I have always believed in Karma ¨What goes around comes around and  smacks you in the face when you least expect it.¨ I have experienced this many times in my life observing it affecting persons near me and afar. This 360 payback has even touched me directly through the persons I have interacted socially and sexually.

   Just the other day, after months of banishing my best friends brother, Diego from our lives after commiting an act directly against Jhon with no forethought of consequences.This malicious act indirectly affected me since I ended up paying for it out my own pocket since Jhon is still a studying student with no income coming in to rectify the problem by himself. There is no need to unveil this act to my readers but needless to say it was bad. After fixing the problem I told Jhon that I didn´t want to have anything to do with his three brothers since Diego, himself and his two other brothers condoned what they had done.

   Diego, Jhon´s brother who is a hot looking Colombian man who has one of the best black cocks I have had the pleasure to service with my talented mouth. Talented in the fact I could obtain his load of cum within two minutes of sucking his big cock. Diego said that he had other guys and women suck his cock and to no avail they weren´t able to coax the thick liquid from his heavy balls. Diego has a cock that measures more than 13 inches easily with an enormous head. He is uncut and when his cock is hard the head peeks out of its foreskin and entices a cocksucker to devour what is before him. The first time I sucked him off it was on a whim. I had mentioned to Jhon I was attracted to his brother, Diego and asked whether he thought Diego would let me sick his cock. Jhon was very close to his brother so when he had the chance he outright asked him. Diego said he would love to get sucked off since his wife never  gave him that pleasure. Diego said sometimes where he worked carrying sacks of produce at the Mayorista in Medellin, while taking a piss in the bathroom there were willing mouths from many menand boys. He said they would start to suck him but because of his size he would end up jerking off his cock and shoot his load into their eager mouths.He never had the luck of getting a true blowjob from start to finish.

   Jhon had told him I was an expert cocksucker and that he wouldn´t be disappointed. So Diego showed up one morning after working throughout the night. Diego came to my room after smoking a joint and undressed til he was completely naked. I was amazed at his size and I knew it would be a tough task to swallow his black cock. I kneeled between his legs and engulfed his ebony member and swallowed a good ten inches of his cock, letting it lodge in my throat. Diego had a look of astonishment and sheer pleasure on his face. I continued to nurse his stalk of meat, savoring its texture and flavor. Each time I deep-throated his cock I could taste the slimy precum from its slit lubricate my throat. I didn´t want him to come too quick so after a minute or so I went to his heavy nappy haired balls and took each orb between my lips. This drove him crazy so I went back to sucking his cock. Within the next minute he was filling my stomach which turned out to be one of the biggest loads I had ever experienced. After draining his balls, he dressed and ran smack  into his brother Jhon who was listening with his ear to the door.

   After servicing his brother´s cock Jhon said he wanted to be in the room the next time so he could enjoy the scene before him. A week had passed and sure enough Diego showed up at my door wanting a repeat.Jhon was in the room this time and as I was sucking his brother´s cock he started to undress and join us on the bed. Diego seemed pleased and started to jack Jhon´s cock while watching me suck his cock. I told Jhon he had to taste this cock I was sucking and Jhon quickly got above Diego´s cock and let it enter his mouth. I watched as he started to go up and down in his brother´s stalk of ebony flesh. I looked at Diego´s face and he was pleased and wanted to show his brother , Jhon just how pleased he was. Diego was very close to Jhon´s cock and engulfed his cock and made Jhon moan and suck even vigorously on Diego´s tremendous cock.  Abruptly Jhon straddled Diego´s  chest and jhon fed his teat to his own brother. I knew Jhon wanted his brother´s cock up his ass so I quickly lubricated jhon´s hole and positioned Diego´s head at the entrance. As Diego felt his cock head start to enter the hole of his brother´s ass, he thrust upward spearing his whole 13 inches inside.

   Diego started to tremble and shot his huge load just as it exited and was reentering his brother´s hole. I licked up his load which pleased Jhon and his brother. Jhon who was so hot egged me to suck his balls while his brother, Diego sucked his teats. It was long til Jhon shot his load  which I quickly licked off his chest. after that Jhon seemed bothered by what had happened and felt shame from the experience. 

   But one day Diego was working near the house when I was away and came to the house to take a shower. Jhon was watching tv in his room while he brother was showering and said he got an enormous hardon while Diego as in the bathroom. Upon exiting, Diego noticed Jhon´s condition and quickly developed a hard on too. Jhon said Diego came toward him with his hard cock and straddled Jhon´s chest and fed him his cock. Jhon obliged his brother and ended up swallowing his brother´s heavy load and even after a bit let Diego fuck his ass. Each time after the experience Jhon would feel remorse after the fact, but Diego didn´t. Privately, conversing with Jhon he said he loved getting fucked by his brother, Diego and said he even came when Diego was filling his ass with his his creamy load.

