Instead of fucking himself on JC's throbbing dick, Dean climbed off from JC's lap, spread JC's legs and kneeled between them. Just as he was about to go down on JC's dick for a deep throat, Dean said: "This is just the beginning.... I have a surprise that's gonne blow your brains......"

As Dean took JC's dick all the way down his throat JC's whole body quivering. Every muscle in his body was flexed as he tried to free himself from the chains that held him under control.

"Yea Fuck, Awww..... fuck!!! Yea man, suck that fuckin dick." If JC's body did not show how he enjoyed the deep throating, his dirty talking did.

Dean was teasing JC and no matter how JC tried to get off, Dean just kept him on edge. Eventually JC slammed his powerful legs around Dean. "Make me cum!! Fuck man, I need to cum. Fucken blow me man.... FUCK!!!"

Dean pulled away from DC. "So the big boy wanne use his strong legs. We better do something about that."

Dean took JC's ankles and cuffed them to the hind legs of the chair in such a way that his thighs were spread wide open to leave his throbbing dick and low hanging nuts unprotected for what Dean has planned for them. Once done, Dean straddled JC's thighs and fucked his washboard abs while playing with his own nips and kissing JC.

"You like a hot muscle boy dick fucking your abs?"

"Yea man, fuck those abs, give it to me, you know you're one hot muscle boy...... go down and fuck your tight ass on my dick.... Come on DO IT NOW!!!" JC was becoming desperate to fuck Dean's hot muscle boy ass, but Dean just laugh.

"You want your dick fucked, big boy?"

"Yea man, fuck my dick! Fuck me with your hot ass."

"You know what this is? I'm gonne fuck your dick for real boy..... and you can't stop me.... Come on try to free yourself from the chains." Dean was full of surprises and opened a sealed plastic bag that he retrieved from behind the chair's back.

"This, muscle boy, is a toy just for your big muscle cock. It's a 00 gauge stainless steel sound and I'm gonne fuck your big cock with it till it is sensitive...... then I'm going to take this little 6 gauge sound with the fine bristles on it to work this itching powder into the sensitive inside of your dick...... the only way to neutralize the itching powder and stop the itching is to flush it out with cum..... and you will get no physical stimulation from me.... You're on your own muscle boy..... cum or suffer."

Dean lubed the sound with the pre-cum that was dripping from JC's dick, inserted it into JC's dick and slowly fucked him with the sound. JC's attempts to free himself from the cuffs, made the whole scene even hotter.

I was so horny by that time that I pulled Jason close to me. "I wanne fuck you so that those two marines can watch you losing your virgin."

"Those to hot guys that watched us since we entered the dungeon? How do you know they are marines?"

"The tats on their delts, it's a rare marine design. The brother of one of my school buddies is a marine. He has one and he told me." I said to Jason as I turned him around to face the marines.

The one marine saw us and said something to his buddy who then also checked us out. I winked at them while working my one hand into the front of Jason's leather posing pants. 'What you say we ask them if they wanne get together with us..... a foursome with two hot muscled marines will be awesome."

All of a sudden there was chaos in the place. Someone shouted from the entrance door that there was a fight on the dance floor. Four guys that I assumed to be bouncers stormed through the door, followed by half the guys in the dungeon. As soon as they were through, the guy that made the alarm closed the door and jammed the door handle with a long leg restrainer.

"Place secured, the floor is yours Marco." The guy shouted from the door.

"All the bouncers gone?" The guy that was busy with Marc shouted back.

"Except for one, but his boy restrained him to a chair. He won't bother you."

I looked at JC. His muscles were strained as he tried to get out of the cuffs, but Dean did a proper job cuffing him. There was a big guy holding Dean from behind so he couldn't free JC.

"Any master that wants his boys to rip this muscle boy's ass to shreds in the pit? He won't hurt your boys. His strong arms will remain cuffed to his neck.... and he will not even try to break free... thanx to his collar that will choke him. All you have to allow me is to inject your boys with something that will temporarily turn them into fuck crazy animals." Marco invited guys to offer their boys.

Two guys offered their boys and after they were injected, they were put into the pit. It must have been some designer's drug that was used, because as soon as the guys were in the pit I could hear how they turned into fuck crazy animals.

