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Young Bastards offers a kinky selection of videos in its recently opened theater in the Studio Presse network. With a penchant for domination and humiliation, the site offers European guys who are a variety of chavs, skinheads and rough boys in hardcore suck and fuck action with lots of kinky play. This content isn't new but this theater is, and it brings the total number of sites to 24 in the Studio Presse network.

The guys here are mostly Europeans with lots of Germans and Brits, but others as well. Most of the guys are in their early twenties. They're a hot collection of rough guys, chavs, skinheads and plain old dirty lads who like it rough. Most of the guys aren't named, but there are a few well-known porn studs like Mickey Taylor, Jordan Fox, Luke Desmond and JP Dubois. Some of the guys are innocent-looking twink types, others are rough-looking bad boys who like to tie a guy up for a dirty bit of fun. The performers wear sports gear, leather, skinhead attire or nothing at all. And these are Europeans, so there's lot of foreskin - plenty of these uncut dicks are big, too.

The action here is pretty dirty. "Tied Up, Used and Abused" features a blond guy tied to a chair; his skinhead tormenter shaves his head, but then the captor gains control and pisses on the skinhead. There's a series of prison videos where guards torment their prisoners and use them for their perverted fun including lots of dick sucking and ass fucking, but they also spit on them, tie them up, spank them and rough them up pretty good.

The guys play in basements, dungeons, warehouses, playrooms, prisons and there are a few outdoor sessions, as well. Some of the scenes like "One Hard Master" or "Used As A Urinal" feature two-on-one sessions with a couple of nasty boys having their fun with a bound lad. There are a couple of heavier scenes with full-on BDSM play, and others see the guys getting into some foot play making their bottoms snort and sniff their smelly sneakers. Bastards, indeed!

The Studio Presse network is a little different than most porn sites, so let's start with an explanation. You have two options to enjoy the videos: you can buy an unlimited streaming membership or you can purchase packages of tickets and redeem them to watch or download movies. Not all the videos are available for download, many can only be streamed. Downloads seem to run between six and 10 tickets, while streaming costs four to six tickets.

The Young Bastards offers 44 videos in their theater. You can stream all the videos and some are offered for download, however not every video can be downloaded. The videos stream at 1020x578, although some are a little smaller, however it appears that the real size of the videos is around 960x540 and they're stretched to fill the streaming player. This means the picture quality isn't quite as crisp as I'd like to see. It also means the videos don't fare particularly well at full-screen mode. When downloads are available, they're offered in MP4 format at 854x480, and they're decent amateur quality vids that are also mobile compatible.

Young Bastards has no picture galleries, but each video has six medium-sized thumbs sized at 480x343 that preview the guys and action. You can save them individually, but they can't be enlarged at all.

The Studio Presse doesn't date any of the videos, so I can never tell you how often a particular theater adds new content. The entire network has 12,000 videos and adds about 20 new ones every week, but specific information about Young Bastards updates isn't available. But there are several other theaters in the network featuring European guys and kinky fetish action, so you'll have plenty to enjoy. And your tickets or membership can be used on any of the network's 24 sites.

The Young Bastards tour says there are 103 videos, but I only found 44 videos assigned to their actual theater. I think the discrepancy results because this producer films under a couple of different labels and I think they're all linked to this theater, but only 44 are actual Young Bastards films.

The only other things I didn't like about the site is the average quality of the videos. I don't know why Studio Presse stretches their videos to fit the streaming player instead of just playing them at their original sizes. And finally, I'm always confused as to why some videos can be downloaded and others are only offered to stream.

I have a fetish for European men and uncut cocks, and I go gaga for skinheads, so I'm at home at Young Bastards. I also love watching guys get roughed up in dirty sex scenes with lots of swearing and spitting while they're forced to do nasty things. With the addition of Young Bastards, Studio Presse now offers 24 theaters and many others also feature fetish sex and kinky action as well as European guys in all ages and sizes. With over 12,000 network videos and 100 more added monthly, there's plenty here to keep you entertained and turned on.

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