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X Voyeur Gay offers us a wide selection of amateur videos, and these are the real deal. Many of the videos are of the hidden camera variety. You'll find videos shot from cameras concealed in a bag sitting on a public washroom floor and others filmed from a computer monitor right beside the bed where the men are having sex. It's an exciting site with lots to covered, so let's get started.

X Voyeur Gay has guys in several different categories, and there's a wide variety of men. Here are some examples. In the Latinos section I saw a buff top with a good body fucking another guy but I also saw a hairy bear with a belly getting a blowjob. There are guys who looked to be 20 years old, but you'll find others who appear to be in their 50 or 60s. There are athletic, muscular and average bodies, as well as some larger men with some extra pounds. You'll find big cocks and small ones, hairy guys and smooth ones - basically the focus here is on amateurs and not on a particular type of man.

There are six categories of men (Latinos, jocks, suit and tie, truckers, blue collar and black guys), five sections of action (anal, group sex, blowjob, cum, fingering, handjob) and six areas of fetishes (dildo, gloryhole, hidden camera, piss, slaves, exhibitionists), and finally, four different types locations (public toilet, outdoors, work places, cars).

One video features a Latin muscle top wearing a mustache and baseball cap fucking a buddy on the bed. When the bottom struggles to take his big dick, the top lightly punches the small of his back, then starts fucking him harder. The video is only 1:25 and when the top finishes unloading inside his bottom, he slaps the guys ass and sits back on the bed like he's really done something. As far as the hidden camera aspect, the top looked right at the camera at one point, but maybe the bottom didn't know he was being filmed.

Another video features a well-built guy inside a toilet stall who's getting fucked through a gloryhole by a man in the adjoining stall. And if there's any doubt that this one is real, all disbelief will be suspended when another occupant of the restroom starts the hand dryer. ROFL. In another public restroom, someone sets a camera on the floor inside the stall and films two guys across the way stroking each others' cocks. Public men's rooms are one of the more popular locations here. And not all of the action is sexual, either, I saw one video where a camera had been placed in a urinal and films an uncut man pissing.

One 26-minute video was filmed outdoors in a wooded cruising area. You can hear cars driving down a highway and a guy leans against a fallen tree with his pants around his ankles and a sign pinned to the back of his shirt saying, "Fuck me raw". Various men come and go, but at one point this twenty-something-year-old cocksucker is on his knees with four men circled around him. I didn't see much fucking, but his mouth was never empty for very long. Another guy lies on his towel at the beach with a camera placed in the bag beside him and another man comes along and sucks his cock. This camera was poorly placed, so the viewing area and angle aren't great, but the blowjob goes on for nine minutes and ends with a cumshot.

It's hard to say how many videos there are because they aren't organized in a way that can be easily counted. And each section has an infinite scrolling page where a few videos load then you click "load more" to add more to the page. In the anal section there were 192 videos, but with 22 different sections, so you can see the problem in giving you an exact count. Plus there's a duplication issue I'll get into in a minute.

Although I can't give an exact count, X Voyeur Gay has hundreds of videos in streaming MP4 format at various sizes and qualities. The ones I watched were 1100 pixels wide at heights from 616 to 838, but there are different sizes here,some with landscape orientation, others with portrait. And you can expect quality to be all over the map. That rest stop video was surprisingly good quality since it was filmed with a hidden camera in a wooden area with subdued light. Other videos were quite fuzzy and some were filmed in washroom stalls where the men having sex with at the other end of the room. You can view them at full screen mode, which offers a variety of results depending on the original video. The videos are mobile compatible but aren't available for download.

I have no idea how often the site adds new content as nothing is dated. Also each video may appear in a number of different sections; I saw the one video listed in the group sex, blowjob and public toilet sections, which is why it's impossible to count the videos accurately. I found the site wasn't the fastest, either, as every click results in a few second wait for the page to load. It got to be a pain, but since I like real amateur videos, I persevered.

This site has a seven-day membership among other membership options, but you'll want to be careful because this isn't a trial; it rebills every seven days, so if you stick around for a whole month it would cost you $76 where a monthly membership is only $29. There was a pop-up when I arrived at the site wanting me to allow notifications which means I'll get a pop-up in my browser whenever the site updates. I declined this since I don't want to bugged all day long.

X Voyeur Gay is a great amateur sex site, and the amateur aspect of the content is both its strength and weakness. There are videos you won't find anywhere else, but you also have to be understanding where quality is concerned. Some videos were quite exciting and enjoyable with good picture quality, but others were amateur or even poor quality. Due to the site organization, I can only tell you there are hundreds of videos - there's no way to tell if there are 300 or 800, and I have no idea how often the site updates. But somehow none of this mattered so much because the vids are from real amateurs having sex in public places, and even more exciting was knowing that some of them had no idea they were being filmed. X Voyeur Gay is worth checking out and if you go into it with your eyes wide open to its limitations, you shouldn't be disappointed.

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