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Xconvicts offers horny amateur black guys who appear in these videos to impress potential hook-ups. The men themselves seem to be in their twenties with bodies ranging from slender to muscular, although there are a couple with a few extra pounds on them. Some of the guys are definitely gangster types, but others are average amateurs who don't seem to fit the site's theme of guys who have recently gotten out of prison. There are some average cocks, but there are also some really big black dicks on this site that would be a challenge for all but the most dedicated cocksuckers.

While the theme of Xconvicts seems to be picking up guys who just got out of jail and catching them on video, there's nothing in the videos about this and there's no model info or scene descriptions. What I found was pretty hot, though - the director is filming guys who think they're making hook-up videos, and some of the guys talk to potential viewers during their jack-off sessions. Some think they're stroking their cocks for the ladies, others for guys and one of the dudes I watched was open to both. There's no preambles, no introductions - the guys introduce themselves, some as they walk through the door, others while they're already naked and stroking. Some tell us what they like - one guy loves getting his dick sucked, another loves eating pussy - and talk dirty throughout, while others are quiet.

Xconvicts offers 29 videos in streaming Flash that play in a Flash-based player. They're sized at 640x480, and while you can go full-screen, the videos don't fare that well when enlarged. Sound is okay, better on some than others, and a few of the videos look like they were shot some time ago or on a low quality camcorder, but that sort of works for the site. The vids are not offered for download, they don't come with pictures, descriptions of the action, or info about the guys. They're not even listed with titles; each video is listed with a single small thumb. Interestingly when you mouse over each thumb, it shows the video name, and each one includes the guy's name and nickname - here's an example: william_preston_aka_freak_nasty.flv.

There are also 15 "Feature Videos" and while they play at the same size in the same player as the other videos, these aren't exclusive - they're videos from the promised feeds, and they're shot by a variety of studios from professional porn companies like Bacchus to amateur producers shot in 2009 and 2010. All that means quality varies, so expect amateur and average to fairly good amateur quality. Sound is mostly pretty good, but the videos aren't offered for download. By the way, one of the videos is a straight sex video.

Now let's talk about the issues. First off, there's no way to know if this site updates as there's no dates given on the content and no schedule listed anywhere. I did some checking, and the site has been around for several years, so with 29 videos after several years, I'm not expecting new content. Next, the tour is littered with ads, some almost impossible to tell whether they are ads or part of the tour. Something else that I found annoying is that the Flash player that streams the videos pops up near the top of the pages, so if you're lower down on the page and click to view a video, the player can be so high on the page that you won't even know it's there till you scroll up.

But the biggest issue for me is the site's inaccurate claims. The tour has a pic of a guy and on it, it says "Wanna Meet Me?" and on the top of the pages it says "Xconvicts.Net - Take One Home With You." The members area gives us no way to contact the guys. As already mentioned, while some of these guys may have been in prison at some time, there's no mention of that, and some may never have even been arrested. These are clearly videos of guys who did the videos thinking they were going to be placed on a hook-up site, which is hot enough that I wonder why the site owners didn't just make site's theme around that. Also the tour offers "Original Hard-Core Content," but there isn't any, and the player on the tour has a download link but you won't find downloads in the members area.

Xconvicts delivers horny black amateur guys stroking their hard, juicy cocks as they shoot hook-up videos. Some of the men are quite well-hung, and some talk dirty throughout the videos, addressing potential hook-ups who might be watching. There are 29 streaming videos that I believe are exclusive, and while quality isn't the best, it makes sense for these amateur-shot vids. There are also 15 bonus videos. There are no downloads, pictures, model profiles or descriptions, and there's no way to know when or if the site updates; there's also nothing about the guys being ex-cons in the vids. That being said, the Xconvicts men are really hot, and membership is only $14.95 for a month, so even with the caveats, you can't go too far wrong here.

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