his cries and sobs of pain in my mouth and I could feel the tears on his cheeks.  When my balls rested on the cheeks of his ass I relaxed and looked into his eyes.  “I love you R.A. and as much as what we just did hurt, it was far less pain that if anyone else had done it for you.”  I slowly withdrew my cock till only the head remained in his body and then slowly inserted every inch back into him till I was balls deep again.  His tears stopped, he held me tight and screamed how much he loved me.  “Fuck me ‘Uncle Steven’, fuck my brains out!”  (My little imp would have one sore ass when I was done.)

I was a jack hammer out of control, I fucked his ass for over an hour and had five orgasms which made for a sloppy fuck every time I bottomed out.  He held onto my body, kissed me, told me he loved me, never wanted me to stop, begged me to fuck him harder (if you can believe it) and it drove me wild with lust.  I finally flipped him over into a doggie position and really hammered his ass.  He clutched the pillow with both hands as he stuffed his mouth full of it to muffle his screams.  He was in pain but the pleasure overruled his mind of any attempt to ask me to stop or go easy on him.  I finally reached the point of no returned and my balls blasted my last hot load of man cream into him.

As my brain returned to “Uncle” mode I was terrified at the level of sex I had put this youngster through, this imp that I loved dearly.  I slowly pulled myself out of his ass not wanting to hurt him and I was so happy there was no blood.  I pulled his exhausted body to mine and asked him if he was OK.  He looked at me with those “puppy dog” eyes of his, smiled and simply said:  “Give me a couple of hours and I hope you’ll do that again”.  WOW!!!  For an adopted son this kid has the sex drive of his name sake grandfathers. 

I forced him to shower so we could get to evening retreat and then to at least one meal with the men.  We had to make some public appearances together or the jungle grapevine would have all kinds of stories of what we were doing.  When we got back to our quarters after the evening meal, the door was barely locked and R.A. was naked, in bed and begging me to join him.  Foreplay wasn’t needed, I kissed him, raised his legs and effortlessly slid into his ass balls deep with no sign of pain or discomfort on his face.  This kid was going to be the bottom of some horny tops nightmares.  I do think R.A. is in training to conquer Mt. Meat at some point in his future.  We had orgasm after orgasm until we both were exhausted.  I held him tight and we slept with my cock in his ass all night.  I lost count on how many times my nuts filled his ass with my sperm but his stomach was bloated and he was having major cramps when he woke in my arms at sunrise.  I helped him out of bed, held a towel at his ass to catch my cum that was running down his legs and got him to the bathroom where he sat bent over my seed blasting out of his body.  I felt so sorry for him, I knew it had to hurt and burn but he took it all in stride. 

I helped his to join me in the shower and I used the shower bidet to clean out his ass so he wouldn’t be leaking cum all day.  I knelt and gently separated his buttocks to see if I had damaged his anus and other than it being red, inflamed and still somewhat dilated I didn’t see any damage.

I toweled him off, asked him to lay on his stomach in bed which produced a look of fear on his face.  “My ass is too sore to do it again” was all he said.  I laid him down gently and assured him I wasn’t going to fuck him until he asked me to do it again.  I took a tube of ointment Doc had given me to use when Meat got too demanding a lover and applied copious amounts to R.A. ass as my fingers gently worked it was deep as possible inside.  The numbing effect worked and R.A. relaxed knowing I was only interested in helping him.

When I was finished, R.A. wrapped his arms around me, hugged me, kissed me and told me how wonderful a “Uncle” I was for him.  My little imp was a sexual horny dog and there was little I could do but help him to learn to enjoy his new found sexuality.  He may not have been a virgin when we started last night but his ass definitely now knows what needs to be done to please a horny man.

That evening Meat, Logan, Aiden and their security detail returned to Camp Connor.  Now came the hardest part of seducing R.A.  Confessing to Meat and hoping he would forgive me for my indiscretion.  As I sat holding Meat’s hand, gasping as I forced each word out in my confession, Meat just looked into my eyes, held me, kissed me and told me he understood.  “I’m not so old I can’t forget the past and we both know seducing you was far less risking that trying to seduce one of the soldiers on post.”  “I love you and you can never do anything that will drive me away.”  My horny top partner surprised me when he said:  “Take me to bed and fuck my brains out”.  Needless to say we got little sleep that night.

