Fifteen months ago, I was home alone with my parents out of town and my brother Dirk was at work. One of the bathroom toilets sprang a leak. As an 18-year-old inexperienced guy who knew nothing about such matters, I called my brother at work and he called a company that sent a plumber, Rafael, an 48-year-old married man to repair the leak.

As a hot Latino older man, Rafael instantly turned me on while I watched him repair the leak. I was a popular blond and blue eyed high school senior on the wrestling team at 147 pounds. I had a wild reputation as a gay slut and bitch on campus getting my pussy drilled by lots of the hot guys, especially the hard jocks. I also had a fantasy to get fucked by much older experienced dudes. The visit by Rafael satisfied that dream and lust when he fucked my brains out.

I pick up the story here fifteen months later as I'm now a freshman in college and on the college wrestling team. Although I'd gotten lots of cock action since entering college with big cocks up my ass by those horny college jocks, I still lusted after older men after getting fucked by Rafael my senior year in high school. He had been the best fuck of my young life. His 12-inch dark cock had satisfied my pussy unlike any other dude since that awesome fuck. I was Rafael's first man sex and now I lusted after a repeat performance.

This story took place a week ago. I laid my devious plan to get Rafael back to my house and hoepfully seduce this now 49-year-old hot Latino for more sex even though I knew he was married. I was home for spring break. My parents and Dirk were on an overnight trip to my mother's parents home in an adjoining town. I made the excuse that I needed to stay home and work on a ternm paper.

Then had been gone no more than an hour when I took a set of pliers and loosened a pipe in the bathroom causing a leak. I called the plumbing company and asked to speak to Rafael who luckily was in the office.

When he came to the phone, I said: "Hey Rafael. This is Coy. I hope you are doing well. I'm home for spring break and guess what: I have a rather serious problem with a leaking pipe in the bathroom. Is it possible for you to come over and repair it before it becomes a really bad leak?"

"Hey Coy, sure you are in luck, I just came off a job and I'll be right over and take care of that problem and any of your needs."

Holy fuck, I read that statement to mean that this hot daddy would take care of my leaking pipe and yea my lust for his big hot cock. My cock began to grow until it was at its full hard 8-inches stiff as a flagpole. I began to seriously leak pre-cum soiling my athletic shorts (I had on no briefs that would make it easy for Rafael to get to my cock and ass). I know I'm a slut that loves a man's big cock deep in my ass and Rafael had the champion cock of all times as far as I was concerned.

In less than 30 minutes, the doorbell rang. I rushed to the door and there stood big hot dark Rafael standing 6-feet and 2-inches tall and weighing some 220 pounds, muscled laced legs, thighs, big arms, hard biceps and holy shit he had a huge snake like object inside his work pants running down that right leg. Yea, he was rock hard with that monstrous 12-inch dick at full erection.

I lost total control as I grabbed Rafael by his hand and pulled him into the room along with his metal tool kit full of plumber's tools. He sat the tool box down as I rushed into his arms as we began to thrust our hot tongues into each other's mouth. I put my hands around his neck as our bodies became entangled. Fuck my 8-inch stiff cock found his 12-inch boner as we began to violently hump with our cocks trapped inside those clothes with the big cocks rubbing against each other.

Our tongues battled for position. He grabbed my butt and I felt his big rough hands attempting to finger my ass through those shorts. Holy fuck, in less than 30 seconds, he spit gobs of spit on his fingers, as I felt his hand go inside my loose shorts. He located the entrance to my pulsating ass and he thrust those big wet fingers inside my pussy. He located my prostate and began to massage what I considered was my gee spot, that prostate, with his big fingers. I loved getting my prostate massaged when a guy was getting ready to fuck me. It was such a turn on. I started moaning as goose bumps ravaged my entire body. I'd never been hornier or more lustful for a man's cock. Yea, this daddy was so hot. I knew daddy was getting me ready to once again take his giant sausage up my pussy. Rafael was horny to fuck his 19-year-olf young turk for the second time. I loved an older man and Rafael was that older married man that made the seduction even that much more sexy.

Our hormones and testosterone levels were now our masters. We stripped each other of all our clothes and we stood there butt naked with those huge cocks standing straight at attention leaking that pre-cum fluid. I begged: "Oh Rafael, I've wanted you so much ever since you fucked me rough and hard fifteen months ago. I've had many dreams of you fucking  me for hours. I've masturbated many times replaying over in my mind how you fucked me that day. When all those hot college jocks bang my ass with those young cocks, I often close my eyes and pretend it is your 12-inch cock banging my ass. Please fuck me now. Give me that horse cock and let me suck that champion cock first."