The pit was a hole, twelve feet in diameter, and ten feet deep with a three feet wall around it where guys can lean over to watch the events in the pit. Next to and outside the pit was a flight of stairs leading to the bottom where a wooden door with only a door lock handle on the outside was the only entrance to the pit.

A guy was holding Marc from behind, ready to take him down the stairs. Just as I reached them I heard Marco said to Marc. "Those wimps will humiliate you. I hope they rip your nuts out so you can become a real muscle pussy that no one would be interested in.... then you will have to beg real guys to fuck you."

"Come pussy boy.... Time to be humiliated for what you did to Marco." The guy holding Marc said as he took Marc down the stairs to meet his fate.

"Fuck Man, you can't through him in there while he is cuffed. He won't have a chance." Too late I realized that I was in the minority and that I have put Jason in danger by interfering.

"You gonne stop me, Boy?" Marco said to me with a challenging tone in his voice.

"No, we are going to stop you." One of the marines said while the other one was jumping into the pit.

My first concern was Jason and when I looked around to see where he was, he, JC and Dean was coming my way. Later Jason told me that during the confusion, he grabbed the opportunity to free JC and that JC then turned onto the guy that was holding Dean – according to Jason, JC was furious because the guy touched Dean without permission.

When they reached us, JC said to Dean: "Go open the door for the other guys."

Everything then happened in a split second. I heard someone banging on the jammed door and saw JC, still in the nude, snapping the chain with the key from Marco's neck and at the same time he knocked the guy lights-out.

Dean must have opened the door because the next moment the other bouncers were with us.

"Sorry that we have dropped you, everything under control?" One of the bouncers asked JC.

"We will sort it out later. You, get that guy out of there, NOW." JC pointed at me when he gave the instruction.

I went down the steps, three at a time. When I opened the door, the marines were standing with Marc between them and the two fuck crazy boys were on the floor.

"Here's the key." JC said as he dropped the key into the hole so the marines could un-cuff Marc.

Jason, the two marines and I took Marc to the locker room where we retrieved his stuff.

"Do you guys know the guy? Blain asked me.

"Only met him when we arrived here. But he asked us to get him to his car in case he is wasted." I told Blain what we know about Marc who was at that time beyond wasted.

Colt was analyzing the situation while Blain and I was talking. "We can't leave him like that on his own – too risky. We can't take him with us either, so Blain and I will stay with him in his car till he can take care of himself."

"No we go to my place, I promised him we will take care of him, it's safer there and you guys can stay over and help us." I offered as I don't want Marc or the Marines to stay in the car.

"Colt, that's the best option. Cops can be nosy and we don't need that. We can also help these guys with this guy and in his condition it will be best if he is in a bed." Blain supported me.

"Sorry for what happened there." It was JC that came into the locker room while we were discussing our next move.

"No sweat bro, could have been worse." I made the issue off as something minor.

"By the way, I'm JC and this is my boyfriend Dean."

"Cool, I'm Jacques and this is Jason."

"I'm Colt and this is Blain."

After the introduction JC went on where he left his speech before the introduction. "No, it could have been ugly. I should not have fooled around with Dean while I was on duty. But thanks, your boy saved the situation by un-cuffing me."

"He's not my boy, he's my boyfriend."

"O, in that case, thanx Jason. I owe you guys."

This was a golden opportunity that I could not let go. "All you owe us is to agree to what Dean asked you when he had you cuffed. Wanna get together?" I winked at JC.

JC looked at my crotch then smiled at me: "Well I guess you have seen me and Dean, so that may be a good excuse to see what you guys are hiding."

I took a business card from my wallet and gave it to JC. "Just don't let this thing get lost in here."

JC looked at it. "I see what you mean.... Varsity guys are not supposed to be here. Don't worry. We protect the privacy of our clients and I protect the privacy of my friends even more."

JC told us to take the toys and stuff with us because once used they, they don't take it back – health reasons.