When Meat and I went to pick up the “imps” for breakfast the next day, R.A. looked at Meat and the smiles they exchanged affirmed “all was good”.  Actually, R.A. admitting to Logan and Aiden about his hot sex session with me actually helped Aiden on the road to sexual healing.  It was still a long road but Aiden had started down it and had two strong siblings to help him when needed.

It wasn’t long afterwards that a shy Logan came to Meat and I and asked if he could spend the night with us.  We both looked at each other and knew R.A. had told him of the night of passion we had shared.  (Meat and I were shocked years later when Aiden was the first of the imps to conquer Mt. Meat.)  For the moment, Logan needed to know he was an equal to R.A. and Meat was this time going to be the spectator to this young man learning what effect sex with a horny man has on his young body.  Yes, “Actions do have reprucussions” and sometime most enjoyable.

Logan wasn’t going to let R.A. best him at anything and the tough little imp took every hard inch I had and one of the hardest fuckings I have ever given anyone.  He just held me, looked into my eyes and told me how much he loved me when the pain got intense.  We finally collapsed into exhaustion with my cock deep in Logan’s ass and Meat with his bear can thick cock embedded in mine.  I could only think how fantastic it would be if R.A. and Aiden could join us but that trio of imps in our bed for the night wouldn’t happen for a few years.

As Meat and I took the trio of imps to breakfast the next morning I leaned down and whispered to R.A. “I will get even”.  He knew spilling the beans to his brother might have made bragging points but he also knew his ass was public domain as far as Meat and I were concerned behind the closed doors of our quarters. 

Luke and Liam were finally starting to have a normal relationship and Liam’s guilt in the rape of his son was finally being put the rest.  Their sex lives were never better and Meat and I were surprised to get a video call from the two asking if we would mind if they visited Camp Connor for a couple of days of R&R.  Meat and I smiled at each other and knew R&R was the last thing on the minds of those two.  We naturally agreed and made certain to stock up on lube and a couple of extra tubes of ointment from Doc. 

With Luke and Liam sex was secondary to the passion and love they both craved.  Meat and I were happy to provide them with both the desires of the flesh and desires of the mind.  The trio of “imps” were adult enough to know their fathers/uncles were getting their brains fucked out on Mt. Meat at night.  The imps smiled from ear to ear when they joined us at every meal.  They knew how hard each worked and how much they contributed to the safety of every soldier in the military.  Logan and R.A. had a great sex life so why should their fathers be deprived.  The young imps were more mature that some of the soldiers in our unit.  Our goal in life now had to be shifted to bringing Aiden into our loving family.

Meat and I made a point of watching our imps as they crawled into bed each night and Logan and R.A. on either side of Aiden holding him tight through the night terrors.  Fortunately, over the year, the love of his fellow imps and the great work of our resident “shrink”, Doc, Aiden was on the road to being a normal person for a kid his age.

I knew we had made progress when R.A. one night reached for Aiden’s cock, stroked it a few times to the gasps of Aiden and then bucked his hips driving his cock deep into Aiden’s mouth when R.A. lips started to wrap around the super sensitive head.  R.A. took it in stride, used his talented tongue and drove Aiden wild.  Logan not to be left out proceeded to offer his cock to Aiden and a spit roasting was Aiden’s first introduction to how wonderful sex can be.  This came to be a nightly event with R.A. and Logan swapping positions but always with Aiden being submissive.  As our three little imps became more sexually secure with one another Aiden’s night terrors became less severe and less frequent.  We commented to Doc and we all agreed Aiden had reached a plateau where his mind was healing from his rape.

Casually, we let it be known that the pool and exercise area were again “clothing optional” and it took all of about 10 minutes for the jungle grape vine to pass the word around the camp.  The imps were shocked when they went to the pool to find the men they knew swimming and sunning in the nude.  R.A. and Luke held off on going ala natural until Aiden felt comfortable also.  We knew we were on the downward slope of Aiden healing when the imps arrived at the pool one afternoon, pulled off the towels and went skinny dipping with the men.  Luke and Liam were ecstatic when we video conferenced with them that evening and shared the information.  Aiden was on the road to being a normal imp and soon to be a teenager with raging hormones.

