Review Score Criteria

GayDemon's criteria for scoring porn sites

On this page you can find out how we decide the score for sites and what the different score categories actually means. All sites are scored individually but the reviewers also compare to what else is available on similar sites. GayDemon tends to be more critical and honest than many other review sites which means that our score can often be lower than what you would see anywhere else.

We use a weighted scoring system which means each different score category have different amount of total points based on how important it is to users. For example a site can have a total of 25 points for "Videos" but only get max 5 points for "Tour Claims". All the category points are added up to create the overall total score on a scale from 0 to 100, where 0 is worst and 100 is best.

When scoring a site we do not take into account any leased content (videos, pictures or galleries which are not exclusive and rented from another site or provider). In most cases we do not take into account any "bonus" sites either, we only score on the sites own individual content and not anything it might share with other sites. However if bonus sites adds a lot of extra value to a membership we might give a extra point to to the "Value" score.


Score for videos takes into account if they are exclusive, quality and size, if they are downloadable, if there are multiple formats, download speeds, how they look or are filmed and any other video features that may exist. But we also take into account the amount of videos.


Score for pictures are based on the quality of the pictures, the size the pictures are offered at, presentation or features such as slide shows, download options and in some cases if there are over intrusive watermarks. We also take into account the amount of pictures.

Content Amount

Score for content amount takes into how many videos, picture galleries, stories and other content a site features. However small sites can sometimes get a higher score if the content on offer is very rare or unique and if similar content cannot be easily found in any larger amount anywhere else. In some special cases we do also take into account leased video content if the site features a very large amount compared to anyone else.


Score for updates are based on how often a site updates and the amount of new content added to a site. It is also based on how difficult or easy it is to see if the site has been updated. The score will take into account what type and how unique the content is.

Tour Claims

Scoring for claims is based only on how true a site is to promises on tour or join pages. If a site actually lives up to what they say they feature or if they are lying. It also takes into account if a site uses pre-checked options such as cross-sales and email marketting. Points can also be deducted if you have to enter an email address or username/password, just to find out what the membership fees are or if important membership information is buried in small print at the bottom of a pages or hidden on other pages.


Uniqueness is based on things that aren't always as concrete as the other scores, although one of the things we consider for uniqueness is whether the content is exclusive. Other things counted for uniqueness is whether the site has a unique personality showing individuality, whether the niche or content is different or shows the personality of the models. This score was introduced more recently to try and balance out the scores of some smaller sites that have special standout qualities about them.

Site Usability

Usability score is based on how easy it is to find things on the site, how navigation works and how well content is organized. But also takes into account any interfering advertising, misleading links, search options, broken links or missing pages and in general how easy the site is to use.


Value score is based on what you get for your money and how expensive a site might be. We look at the membership prices and compare it to what you get for it, if the cost is justified such as if the content is unique or original or if there is a large amount of content on offer, regular updates etc.