Links to this site have been disabled for one or several reasons including: the site is no longer operating, many member complaints, bad billing practices, severe functional problems or a dispute with the site owner.

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Yuck Boys Live features aggressive black men and the bottoms who service them. For the most part the performers here appear to be amateurs, probably mostly in their twenties, some a bit on the scruffy side. The tops are black studs, some quite well hung, while the bottoms are a mix of white and black guys.

The bottoms here seem to be a submissive bunch who are often down on their knees sucking or on all fours taking a dick slammed hard into their tight assholes. There's plenty of rough sex here, gaping asses, face fucking, and of course there's plenty of barebacking. A few guys swallow hot loads of cum, where others get jizzed on their backs or asses, then get the cum fucked back into them. There are also some POV shoots here where Yuckboy himself (yes, there is a Yuckboy, and he's got a big black dick) takes the camera and films himself fucking a horny bottom.

Yuck Boys Live currently offers 46 exclusive videos, and updates are anywhere from 3 days to 2 weeks apart. Good news is that the past couple updates have each included 2 videos. The videos are streaming full scenes sized at about 620x350 at amateur quality or better with smooth playback, but I found that a number of the videos lost a noticeable amount of quality when enlarged to full screen. When I say these are amateur quality, they are also shot by an amateur camera man, and while that means periodic unstable image or odd lighting, it adds to the overall organic feel of the site - and you know that this is NOT a fake amateur site made by a large studio.

There are also 4 photo sets, all added at the same time a month ago (it's Nov 26, 2014). The galleries seem to contain screencaps, and when you click the thumbs, the larger pics are sized at 300x168. That's not a typo - these are the smallest full-sized pics that I've seen in a site. While there are no slideshows or zip files, each pic can be individually downloaded.

The site offers some games in the free section. These are not adult-themed, and are games you can find at online game sites, but if you like them, they're here. There's also a link to live cams, which is on a third-party site, and there's a link to a shop where you can buy a few of the videos for download. There's also a section for ads - not just personals, either - but so far the only ad is one for models for Yuck Boy Live. Last, and oddest, is the feed, which shows a running list of everyone who's joined the site, their nickname and the time they joined.

Now let's talk about issues. First off, despite the use of the word "live" in the site title, there is no live feed on the site. I found the join process to be a little more complicated than with most sites, and the "premium HD videos" aren't presented in HD - they're sized at 620x350, which is standard definition, and when enlarged to HD don't hold up that well. The site doesn't explain who the Yuck Boys are or what the word "Yuck" refers to - is it like saying "nasty" when referring to pig sex, or does it mean something else? It appears that Yuck Boy refers to the site's star - and possibly owner - and there's no bio about him or facts about the site.

Yuck Boys Live offers horny amateurs getting pounded by black tops with big dicks in gay interracial action. There's some rough sex, cock worship and cum play, not to mention plenty of barebacking. The 46 videos are exclusive and can be streamed, but I wish they were available for download; a few are, but you must pay per download. There are also several picture sets. Updates seem to occur from 3 days to 2 weeks apart, and the site sometimes add 2 videos per update. Even with some concerns, when it comes to pig nasty interracial and some black-on-black barebacking, Yuck Boys Live definitely delivers the goods.

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