Our trio of imps spent 5-6 hours per day in there electronic classroom and they excelled at their studies.  Meat and I were impressed with the aptitude level at which the material was presented and the credentials of their educators.  Their instructors came from the finest educational institutions in the world and it was evident in the information the imps retained and utilized.  It even impressed the men when the imps would suggest a potential solution to a problem that soldiers who had worked with the equipment for years hadn’t thought to do.  The imps were always respectful and they men took their information seriously and thanked them continuously or their help.

In return, the men freely gave of their abilities to the imps and Meat and I started to see three young men growing into the leaders of tomorrow.  Aiden as he became more secure in his environment and developed trust with the men around him, his night terrors all but disappeared.  Meat and I were shocked when the trio of imps knocked at our door (they always just came in unannounced) and meekly stated Aiden wanted to join the Mt. Meat fan club.  I turned to Meat and said “You have a fan club”?  Meat grinned and said:  “YUP, but they have to pass the initiation and you are the head of that committee”. 

I knew this was a major accomplishment to Aiden’s sexual development and mental health.  I opened my arms to him as he wrapped his arms around me.  I hugged him, kissed him and told him I wouldn’t hurt him.  He looked into my eyes and I into his and we knew we had a bond of trust.  R.A. and Logan helped to remove his clothes as I held him tightly and kissed him gently but with passion.  The hardness of my seven inches was obvious from the tent in my BDUs.  I was afraid Aiden would have terror from his rape when he saw how hard I was and how much I wanted him.  I knew he was ready for this next step in his life when he kissed me as his small hand massaged the full length of my hardness tenting my BUDs. 

R.A. and Logan wasted little time in getting me naked and my hardness standing proud and tall.  I was surprised when Aiden attacked it with his mouth and his tongue started to drive the head of my cock wild with pleasure.  I pulled his mouth off my cock, held him tight, kissed him passionately and told him I wanted to take this slow and enjoy this wonderful present he was giving me.  He breathed a sigh of relief and he knew I wasn’t going to rape his ass.  I reassured him anytime he wanted me to stop, just say the word and I would instantly stop.

I kissed him, tweaked his nipples, worked over every sexually stimulus I could find on his body.  His proud four inches of impish meat was hard as a nail and he went crazy when my mouth engulfed his cock and balls and my tongue drove his body to the first orgasm of the evening.

Meat cuddle R.A. and Logan, one in each arm as they fondled, teased, licked and sucked on Mt. Meat.  They were watching every moment in the life of Aiden’s having his first session of enjoyable man sex.  My mind was racing on how to do this with the least possible pain for Aiden.  I finally surmised the good old true way of having him ride my cock gave him the best way to escape if the pain became too great.

I asked R.A. to get the lube out of the drawer.  R.A. generously lubed my cock as Logan used his fingers to get as much lube as possible in Aiden’s ass.  As I lifted Aiden and helped him straddle my pelvis, R.A. and Logan positioned my cock as Aiden voluntarily lowered himself onto it.  I could feel his ass muscles fighting my cock head for entrance but Aiden was determined and he forced himself down hard.  Suddenly, his ass lost the battle and my cock head slipped inside.  He screamed, his ass had a death grip on my cock head and his arms wrapped around my body refusing to let go.  I told him to relax, not move and breath easy.  The pain will go away.  It took a good 5-7 minutes of just waiting for him to come back to reality.  I told him, you don’t have to continue which immediately cause him to force himself down on another inch of my hard cock. 

I looked into his eyes and he could see the pleasures he was giving my body in my eyes.  He held me tight, kissed me gently and whispered how much he loved me and he wanted to do this with every fiber of his body.  It took a good 30 minutes for Aiden to gently lower his ass down to my balls.  If it had been anyone else I would have just held them tight and given one powerful thrust and forced every inch I had into their ass.  I wanted Aiden to know that Sex is an act of love and what happened to him isn’t true Sex.  I held him tight, showered him with endless kisses and told him how wonderful he was and how I was so honored to do this for him. 

