When I turned twenty one and was of legal age. My friends who were all also twenty one or over and of legal age threw me a cumming of age party. When I got home they jumped out from hiding and yelled SURPRISE!!! I was scared but I relaxed when I saw that they were all naked. All of them had erections and ran over to me and pulled my clothes off. There were at least 30 of my friends and acquaintances in my home and once they had me nude I went down and started sucking cock. I took the tip of the first penis into my mouth and swirled my tongue around the head as I stroked the shaft. I felt the guy behind me fingering my ass hole with some lube. As I worked the first guys cock deeper into my mouth I felt a thick erection sliding into my butt-hole. One guy was fucking my ass and the other was fucking my mouth. The feeling of these hard cocks penetrating me from both ends was fantastic. I looked around and saw that all the other guys were stroking their erections waiting for their turn. 30 beautiful cocks, black cocks, pink cocks, brown cocks, white cocks. I was licking the first guys balls and jerking the shaft when he said I'm going to cum. I felt a trickle of warm sperm in my mouth and then thick ropes of ejaculate hit the roof of my mouth and under my tongue. I pulled his cock out and let the last of his jets hit my lips. The taste of his warm sperm was incredible. The guy behind me was thrusting his cock in and out of my ass so hard I heard a slapping sound and felt his pubic hair hitting my ass cheek tops. He grunted and I felt warm fluid shooting deep into my ass. He kissed my neck and pulled his cock slowly out of my butt hole. Two black guys stepped forward and I began to lick their balls and stroke the shafts. The heads of two black cocks poking me in the mouth was such a turn on. I felt someone slide underneath me and jam his cock into my sperm slippery butt hole. I ground myself deep down on his erection. Bouncing up and down, my balls tickled by his hairy pelvis. As I deep throated the two black cocks one after the other, I felt someone slipping the tip of his penis into my already stretched butt hole. The pressure of two cocks working in and out of my ass was amazing. I felt so full. I loved it. I stroked the two black cocks faster and faster until they both started to spray warm sperm in my mouth. I swallowed and some of the cum landed on my face and chin. I sucked the last drops of sperm from the tips of their dicks. I was kissing both of these beautiful cocks when the guys fucking my ass started to grunt and moan. I felt double jets of sperm flowing deep in my butt hole. Spurt after spurt of warm cum as they pumped there erections frantically in and out. The guys pulled their cocks out of my ass and I was rolled over onto my back. Thats when I saw a man standing over me with a HUGE erection. At least ten inches and as big around as a coke can. He laid on top of me and slowly slid the head of his giant cock into my hungry butt hole. It hurt a little but as his big cock slid in and out deeper and deeper it started to feel sooooo goood. I wrapped my legs around him and began to meet his thrusts. He was kissing me and licking the sperm from my face. A bunch of the guys were stroking their cocks very fast near our mouths and began ejaculating warm sperm all over our faces. I opened my mouth and felt at least six different guys warm cum land on my tongue. I kissed and swirled my sperm covered tongue with mr. big cock pounding my ass hole and that was enough to make him grunt and moan. He pulled his cock out of my ass and started spraying jets of cum into my gaping butt hole. He jammed his still cumming cock back in my ass and ejaculated the rest of his warm sperm into the deepest place inside of me. His balls were pressed against me and he was grunting and crying out as the last of his cum shot into my belly. One of the guys pushed mr. big off me and put my legs over his shoulders so he could suck the sperm out of my ass. He was licking my butt hole and sliding his tongue as deep as it would go. Just when I thought it could not feel any better, he jammed his cock in my ass and started fucking me HARD. He didnt last long, he slammed my ass a dozen times and then pulled his cock out and a solid stream of warm sperm hit my mouth then another and another. This guy was practicly pissing cum all over my face. I swallowed a mouthful and then aimed his cock towards an empty juice glass on the cofee table. I jerked him off into the glass until his spurts slowed to a trickle and the glass was half full of his warm ejaculate. I put his cock back in my mouth and tasted the last drops of sperm. Some of the other guys stepped forward and stroked there cocks near the juice glass and began ejaculating thick jets of warm sperm filling the glass to over flowing. The rest of the guys just stroked themselves off onto the cofee table. I put my face into the pools of cum and slurpped it up. It was delicious. I picked up the glass full of sperm and took one guys semi hard cock and dipped it into the cum. I pulled it out and sucked the sperm from his dick. I loved the feeling of his flaccid cock, covered in cum growing harder in my mouth. I tilted my head back and drank the whole glass of warm sperm. It was so fucking hot feeling all those guys warm cum sliding down my throat. I laid on my back and started jerking off. One of the guys grabbed my legs and pulled his cock into me. He bent my knees over my head as he pounded my butt hole. he slammed his cock in and out of my ass then pulled out and sprayed my face and mouth with his warm sperm. This brought me to my climax and I ejaculated my own sperm into my mouth to mix with his. The rest of the night was filled with beautiful cocks ejaculating their warm sperm into my mouth and butt hole.


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