My words so turned on daddy that his cock began to throb and jump up and down on his abs. I saw in his face and eyes the lust of a man eager to fuck his young twink, a young hot college wrestler was about to get fucked. I knew at that moment he wanted me as bad as I wanted him.

He peered into my eyes and he saw in my eyes lust and consent for him to take my pussy with his huge meaty sausage. He grabbed my rock hard cock and said: "Coy baby, I've lusted after you for 15 months. You are the only man I've ever fucked. But after fucking that hot ass of yours, fucking my wife's pussy has never been the same and it does not satisfy me any more. Oh how I want to once again feel my stiff cock up that bubble pink ass of yours, baby. I'm on a work time clock so we must move fast, let me fix that leaking pipe and then fuck the hell out of you." He quickly repaired the pipe and led me back into the living room.

I became almost speechless as I gazed into his sexy man on man frame. He stood before me with that smooth dark tanned hairless chest, stomach, legs, and unbelievable huge cock with a big shaft and large balls, coal black hair, black eyes and a smile that melted me as my legs became like rubber.

He threw me down on my back on the living room carpet, placed his huge brown hairy ass on my chest, moved forward with his snake like cock, placed that pulsating cock on my lips, used that giant cock to slap my face hard several times spewing pre-cum juices on my face and then he thrust that huge cock past my lips as he drove that monster deep in my throat. Holy fuck, he used his strong muscled body to began driving that huge cock deeper and deeper into my mouth. He went wild deep throating me. Some how he was able to get that entire cock inside my mouth. I'd never felt so stuffed with a cock as I became light headed. It became difficult to get my breath. But, fuck this was so awesome with that taste of his wet cock; the taste of his pre-cum; and the smell of his raunchy crotch. He fucked my mouth for some five minutes before he stopped, as he was about to shoot his load and he had not fucked my ass yet. My cock was aching for release also and my tool was stiff as a board.

Then my dream came true as Rafael said: "Fuck Coy, oh I so want that hot pussy of yours. Here put this sofa pillow under your ass, spread those sexy legs far apart and let me get at that ass and fuck the hell out of that young jock pussy."

As I eagerly agreed to all he asked, I begged: "Oh fuck daddy, please give me that horse cock. I want that big dick inside me. Please breed my ass with your cum."

He got down on his knees between my legs, looked straight into my lustful eyes, gave me a huge sexy grin with a lustful desire in his eyes and he began to use his fingers to finger my scrotum to make me so horny for his big tool. Then I felt the tip of his huge cock head touch my outer sphincter that sent me into orbit. As I felt that giant sausage slide slowly inside my pussy spreading my ass wide open, I became like a wild animal with pure lust as I screamed with joy. I began to push my ass up to meet that driving monster that was going deeper and deeper inside me. In a few seconds, Rafael began to rotate between fast and slow thrusts . Soon I took my feet and placed them on his butt cheeks as he fucked the hell out of my worn ass. I felt his thick cock playing with my ass, as Rafael used that tool to explore ever inch of my ass. I pleaded: "Daddy, please give it all to me."

We moaned and grunted and even yelled in pure pleasure. His huge cock rubbed my ass walls as if it was a massage machine. I felt him spew lots of pre-cum in my ass as he banged me rough and hard. Finally his cock head began to swell more and his breathing became rapid, he lowered his body on top of me and he began to kiss and lick my neck and face. Finally he pushed his long tongue inside my mouth as he shot load after load of his man seed inside my pussy.

The feel and smell of Rafael caused my cock to expand and I shot load after load of my salty cum between our bodies. Finally, Rafael pulled his still hard cock out of my ass and got off my body. He got down and licked up that cum off my body. He kissed me as he spit part of my cum in my mouth.

Holy fuck, Rafael's cum poured out of my ass and onto the carpet. Oh fuck, the carpet would be stained with his cum. Rafael gave me the name of a product that would remove the cum stains before my family returned the next day.

We took a shower, he dressed while I remained naked and we kissed. Shit, we were turned on again. Rafael got down on his knees. He put his thick red lips around my once again stiff cock and he began to deep throat my cock. In about 3 minutes, I erupted with a second big load of semen deep in his mouth. He swallowed most of it with some cum dripping out onto his lips. I got down and licked that cum off his lips and we kissed again. I followed him to the door and said thanks and hoped he would call me again for more sex. I could only hope for more leaking pipes when my parents and brother were not home.


Naughty Eric


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