I looked at Meat and Mt. Meat was never harder or larger.  R.A. and Logan were using their mouths to keep meat hard and enjoying the flavor of the pre cum running down the shaft.  Aiden put his head on my shoulder, held me tight and whispered for me to fuck his ass and fill it with my hot cum.  Inch after inch retreated from his ass only to be reinserted and repeated in the age old rite of man/boy love.  I wanted to put him into a doggie position and fuck his brains out he had me so hot and horny but I knew that would devastate all the progress we had made in helping him live with his rape.  I had to love him gently but firmly.  Letting him know I would treat him as an equal to the other two members of my imps.  The psychological stimulus was pushing my body over the edge and it only took five or six thrust with my cock to make my balls explode. 

As I lifted Aiden off my cock, I held him in my arms and told him how special this was for me.  I kissed him and told him I loved him and I was always there for him.  My fingers played with his body not just to tease him back to reality but also to make sure I hadn’t injured his ass and caused him any bleeding.

R.A. and Logan helped Aiden to the shower and when the imps returned Meat and I had an imp cuddle sandwich the rest of the night.  Our three imps were growing stronger together and I knew Luke and Liam would be happy with the report I would give them in the morning.  Meat was beaming from ear to ear whispering what a wonderful lover I was and one he would cherish forever.  Just hearing his words made my balls explode and I coated Aiden’s body with another load of my baby batter.  I knew after breakfast in the morning and the imps were in their classroom Mt. Meat was going to give this member of its fan club a fucking that would leave me bow legged for days. 

When the imps were taking their morning shower Meat quietly told me to get my ass back to our quarters after breakfast.  He wanted me naked, on my knees in bed, my head buried in the pillow and my ass well lubed for the fuck of the century.  I heard the door lock to our quarters snap shut and within seconds Meat was balls deep in my ass with the first thrust.  The pillow muffled my scream and Meat held me as he told me how horny he was and how hot my ass is.  This was one hard rough fucking and Meat was relentless in hamming my prostate.  I lost count on how many orgasms coated the sheets and how many orgasms Meat had flooding my guts.  All I knew I was in loved with this beautiful man and Mt. Meat had conquered my heart again. 

When we finished and I collapsed into the arms of my lover, I looked at my abdomen and I could see Mt. Meat outlined under the flesh.  Meat held me securely as he massaged my abdomen and his cock under the skin.  Mt. Meat hardened and my gut hurt from the quantity of sperm which had been injected.  It was obvious Meat wasn’t done and I was in for another blast of baby batter before he was to think about quitting.  This was the horniest I had ever seen Meat in my life.  He was a lover and a sex maniac rolled into one and his muscles only accentuated every powerful thrust into my ass.  We finally reached the point where his balls exploded for the last time.  When he withdrew from my ass I made a dash for the bathroom because I knew with all the pain I had in my gut there was going to be a major explosion of cum happing shortly.  Twenty five minutes later the cramps were still present only less severe and Meat joined me and apologized for being so rough on my ass. 

Meat lifted me up, walked me to the shower and gently used the shower bidet to spray off my body and rinse out my ass easing my cramps.  Meat felt so bad he had caused me so much pain and I assured him I loved him more than ever.  We still had half of the new staff interview to do and they weren’t going to do themselves.  I needed a large injection of coffee and perhaps a sweet roll to get me through to lunch.  Meat helped me to the conference room and settled me in as he retrieved the coffee and a raspberry filled sweet roll (my favorite flavor, second only to “meat cream”). 

We video conference with Luke and Liam after lunch and they understood and were happy with the outcome of our night of sex with Aiden.  (Luke couldn’t say much after being the ring leader in seducing Meat and I when he was a teenager.) 

By the end of the week we had all but two of the new staff interviews done, all the room requests made and life was starting a normal routine.  Our next challenge came in the form of our new sergeants and one that would have repercussions through all 75 soldiers at Camp Conner.

Steven Becker
[email protected]

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