   Jhon´s brother, Diego was a drinker like most Colmbian men. ¨Loose lips sink ships¨Diego had told both his brothers that I had sucked him off ,giving him one of the best blowjobs he had had in his life. Needless to say, it wasn´t long til I ended up servicing both his brothers showing them how talented I was. Both brothers had showed up when Jhon was at college, All three of us started drinking and after a bit one brother exposed his cock to me in front of his brother. The other brother followed suit dragging out his huge cock from his pants  and demanded I start with him first. I kneeled between his legs and let his cock enter my open mouth. I started to deep throat his cock while the other brother jacked his cock waiting his turn. It wasn´t long til he was filling my mouth with his thick load of cum. I kept him in my mouth sucking out the remaining cum from his member. I was surprised that he remianed rock hard. I released his cock from my cum coated lips and went to service the other brother. While I was sucking his cock I felt someone tugging on my pants wanting to get at my ass. I obliged the persistant brother that I had serviced before. He entered my hole as I was deep throating the other brother´s uncut cock. It hurt like hell but soon was pushing my ass back to receive the hard cock thrusting forward. Both brothers were talking with one another, saying that they would fill my ass and mouth at the same time. Sure enough both my ass and mouth were being filled with two heavy loads. 

   Like I said before Karma touched Diego one day, he was in trouble again. He was desperate and came to the house. Jhon was away so, both he and I had a big conversation about what he had done to his brother. Diego said he was sorry and that he would make up for what he had done. I told him the punishment I had for him was going to be a so memorable that he wouldn´t again think of betraying his brother ,Jhon. First , I said I wanted to fuck his mouth and ass which for Diego the worst since he wasn´t gay. I opened the door and told him to go upstairs and strip and wait for me. I entered my room and told him to unzip me and release my cock which was already drooling with anticipation. He pleaded with me that he had never sucked a guy´s cock before . I laid on the bed and let him take his time to crawl between my legs. I noticed his cock was soft and that he dreaded what he had to do. Diego opened his mouth and took my cock inside his lips. It wasn´t long til he was sucking me like a trooper. I told him I wanted to 69 with him and suck each other off. we were side by side, Diego had developed a huge hard on, knowing I was going to suck his cock. I faintly heard the front door open, knowing Jhon had arrived at the house. Diego wasn´t aware that Jhon had arrived . He wasn´t a bad cocksucker and managed to swallow my thick nine inch cock. Diego was fucking my mouth with abandonment ,lost in the moment until my bedroom door opened. There stood Jhon, astonished at what his brother was doing. He never would have thought Diego would be sucking another guy´s cock. The scene was hot as Jhon watched his brother feeding on my member and me on his. He quickly took out his cock and kneeled on the bed near his brother´s sucking mouth. Diego knew what Jhon wanted and obliged him taking his black cock between his lips. Diego now had two cocks to service for his punishment. I was close to shooting my load and waited til he returned to suck my cock. I continued to suck his cock and felt my balls unleash. I was feeding a huge load to Diego. After he finished and released my cock, Jhon took my place sucking Diego and Diego sucking Jhon. I saw Diego´s legs start to tremble and at the same time saw Jhon´s balls rise up in response. They were both drinking each other´s load of ball juice. 

   After I while, I got hard again and told Diego that I was going to take two cocks at the same time, Jhon who was already hard again laid on his back and I straddled his cock and impaled my hole hole onto it. Diego got between Jhon´s legs and positioned his cock at the entrance to my already filled hole. I felt him enter with a a heavy thrust, feeling his cock riding on top of Jhon´s cock. It was exquisite and as he was thrusting I told Diego to jack my cock and get his cum ready to eat my cum.I didn´t last long til I felt my sperm filling his mouth. Jhon continued to fuck me while I positioned myself to swallow Diego´s hot load. Diego started to gasp in short breaths from having fucked mu tight ass, Diego was getting ready to unleash his own load again. I was ready when he started to cum, I immediately  engulfed the spurting head  and hearing Jhon start to come in his ass. 

   Diego had paid his punishment to the fullest. Karma has a way of paying you back when you least expect it. He finally sucked a guy´s cock and even swallowed a load of cum and surprised himself by liking it. 




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