Not long thereafter we were on our way to my place. Jason drove Marc's LUV with Blain following him in Colt's while Colt was with me to help with Marc if needed. Just about two blocks away I received a call. It was JC informing me that Marc's buddies were looking for him but that he has told them that Marc is ok. It was agreed that if the situation changes I have to call JC and that he will be checking on Marc early in the morning.

On our way to my place I had time to chat with Colt. "So how did two muscle marines become a couple? Or is it don't ask, don't tell?" I chuckled.

"What made you so sure we are marines?"

"Your tats."

Colt was silent for a minute or so before he answered me. "You caught us red-handed in a gay club, so we are fucked if you say anything. I can just as well tell you."

"No problem, we won't say a thing – if you talk about us we're just as fucked. You can imagine, a varsity lecturer with a freshman in a gay club – not good at all"

Colt looked at me and said: "Well in that case, let's start in the club. We were checking this hot scene playing off before us. To our right were two muscle boys, you and Jason, also checking the scene. I was watching you the whole evening and was planning a way to get together with you guys, and here we are. But where it all started with me and Blain.....Eight months ago I would have regarded something like this, as absolute intolerable gay shit – but that was eight months ago."

My life changed when I walked in on my girl and another guy busy fucking in my condo. I was on a week's leave and decided to surprise her - a good thing I did not let her know that I was on leave, or else I would never have discover what was going on behind my back.

Not to go into the details, I spent the night behind bars, the next morning I instructed my lawyer to get the bitch out of my place and then to sell it. The afternoon I was back at the base planning to request deployment to some shithole.

I just had a shower and was busy getting some civvies when there was a knock on the door.

A young marine entered my room, came to attention and pay the necessary respect. He only made one mistake which I ignored – instead of looking straight ahead, his eyes wandered over my nude body and every time his eyes went over my dick, they stopped for a brief second.

"Are you gay or what? Can I help you with something?" I asked the guy.

"Yes Sir.... Uhhh.... No Sir, I mean the CO wants to see you in his office, right away Sir."

"I'm on leave, who told him I'm here at the base?"

"I don't know, Sir."

"Ok, I'll be with you in a minute." My chance to ask for redeployment to wherever the fuck the old man wants to post me, I thought.

Instead of leaving, the marine remained in my room, checking me out the whole time. I only realized he was still in my room when I turned around from my cupboard.

"You see something that you want, Marine?"

"Yes..... I mean no Sir."

"Now what will it be, yes or no?" Fucken little shit. They are all the same. Think they are untouchable messengers of the gods when they work for the CO.

"Sir, you look awesome.... the guys told me you are the marine bodybuilding champ... light heavy weight.... But fuck Sir..... I never realized you look so awesome. What a waste to cover those muscles with clothes."

"Thanx. It's one thing to stand on a stage with just about nothing on while fans look at you, and another to stand in the nude while a guy check you out from close distance. You make me feel uncomfortable, marine. Thirty seconds to check what you want, then you are the fuck out of here."

"Thank you sir." Without further invitation he scanned every inch of my body.

At that time I did not even realized that some guys checked me out for other reasons than appreciating my achievements in the gym.

After his time was up, the private came to attention, said that he will be outside at the vehicle to take me to the CO, made an about-turn and left.

Five minutes later I was standing in front of the CO's desk, not knowing what to expect.

Without even looking up he said: "Colten, you are in civilian clothes!"

Knowing him as one of those people that made statements instead of asking questions, I began to explain. "Sir, I'm on leave and was on the way out for the evening when you summoned me. I did not want you to be delayed, so I came as I was, Sir."

After a minute he put his pen down and looked up. "Not that I want to go home, but luckily you will not have the same problem in the foreseeable future."

"Sir?" I knew it was coming but still wanted to delay the inevitable.

"Last night, it was logged on the police system and I was alerted.... This morning it was gone from the system. On enquiry I was informed that, officially there was no evidence, unofficially, that you did not do a good job. I'm disappointed in you, Colten!"


"I expect my boys to do a proper job, every time."

"Yes Sir."


I did as instructed, still not having an idea of what to expect when the CO put a CD in front of me.

