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Your Gay Fantasy is a site within the Femtraining Network featuring dominant women who tell - or sometimes even train - guys how to have sex with other guys, and these are mixed with some actual gay sex videos. The site would probably appeal to straight men who have gay or bisexual fantasies, but also those of you who love to watch ladies wearing strap-ons might appreciate what you'll find here.

The majority of the updates here are videos in which one or two dominant women talk to you about your secret desires -- big juicy cocks and tight male asses. They are dressed in sexy lingerie or leather outfits and they often wear a strap-on dildo. While there isn't much sexual action going on, these bossy girls talk dirty and use big dildos to demonstrate what they are talking about. It's all about mental arousal and helping you to fantasize about sex with other men. The mistresses in these videos are Caucasian females in their twenties and thirties with slim or curvy bodies. They are average to good looking and while they keep their clothes on, you often see a lot of skin or parts of their tits.

There are also a few videos featuring men who are in their thirties with fit or slightly muscular or beefy bodies.

You'll find hot gay sex with guys sucking cock and getting fucked, including a hot fourway featuring three ebony tops doing a bottom boy in both holes. There's also a couple scenes where the guys get nailed by chicks with strap-ons. One shows a guy taking it like a man as he's topped by a woman wearing a plastic cock, and there's also one featuring a group of female secretaries who find a submissive bi bottom and take turns nailing his ass with strap-ons.

Your Gay Fantasy was launched in July 2014 and stopped updating at the end of that same year. During these few months, 33 videos were added of which 26 are instructional videos, in which you watch a female talking about your fantasy. The other videos are porn videos.

The 33 DRM-free videos are offered in MP4 format. The largest downloadable version comes at a size of 1280x720 and then there are two smaller MP4 versions as well as a 3GP version, so there are videos for mobile devices. The videos are of good amateur quality with clear sound and sharp visuals. There are also streaming MP4 videos at a default size of 650x364. You can, however, enlarge the video to full-screen without losing too much on the quality. The videos play instantly, but when you want to skip forward, they need some time to buffer.

Your Gay Fantasy also offers 37 picture sets. First, there are between 15 and 20 screencaps for each video, which come in a size of 1280x720. Four of the porn videos come with a separate set of around 150 photos each, at a big size of 2272x1704. These photos are sharp and capture the action quite well. There is no slideshow; instead the full-size photos open in the same browser tab. There are no downloadable zip files either, but pics can be individually downloaded.

As a member of Your Gay Fantasy, you get access to eight sites from the Femtraining Network. All of these are female domination sites with lots of instructional videos on how to behave like a man, and how to be gay or bi, and how to enjoy cock. None of the sites inside this network are still updating, though.

Let's talk about issues. First, the site is on the small side and has stopped updating. There are quite a lot of advertisements on the video listing pages and they have disguised the ads to look like actual updates. You will recognize them easily though because they are marked with the word "online." These ads lead you to a commercial webcam site. The tour claims that you get 4 updates per day, which is obviously a false statement. Be careful, as there is a pre-checked offer on the billing page, which will sign you up for an additional membership if you leave it checked. One last thing is the fact that all videos have the same name, which means you will overwrite existing files if you don't rename them before saving.

Your Gay Fantasy isn't a large site, but it has content you can't find in too many places. Dominant females show gay-curious guys how to be good gay boys and how to take cocks, as well as some guy-on-guy action, and a couple where men are fucked by girls with strap-ons. There are only 33 videos and the site is no longer updating, but you do get access to eight more female domination sites. Videos can be downloaded, streamed or watched on your mobiles, and each has a set of screencaps. While the site has some issues and doesn't update, I think it will help help some guys to enjoy their bi and gay fantasies just a little more. And maybe these women can actually help you to make your fantasies reality.

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