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XLoveGay is a live cam site featuring a variety of types of guys. During my visit I found hunks and bodybuilders, including some with bulging biceps and six-pack abs, as well as lean, athletic jocks. There were twinks including a couple sultry emo boyz with long bangs, as well as a couple tattooed slender bad boy types. There was a mix of white, black and Latin performers, mostly college-aged, with a variety of attitudes from sexy to friendly to assertive, and while most were smooth, there were a few hairy guys including one very sexy otter. I didn't see any men over 35, although there may be some at other times. Not all the guys were solo either - I watched three duos on live cam.

What the guys do in free chat varies from performer to performer. Some were teases, giving us peaks of just the root of their cocks or stroking their dicks while covered with a towel or while wearing their underwear. Some of the bodybuilders would flex, showing off their muscles and sometimes asses. I spent hours inside the site, and during those hours there were always between 22 and 38 performers online. That being said, I didn't check the site in the middle of the night or early morning for U.S. users, but there's a nice variety and enough guys to make it worth while.

There are some features I definitely liked about XLoveGay. On the main pages, there's are thumbs of the live models with their names under the thumbs, and when you mouse over any guy, you'll get a small pop-up with a bigger version of the thumb, member rating of the model, languages spoken, number of visitors in his chat room and whether he's available or in a private show. Even better, if you wait for a few seconds, you'll be shown a tiny version of what the model is doing on cam right now. And all that without having to click or hit the back button - very nice! The page reloads automatically when a model logs in or out, which I wasn't crazy about, but it does mean you're always looking at a current list of who's live.

The live shows are sized at a default of 540x412, although you can both enlarge and go full screen, and at the original size the quality is mostly good, sharp and clear, although keep in mind that the video quality - as well as the sound - can depend on each model's webcam, too. The motion is also pretty good, smooth and natural, and better than some live shows I see.

Each performer has a profile with at least a few pics, some having just 2 to 4 and others having over 20. These are screencaps sized at 320x240, and perhaps due to the small size, they're good quality, sharp and clear. While some are pretty darn sexy, none of the photos I saw showed cock, and many were dressed or semi-nude. The pics are not offered in zip files or slideshows, but I found right-clicking and downloading them individually to be easy.

XLoveGay has 2576 streaming clips that are sized just a pinch smaller than the live shows, and are actually live show reruns. Members can access short versions of the clips, and some models have shorter clips available on their profiles. If you want to watch videos that are longer than 2 minutes, you'll need to spend some credits, and I wasn't thrilled with the way the site does this. Instead of just spending, say, 3 credits per video or 1 credit per minute, you must become each model's VIP member, which costs anywhere from $3+ to over $12 per model - almost $20 for duos. So if you want to watch 3 models' videos, it can cost over $36, and many of the vids are only 4 to 6 minutes each although some are 8 minutes and over.

There are a couple things worth mentioning. First, if I didn't chat or click something, I found I was logged out of the site fairly frequently unless I was watching someone live. Also, as is the case on some live chat sites, the performers set their own per-minute prices (as well as their VIP prices), so expect to see a wide variety of prices.

Overall I really liked my stay at XLoveGay. The guys are a mix of athletic jocks with six-pack abs, smooth twinks, bodybuilders from built to beefy plus some regular guys, and all were friendly, sexy and seemed happy to tease (and ready to get nasty). The live stream was good quality and smooth, keeping in mind that different guys have different cams, but overall they seemed to be above average. The only thing I wasn't thrilled about is that you must become each model's VIP member to view his full vids. I liked the free chat, the features, the hot performers and navigation of this live cam site - XLoveGay gets a thumbs-up from me.

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