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Young Men Of Color concentrates on exactly what the title suggests: 18+ black guys and some Latinos with smooth, fit, and toned bodies with dark dicks that deserve a good stroking. You get the impression that these are the kinds of guys that other, more sensational sites would describe as "from da hood" or "gangstaz," and they all have a believable amateur quality about them. Cute, beefy, darker, lighter, cut and uncut, there's a nice mix of guys. They're here for fun, and they look like the kinds of guys you would find self-submitting their own wank-off and hardcore clips on tube sites and in in the X-rated areas of social media sites.

The site tells us that it's there to let us admire these amateur ebony guys and their bodies and so the action ranges from fucking to solo jerk-offs. You'll find black guys being rimmed, guys 69-ing, riding cocks, face sitting, giving blowjobs, not to mention stroking their dicks, and getting down to all this action in what appears to be the guys' residences. These are amateur videos in the true sense of the word, as the movies are filmed at home. There are some straight movies, too, again very amateur in feel, and so you get to check out some straight black cocks and bods, and there is some interracial action as well.

In the gallery area you'll find softcore pics with guys giving you the "fuck you" gesture, shirtless and half dressed, others in the Lick Me galleries with tongues out and attitude showing, and some Sagging collections with guys showing us their baggy pants, underwear, and hot asses. These pics and vids mainly have a nice, voyeuristic feel to them.

There are 476 videos inside Young Men Of Color, arranged in soft and hardcore areas; there are 224 Action videos, 231 Solos, and 21 Sagging movies. The videos can be downloaded in MP4 format, and these are sized at 704x576; they can be played on your desktop computer or the site says they are compatible with most mobiles. The streaming vids open in a floating Flash player that displays them at 640x480. The movies run for between 30 seconds and five minutes (there may be longer ones) and quality is definitely what you'd consider amateur. Sometimes they're dark and hand-held, grainy even, and look exactly like you'd find on self-submit site before HD came along. Some are watermarked with the names of other sites, but not many.

The galleries are arranged in three areas with links directly from the home page. There were eight Fuck You galleries with the guys giving you the finger, four Lick Me where they give you the tongue and 16 Saggers where they were showing you their saggy pants; these were all softcore and there are 20 pics per set. You have to open these pics one at a time, to 640x480 in size, where the quality is middle-of-the-road amateur but decent enough; some look better than others, and you can save them all as you go. There were no zip files or slideshows.

I just want to do what you might call a design side-step for a moment as the galleries are, the site says, optimized for mobile access. The gallery area certainly looks better than the main area of the site which has a messy, really old-fashioned, early days of amateur website look about it. The gallery section is cleaner in look and works fine but there was still only basic through-navigation buttons on individual pics and each gallery is listed as GALLERY 1, GALLERY 2, and so on - no descriptions, preview thumb, or guys' names.

Yes, there are a few issues. First are updates: there's no way to know if or how often new content is added as there are no dates anywhere, although it does say on the tour that it's "growing EVERYDAY." On the other hand, the members area wishes members "Happy New Year 2016," which since it's the end of June, 2016, isn't encouraging regarding how well the site is kept up. Then there's the design, lack of scene descriptions or model info, small videos and the quality is a bit rough at times. There were a couple videos I tried to download where the file simply didn't turn up. But as long as you bear in mind that it's an amateur site and allow it its foibles, it won't bother you that much as the content is easy to find.

I don't want to be too harsh with Young Men Of Color as the guys are hot black or Latin amateurs and the action is mostly user-submitted and horny. There are 476 videos to download, stream, or view on your mobile, but whether the site updates or not is anybody's guess, many vids are on the short side and the design is all over the place, yet it works on a basic level. And for $9.99 a month, you can collect plenty of vids and pics of real amateurs in their homes with plenty of cock stroking, hardcore, and a little interracial action thrown in. Even if Young Men Of Color doesn't update, it's hard to beat the price for the amount of content the site offers.

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