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You may be familiar with Zack Asher from his site, Perfect Guyz, which features gorgeous jocks and hunks. Well, his new site, Zack Asher, is completely different. While the men are mostly jocks, they're not always model-perfect, and while the site does offer videos, this is a live cam site where the videos are actually the performers showing off, chatting and getting nasty on live cam. And one last significant difference is that while the guys do stroke shows or shower together, the site also features some female performers.

Most of the men and women here are hotties in their twenties, most sporting tattoos. The guys are well-built, most nicely muscled and ripped without reaching bodybuilder status, and most have that guy-next-door thing going on with nice smiles and manscaped or unshaved pubes. My personal favorite is compact and sexy Jax Cage, who's 5' 4", very upbeat with sixpack abs, a thick bush and a great ass, but the others are all fun to watch. The guys (and gals) here are recurring regulars, so there are enough for variety but you can still see more of your favorites than just one video or show.

The performers here are definitely not camera-shy. They chat with each other and the camera man (presumably Zack Asher) casually, and seem comfortable whether they're dressed, naked or jerking and sucking. You'll find some variety here - there's a 2-guy shower scene that ends in a mutural J/O session, solo sessions showing the guys working out, showering, using a Flashjack plus a couple guy-on-guy blowjob scenes (and some full-on fucking). There's a few straight guy-on-girl sessions with massage, cock sucking and fucking, as well as one girl/girl scene.

Zack Asher currently offers 29 exclusive videos, and so far they've been adding a new video anywhere between 1 and 5 days apart. Each video is nice and long - every one I watched was over 40 minutes, and some were over an hour. These are all replays of the site's live shows, and the videos stream in a player sized at about 990x560 and are good amateur quality or better, definitely higher quality than you'd expect considering these are done on live cam. Sound is good, and while the videos aren't offered for download, they played very smoothly for me.

Each of the site's 16 performers has their own page where you'll find info about them including a short profile and a set of good quality pictures. The pictures are where Mr. Asher's experience really shows - not only are they very good quality, but they show off the models very well. The pics are digital stills sized at 800x1200, and while there are no features like zip files or slideshows, the pictures can be downloaded individually. In fact, I like the photos enough that I hope the site does start offering them in zip files.

And now we get to the live shows. While the site offers a weekly live show, and you can see the weekly schedule, there are actually 2 live shows this week. The shows each last about an hour, and are shown at a smallish size but are very sharp and clear. The performers are sociable and friendly when chatting with members (they greeted me and others by our usernames), and sound was good. While the player was enlargeable, it required me to drag a corner of the screen, which didn't work too well in my browser.

One other Zack Asher feature is the blog. While most listings are basically just a couple pics and a line of text, there are also blogs that introduce the models, another had a trailer and still another one had a short video of one of the guys training, so it's worth checking out all the blog posts to see if there's any extras in each one.

I didn't run into many things I didn't like here. I was disappointed that the videos weren't offered for download, and there's a pop-up on the tour, although this was easy to close and didn't launch any new pop-ups. It might be handy to offer screencaps of each video as a preview, but that's just nit-picking. Almost everything here is done right from the model index and navigation to the video quality.

Zack Asher is a fun site offering live shows and replays of horny, fun twenty-something guys plus a few girls. The guys are well-built, some ripped and a couple more beefy, and there's unshaved pubes- both males and females sport tattoos. The men do some guy/guy sucking and a little fucking, plus there are solos and action with the girls, so I guess you could consider this a mixed solo/gay/bi site. There are 29 streaming videos, the site updates between 1 and 5 days apart, and there's a least 1 weekly live show. Content quality is good, and what really stood out for me about Zach Asher is the performers, who are energetic, enthusiastic, and comfortable with each other and the camera. In fact, I look forward to my next visit!

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