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Your Bi Fantasy is a site from Twisted Females, and it's going to appeal to collectors of bi-sex hardcore and femdom, as this is a bit of a mixed site. The guys here are also mixed, a cute bunch of amateur-looking white, black and Latin guys, often smooth and well hung and usually in their 20s and early 30s. There are some muscled and masculine men, some tattooed studs, and also some younger guys in their early twenties appearing in the threesomes, and you'll find a good mix of cut and uncut cocks as well as blonds, brunettes, with the occasional geeky redhead in the mix, too.

The guys are as varied as the movies they appear in. Although the title of the site suggests we're getting bisexual action, there is actually a lot of variety in these videos, and not all of them are made for Your Bi Fantasy. There are MMF bisex scenes for sure, but there are also what I'd call female domination scenes; girls with a strap-on dick screwing a cute guy's ass, girls forcing guys to suck their dildos, girls using vibrators on a hunk, and even some scenes where a girl just wanks a guy off. So don't expect everything to be 100% bisexual here as it looks like Twisted Females shares a lot of their networked content around.

There were 135 videos at Your Bi Fantasy at the time of the review. Downloadable videos are offered in four choices of size, the largest being 1280x720 and the smallest good for mobiles. A 3GP file is also available at a smaller size for those with older cell phones. The vids are also stream at 640x360 (some are marked as HD and are 1280x720) and can be enlarged to full screen. Movies run for between one and 20 minutes and are mixed quality. Some streams didn't look good at full screen, others were just fine. Some movies consist of girls talking to the camera, while others are full-on hardcore. I don't believe the videos are exclusive, but don't know for sure.

It looks like the site has stopped updating; there has been no new content added since March, two months before my visit. There are more recent dates showing on these pages, but they refer to the live cam adverts and links that are placed within the content sample pics, disguised as updates. Genuine movies and galleries though have descriptive titles such as, 'Your bisexual dream threesome,' 'Come watch my boyfriends fuck,' and then 'Take my strap on you sissy slut.' Something the site does is put all their content up on simple index pages with the picture and video updates mixed in together; there's no way of viewing only video content, and ditto the gallery content. Everything is shown on these pages with the number of views, members' rates and the upload dates.

Your Bi Fantasy also offers pictures. There are 22 sets of digital stills found mixed into the video index pages that hold around 40 pics per set, and these are shown in thumbnail pages with solo pics opening up one at a time to scaled down sizes, but from an original size at 2336x3504. These were decent quality, amateur style, shots with posed model shots and action images. Navigation was cumbersome, opening one image at a time, and there were no slideshows or zip file downloads to take. Additionally videos each come with a set of screencaps beneath them, and these are sized at 1280x720.

Most videos and galleries come with a description on the viewing page, and each one lets you give it a rating and leave comments. There is also an 'add to favorites' function and a general keyword search box to use. You have to rely on your back button a lot for navigation, but the top menu makes it easy to move to the other sites that come with your membership.

There's a Sites page to check out, and there you'll find links into 13 other femdom sites including Twisted Females itself. Although these may be straight fetish sites, there's a certain element of gay and bisexual action in some of these other sites' content, so you can consider them a bonus in that respect. Click the Bonus link in your menu and you come to a set of extra bisex videos (plus some femdom, foot fetish and cuckold bonuses) which can be downloaded or streamed. This bonus area also has a better search and filter function and this sifted out over 600 bi scenes.

This site is not without issues. These start with the pre-checked offer on the sign up page, and then continue with the lack of updates and the way the pic updates and video updates are mixed in together on the same pages. There's not a huge amount of real bisexual action here, and there is a lot of femdom stuff which is taken from the other sites in the network. The thing that really got me was the way the live show adverts are mixed in and disguised as content; they link to a site where you will need to pay more to join in.

To be honest, I would probably classify Your Bi Fantasy as offering female domination rather than a bisexual action. There are some MMF scenes here with some very cute and spunky guys, and these are definitely worth adding to your collection, especially at the 720p version, but you do have to wade through a lot of non-niche content to find them. The site offers 135 videos to stream, download or watch on your mobile, but hasn't added new content in a while. Still, if you're also up for some mixed fetish, with guys being whipped and dominated forced to suck dildos, and occasionally each other, the network might make this worth checking out.

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