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Pits and Pubes

Reviewed 8 Apr 2023

Pits and Pubes features horny guys with hairy armpits and unshaved or manscaped pubic hair in solo jackoffs, duos and threesomes with lots of pit sniffing. Some guy/guy action and pit licking. 105 videos to download, stream, and watch on your mobiles. Some bonus sites and big uncut cocks.



Reviewed 10 Apr 2022

Pure CFNM exclusive CFNM action featuring clothed women stripping guys naked and stroking, sucking or fucking them. Some humiliation as the guys are exposed. 844 videos to download, stream, and watch on your mobiles plus five bonus CFNM sites and a forum. A hot site if you like watching clothed females using naked men for their own pleasure.



Reviewed 6 May 2021

Clothed and aggressive women humiliate submissive men, force them to strip, fuck them with strap-ons and more. 354 videos to download, stream, and watch on your mobiles, 134 CFNM sessions and 220 solos. A new CFNM scene and two solos are added monthly. Role playing, humiliation, servicing, and some BDSM; lots of helpless guys with uncut cocks, as well as the solo casting and stroking sessions.


Hey Little Dick

Reviewed 29 Nov 2017

Hey Little Dick features men with small cocks being humiliated by one, two, three, or more women who make fun of their lack of endowment. The chicks laugh and hurl insults, all the while touching those small cocks and sometimes sucking them. The men put up with all the giggling and humiliation, getting hard so the women can jack them off.


Little Dick Club

Reviewed 5 Jun 2021

Clothed women make fun of men and their small dicks at Little Dick Club. They mock the men in all kinds of creative ways, sometimes measuring their cocks or comparing them to other well-hung men. The men usually blow their loads, and there are some cuckolding scenes too. 164 exclusive streaming videos. Twice weekly updates and bonus access to fivemore CFNM sites.


Lady Voyeurs

Reviewed 16 Nov 2017

Clothed or sometimes naked women watch as these straight men strip, get their cocks hard and jerk off for them. Fun and entertaining scenarios. 143 videos available to download, stream, and watch on your mobiles plus five bonus sites with over 1,000 CFNM bonus videos. Weekly updates plus more updates from network.



Reviewed 15 Jul 2019

CFNMtv offers hot and aggressive clothed females stripping, humiliating, and playing with naked men in 233 video updates to download, stream and watch on your mobiles, each part of a full scene and with matching pic sets. Expect a lot role-playing action including bondage, spanking, and humiliation. CFNMtv updates weekly.


Girls Abuse Guys

Reviewed 24 Jan 2018

Straight men find themselves on the receiving end of some pretty big dicks, only the dicks are strap-ons attached to women. The men are insulted, humiliated, and slapped around by two or more women while taking strap-on dildos up their asses and down their throats. Videos available to download, stream and for mobiles.


Strapon Tales

Reviewed 10 Mar 2015

Strapon Tales features CFNM action with hot East European straight guys put through their paces by aggressive and sexy women who fuck their mouths and asses with strapped-on dildos. There are 170 exclusive downloadable videos plus over 600 good quality photo sets.


CFNM Games

Reviewed 10 May 2021

Straight men offer themselves naked and masked to clothed women in these party scenarios involving jack-off and blowjob contests, and a variety of other fun games. 24 exclusive videos to download, stream, and watch on your mobiles, and while the site recycles updates, there are 1,388 bonus videos from five CFNM sites in the same network.


Strapon Power

Reviewed 12 Feb 2015

Powerful and dominating women give their male partners a taste of what anal action feels like in a 100% strapon action site that holds exclusive content. You'll find an archive of videos with many galleries but no updates, where there decent quality exclusive content and plenty of butt-pounding dildo and femdom action.



Reviewed 29 Nov 2021

CFNM offers horny sessions with clothed women teasing, taunting, and humiliating naked straight guys. The content is semi-exclusive, and while this is a picture-only site, there are a lot of pics. No videos here, but there are links to join a separate membership site that contains them. About six updates per month, but many are only part of a full episode.



Reviewed 23 Jun 2014

CFNM Show offers clothed females having fun and humiliating naked men in femdom scenes. The performers are guys and gals in their twenties, many hotties with great bodies although there are some average types, as well. There are 21 downloadable videos that can also be streamed, matching photo sets but unfortunately the site does not update. Members do get access to a network of porn.

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