"For your eyes only. Its password protected. You know the password for protected files you have to open. Your brief is on the CD. Tomorrow morning at five, my driver will pick you up and take you to the airstrip. The plain leaves at six. You will take command of the base on the island. The current commander lost his wife last week and it was decided to bring him back to be with the kids. You will do the remainder of his time as well as your own six months, giving you seven months on the island. Your 2IC is a first lieutenant and he has five months left. Pack what you need and lock up your room. Your stuff can remain in the room till you come back. If you want to know anything, you can contact me from the island. O and this is not for punishment, it's because you are my best captain for the job. Any questions?"

"Sir, thank you Sir. No questions. Sir."

"Colten, we know what is going on there, but we can't proof it. You will be on your own there. Do the right thing. You're excused. Enjoy your evening."

On our way back to my quarters, the driver gave me a more thorough briefing than the CO.

"Sir, you will like it on the island and the guys will be glad to have a young guy as commander. The previous commander is a real jerk. He changed the whole culture of the base. The guys are currently very negative but you can change that. Your 2IC is a nice guy. Also a body builder, you two will get along well."

"It's classified information where I'm going. How do you know all these things?"

"As the CO's driver I have security clearance.... I hear a lot of stuff and I accompany him on his inspections to the island. Just do one thing when you are there Sir, go with the flow and re-instate the old customs of the base. You will be loved by the guys Sir."

"Thanx for the info. Anything else I should know that's not in my briefing?"

"You are welcome Sir. I'm sure you will have another view of life when you come back, Sir.

"What's that supposed to mean and what's going on there?"

"Sorry Sir, its classified info that I may not discuss, Sir"

"Are you trying to be funny?"

"Sir, no Sir. If the CO wants you to know, it will be on the CD, Sir and Sir, can you please give me a few pointers to use in the gym Sir?"

"I'll see if I have time to burn you a CD with my programs and stuff – just don't give it to other guys, it's classified info." I said with just enough sarcasm in my voice to let the marine know what I think of his security clearance.

"Thanx Sir. I will keep it confidential."

Well the next morning at about eleven, I met my 2IC, Blain. He had everything under control and organized for my arrival.

On the way to the officer's quarters he pointed out the various buildings in the base. There were four sleeping quarters for the men, four condos, one for visiting officers, two for the first lieutenants and one that we shared. Like the other, our condo had two bedrooms, lounge, kitchenette and a shared bathroom with a massive shower where four guys could shower at the same time, apparently to save time if and when guys are in a hurry and can't wait to shower one at a time.

After I dumped my stuff, I met the men on parade, then inspection of the ops room and the remainder of the base and island. It was just after 6pm when we returned to our condo.

"Sir, supper is at seven. Would you like to visit the Waterhole for a drink before supper?" Blain was the polite junior officer, trying to help me settle in.

"Thanx. I just want to take a quick shower then I'll meet you there."

Half an hour later, when I entered the canteen, all the men jumped to attention and the most senior saluted me. Everyone except me was in uniform. Fuck, that's ridiculous! Don't these guys ever relax?

"Sorry, am I at the right place?" I looked at the guys, waiting for someone to respond.

"Sir, the officers are next door." One guy said to me.

"Go call them."

Within seconds the five officers joined me in the canteen, all standing at attention.

"Ok guys, at ease. Now what shit is this? Can someone explain to me what's going on here?"

It was Blain as 2IC that did the explaining. All these strict military protocol was enforced by the previous commander. Remembering what the CO's driver told me, I put an end to all that bullshit. Half an hour later every marine in the base was in civvies and we were discussing how things would be in future – back to the old days before the previous commander fucked up the morale with all the rules.

The next week, Blain and I teamed up as gym partners and was on first name terms when alone. That Friday night my life took another change.

It was past midnight when the one marine on duty in the ops room wakened me. "Sir, we need you in the ops room. A chopper with technical problems is coming in for a landing."

"Ok, I'm coming." I said and got out of the bed and put PT shorts and a T shirt on.

The guy left without ceremony, he not even took notice of my morning wood, or if he did, he said nothing. On my way out, I decided to wake Blain so he could join me in the ops room.

