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YeSirBoys is a recently launched website out of the UK that bills itself as "The New Kink Sensation" and promises us the hottest models in 4K ultra-high definition. With video titles like "Rough and Raw," "Thank You Sir," and "Take It Rough Slut," the site seems to be living up to it's tagline. There are some hot twinks and other guys here, so I'm looking forward to seeing what kind of trouble they get into.

The  performers on YeSirBoys range in age from 18 to 24 and come with a variety of body types, although most seem to have slim or athletic physiques. A couple are more toned than others, and only one of the guys wears a beard, the rest are clean shaven. Some of the 18 guys are heavily inked, the rest are clean skinned or sport one or two small tats. I didn't recognize all of the guys, but most seem to be British performers, regulars like Sam Syron, Cody Jay, Billy Rock, Casper Ellis, Mickey Taylor, Koby Lewis, and Luke Tyler. And as usual, with European guys comes foreskin, so uncut cock fans will be pretty happy.

First things first; not all of the scenes have a kinky theme. About one third of the videos are regular suck and fuck sessions in bedrooms and living rooms, and they're a mix of bareback and condom action. There are also two behind-the-scenes vids. The rest of the videos explore BDSM themes with guys tied up and used by their captors or masters. There's slapping and beatings with riding crops, foot licking, dildo and ass fucking, cum facials, electro, CBT, and more. The guys are usually restrained for at least part of the scene, but not always. And most of these sessions take place in dank and dirty basements or play rooms with equipment like racks and fucking benches.

In "Last Order Is My Cumshot," Koby Lewis is trying to get his bar cleaned up so he can close, but customer Jack Taylor is hanging around. Koby tells him to go home. Jack jumps the bartender and duct tapes his hands behind his back. Jack pushes Koby against the door and slaps his nearly naked body and squeezes his flesh. Koby panics when Jack picks up a pair of scissors, but he uses it to cut off the bartender's underwear. The intruder strokes and sucks Koby's cock and eventually after several minutes of edging Koby blows his wad. Jack wipes up the jizz with Koby's underwear and shoves it in his mouth and duct tapes it in place. He exits the bar leaving Koby tied to the bar's door.

In "Raw and Rough," Casper Ellis wanders around a bad part of town trying to bum a cigarette. Claude Nikotine not only agrees to give him a cigarette but says "I have a job for you, follow me." Casper follows the blond down a set of stairs leading to a basement, and when the lad wakes up, he's restrained to a rack. He's naked except for a leather jockstrap and collar. Claude slaps and pushes him around and roughly grabs the boy's cock. Eventually, Casper is tied over a fucking bench and his captor throat fucks him, then opens up his tight ass with various sex toys before screwing him. When Casper awakes, he's clothed and lying on the street, wondering if it was all a dream.

All but nine of the videos are duos; there are four threeway, a couple fourgies, and one solo plus two behind-the-scenes videos that are also found in the section called Backstage, although there have been no new backstage videos added since the site launched.

YeSirBoys offers 35 exclusive videos that are available in MP4 format. The downloads are available in three sizes; 1920x1080, 1280x720 and 854x480, and the newest also come in 4k at 3840x2160, however the largest size comes called 4K Ultra HD are often larger than three gigs. The videos are good quality, crisp and clear, although some of the scenes are filmed in dingy basements. The smaller versions are good for most newer mobile devices. And if you prefer you can stream the videos they're in the same three sizes, however your ability to view the largest at it's full size will depend, of course, on your device.

Twenty five of the episodes come with a set of digital stills that can be downloaded in four sizes, each size in it's own zip file, or you can save the pics individually if you prefer. Some sets have only three to nine pictures, and these are mostly glamour shots showcasing the models. Others have 30 to 50+ pics, and these are action shots. Each episode also comes with a set of screencaps that resize nicely to fit your browser window, but when saved they are as large as 3840x2160. They're good quality and preview the action well. You can save these individually or view them as hands-free slideshows. There's a download link on the screencap galleries, but unfortunately this only downloads the sets of digital stills, not the screencaps.

Are there any drawbacks? Well, the tour says they offer weekly updates, but none of the updates are dated. Still, the site has grown by 11 videos in about 11 weeks, so they seem to be on schedule. Download speeds were only 2 to 4 Mbps for me on very fast internet connection, which means the larger videos take a while to download. After reading the site's terms, it's possible you may receive emails from them, but the terms regarding emails are long and complicated. Just don't be surprised if you do receive emails; they do say they ask for your consent.

There are a few last things that are nitpicks rather than issues. First, the tour promises us 4K videos, and all the videos have a size listed as 4K Ultra HD on the download dropdowns, but the older vids Ultra HD versions aren't actually 4K - they're high quality full HD videos sized at 1920x1080 with a higher bitrate than the videos listed as 1080p; the newest vids have actual 4K videos. And last, each model's profile lists only two things; his age and whether he's a top, bottom or versatile.

YeSirBoys has a sizzling collection of exclusive videos exploring kink themes and features guys tied up and used by their captors or masters. Not all of the 35 videos have a fetish theme, but many do. The videos are well produced with attractive guys and they're offered in a variety of sizes to suit your Internet connection and equipment. They offer a streaming memberships for those who want to pay less as well as memberships offering unlimited streaming and downloads, and while there are no dates shown, YeSirBoys is keeping its promise of weekly updates. And best of all, the site delivers British guys in hot, well-done kink and bondage action.

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