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XXX Gay Cum Eaters tour page screenshot visit

The title of the XXX Gay Cumeaters website is pretty self explanatory, as the phrase applies to guys who love to lick, eat and swap their cumloads. A visit to the sites tour will show you samples from 8 episodes with movie clip examples that leaves very little to the imagination, hot sticky cum is avidly shared and sucked up by everyone.

XXX Gay Cumeaters launched in January 2008, so the 46 videos and 47 full photo sets eleven months later is a decent amount of content to have onboard for their membership, but not quite as much as would be there with reliable weekly updates. I do have to say that a lot of the DVDs are what I consider to be old content. However, each lives up to the sites name, showing plenty of big gooey loads emptied out and then swapped, swallowed and generally eaten up by the models.

Once you log in, croll down the member home page and youre presented with sections showing the newest photo sets and then another one for the newest videos. These are not dated, so I was unable to tell when the material was added to the site. After the thumbs youre given another text link for more photos, and those go to a thumbnail index page that looks to be a mixture of all the bonus photo material and the custom photo content you get a link to after this section. The text link that goes to more videos has a thumbnail index to 110 videos. Since they dont mention a ‘bonus video section later on, I can only assume that these are part of the cum eating type movies offered, which is confusing as I count only 46 movies when I add up all the movies from the six category links at the top of the page.

Inside the member area youll see thumbnail links to six different categories of videos and picture sets: Cum Swapping, Ass Rimming, Bareback, Cum Licking, Facial and Creampie. These movies have a wide range of sizes and go from average to very good quality. On the movies offered in HD with a 1280x720 3 Mbps file size youll be able to go to full screen with very little loss in quality. Some of the older videos are 320x240 at 747k, and these do get blurry when taken to full screen but are otherwise okay. Photos are 1024x768 pixels, without a slideshow, or next or previous link option.

Movies are cut up into wmv clips at roughly 3-minute intervals. Buffer time wasnt awful, but I found having to re-enter my pass code information annoying. I also wasnt able to jump ahead or skip parts of the video. Do a right click and save target as to save these to your hard drive, or if that doesn't work, click to play the video and then save from the player. Youll get 110 total videos, mostly in 3-minute wmv clip style format with no full scenes. The cumeating, cumplay and bareback videos are mixed in with the bonus videos.

Scroll further down the member home page and youll see thumbnails for bonus photo sets that arent necessarily showing any money shots, much less additional cum swapping type imagery. There are 62 bonus photo sets, and these are mixed in with the main pic sets. The bonus photo size is also 1024x768, and you dont get a slideshow or zip download option here either. I rate the bonus material at average for quality.

After the Bonus Content thumbs there is a line of text that says Platinum Feeds Here … that isnt linked up, so I have no idea what I am not getting access to. There are no upsells, or links out to cam, vod, chat or dvd/sex toy sales sites.

One thing you should know is that all the content inside XXX Gay Cumeaters is the same content you'll find if you join Huge Gay Facials, Gay Snowballers. XXX Gay Creampies, Lick My Gay Ass and Bareback Lovin. If you've joined one of these other sites, you've already seen some or all of the content you'll find in this site.

Basically XXX Gay Cumeaters does offer content true to what the tour says it has inside. There's plenty of cumplay and cum eating after the guys shoot their loads, which is what we're here for. On the other hand, I found the wide range of video sizes somewhat annoying, especially since the bulk of the vids offered are in the 320x240 format. On the plus side, the site does not use DRM encoded video. Since there are no dates on the content, here's no way to tell how often or when the site updates. Bottom line though, campers: I cant recommend this site due to the rather high price tag for content - there's less than 50 cumeating videos, and some of the content has been out for a while and is average quality at best.

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