Blain, like me, was also sleeping in the nude and like me when the marine waked me, was spotting a nice wood. Just as I reached his bed, my attention was caught by a changing screensaver on his laptop. It was a pick of a good looking muscle guy. As I looked at the screensaver it changed again. It was a nude muscle guy with a raging hard on. Then.... the next screen saver, two muscle guys fucking.....

To my surprise I was hard and I wanted to see more but had to get to the ops room. To save Blain the embarrassment, I closed the laptop.

"Blain... Blain! Wake up." I put my hand on his shoulder and shook him.

"Yea, what's wrong?"

"We're needed in the ops room. Come get up. I'll meet you there."

On my way to the ops room I could not think of anything else but the screensavers and what else he could have on his laptop. When I reached the ops room, I felt uncomfortable, thinking every guy would notice my hard on.

When Blain entered the ops room, he was his old self, no indication that he suspected or knew that I have seen his screensavers. That made me feel guilty, like I intruded his privacy or even worse, that I knew his deepest and darkest secrets while he did not even had the chance to hide it from me.

After the landing and writing of the incident report, Blain and I went for breakfast. I was still thinking about his screensavers when he said to me: "Colt, something's bothering you, you wane talk about it?"

"Nothing's bothering me." How the fuck could I tell him that I saw his screensavers.

"You know where to get me if you wane talk."

"Nothing's bothering me. I'm just tired. That marine caught me in REM sleep and I did not wake up the right way. That's all."

After breakfast I went back to my room to send some e-mails. After a while, I was surfing the web.... for gay porn! In no time I had a folder full of hot muscle guy pix – all in the nude, from posing, wanking, dick sucking, cum eating right through to guys fucking their lungs out.

I was still busy collecting pix when there was a knock on my door. I closed my laptop and put it on the bedside table. My dick was like a tent pole and my pants were soaked with pre-cum.

Luckily there was a magazine on the floor that I used to cover my hard on.

"Come in."

It was Blain dressed in PT shorts, running shoes and a towel over his shoulder. I could not help to compare his hot muscle body with the guys on his screensaver and the pix I have just downloaded. To be honest – I liked what I saw, more than I like the guys in the pix.

"You join me to the beach?"

I had to play for some time to let my dick go down. "Are the other guys coming?"

"No, all the guys that are off duty went to the village. It's only us."

"Cool. You swimming in your PT shorts?" Stupid question – but my dick needed some more time.

"Yea, some times. So are you joining me?"

"Yea. Will be nice." I said and removed the magazine from my lap. I could swear Blain was checking my crotch.

"Let's get some refreshments from the Water Hole." Blain said as we were heading towards the Jeep.

Inside the canteen a marine was busy stocking the fridges with new supplies for the evening.

"You open for business?" I asked the guy behind the counter.

"Only after 10 Sir, but you're the boss. What will it be, Sir?"

"We're heading for the beach, for Eden. Can you pack us a cool bag? Coke, ice and so on." Blain placed our order.

"And a bottle of Tequila, salt and lime.... and water. Put the stuff on my account." I just felt the need for something strong to get my mind off the pix.

"You don't need water Sir, there's plenty where you go. Rather take this lube... ahh...suntan lotion." The marine took a transparent bottle with clear liquid from under the counter and put it next to the cool bag. I only realized some weeks later that it was a dual purpose lube, sunblock and lube that can be used by guys when they fuck.

"Ok, you know the place, but if I get thirsty...... you better be ready to suffer for a week."

"I'm safe, you will need this more than water, Sir." The marine smiled at me, not challenging, just friendly, like he knew something I don't.

During the drive to the beach Blain did most of the talking while I still tried to figure out a way to find out if he is gay or what.

"Penny for your thoughts." Blain said as he parked the jeep.

"I don't think you want them."

"You can't tell." Blain chuckled.

"Trust me, you don't want them. Fuck but the place is awesome! Where's the best spot." I tried to change the subject.

"I'll show you." Blain said as he led the way down the beach.

On our left were high cliffs and some three hundred yards to our right was the see. We walked for about five minutes when we reached a spot where the cliffs formed a horseshoe cove. Just beyond the entrance was a massive boulder that blocked almost the entire entrance.

We had to squeeze through the opening and when we reached the other side, we were in paradise. Before us was a pure white sandy beach, about the size of a soccer field with a tidal pool that was fed from underneath the rocks during high tide. On the far side from the see was a freshwater waterfall with tropical plants surrounding it.

"Welcome in Eden." Blain said as he spread his towel on the sand.

I put my towel next to his before I took a proper look at the place. "I can see why you call it Eden. It's awesome!"

Without apologizing or asking permission, Blain pushed his PT shorts down. That was the first time I saw him in all his glory. Blain was a real stud!

22 Years old blond muscle god. All his body hair, even his bush was removed, probably shaved, and his marine cut made him look like a gladiator. He had an awesome tan with no tan lines. His 7,5 inch cut cock was complimented by two low hanging nuts and slightly pushed forward by the most perfectly shaped and ripped quads I have ever seen on a guy. His muscle slabs was decorated with hard nips that looked as if they were created to be tortured. One could see every small muscle in his delts and relaxed his biceps was at least 18". His abs was the perfect eight pack washboard.

"In Eden we do it the way they did it in Paradise. Are you going to join me?" Blain said as he took his package in his right hand to free his dick where it was sticking to his nuts.

Well, my dick was already semi hard, but I would look like a fool, an embarrassed schoolboy if I did not strip like Blain. Without a word I pushed my PT shorts down and step out of them.

"Fuck Colt! Now I can see why you are the bodybuilding champ. Shit man, you look awesome! Fuck!" Blain said as he unceremoniously checked me out like a bodybuilding judge would do. "Come on, give me a flex show man."

Well, what could I do? After all I am the champ.

While I was flexing, Blain's dick made no secret of the fact that he was interested in my body and my dick obviously showed his interest in Blains body. So what the fuck, nothing to be embarrassed about – we were both rock hard muscle boys checking each other out, liking what we saw and showing it.

After a while Blain took the sunblock from the cool bag. "I'll better help you to get this on before you regret it. Turn around so I can rub this in your back."

Blain did more of a good job than was necessary. I was convinced he used the sunblock to feel me up, first my back, my butt, my legs and then my delts and biceps. Still standing behind me he instructed me to lift my arms sideways before he moved his arms underneath my stretched arms, around my body, and squeezed some lube on my pecs.

"Here. Hold the bottle and hold your arms out so I can do your pits as well."

Slowly he worked the lube into my pecs, making sure to give my sensitive nips a good work over. Just as I was about to tell him to stop, he asked for the lube and went down to do my front legs. I was at the point to tell him that I would do the rest when he stood up and squeezed some lube on my abs. That was when I realized that he was so close to me that his hard dick was pressing on my bubble butt.

While Blain did an even better job on my abs I concentrated so hard on his dick that I realized too late that he was slowly wanking me with the lube.

To tell the truth it was fucken nice to be wanked by that hot stud. When he started to polish my dick head with his thumb I had to stop him.

As I pulled his hand from my dick I asked him: "Why did you do that?"

"Making sure every part of your body has sunblock on."

I have to find out if he was guy, but the rule "Don't ask, don't tell" made it difficult for me.

"Will you help me?" Blain held the lube to me.

It would be silly to refuse, so I took the lube and put it on him, even did a thorough job like he did on me. Blain just smile when I was done, pressed his hard dick to his abs and lay down on his front. I followed his example.

We did not chat for a while, until Blain said to me: "Only a few guys ever come here."

"And they are?"

"The guy in the canteen, the CO's driver, when they stay over during inspections, and I."

"You always accompany them?"

"Some times."

"So why here?"

"This is the only place on the island that don't show up on satellite photos"

Fuck, Blain was elusive but all his answers, his actions and those of the CO's driver and the marine in the canteen pointed in one direction – Blain likes boys. And what the CO said.... 'Colten, we know what is going on there, but we can't proof it. You will be on your own there. Do the right thing.' Did he try to warn me? I just have to find out.

"Sorry for interrupting your story, it's so fucken hot, you two there on the island, but ...... did you fuck there on the beach?"

"I'll come to that. Be cool...." Colt chuckled.

To continue.

In the next episode Colt told the rest of his story and all the guys team up for their boy rental business.



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