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If you're into watching piggy and gay fetish sex, then you're probably already familiar with Wurst Film Club out of Germany. If you've never heard of them, welcome to one of the filthiest gay porn sites out there. The site recently undertook a complete overhaul and presentation of their content, so it's time to head back in for another look.

Most of the men on Wurst Film Club are Europeans. The site films in Berlin so naturally there are a lot of German men, but they feature men from all over Europe. They have an eclectic collection of performers from younger guys in their early twenties with slender and athletic bodies to muscle daddies, from skinheads to leather men in all shapes and sizes. These performers aren't polished and perfect porn stars - they're rough and masculine, and you can expect lots of piercings and tattoos, and heaps of uncut dicks. If you're familiar with the European gay fetish scene, then you'll probably recognize a few of the men like Peto Coast, Francois Sagat and Matthieu Paris, but most of the models were new to me. I was quite taken with the men here because there's such a wide to keep my cock excited.

What you won't find at Wurst Film Club are scenes with a couple of guys fucking on a couch. The sex takes place in lots of interesting locations: sex clubs, dungeons, play rooms, dirty basements, warehouses, prisons and garages. As for the action, let your imagination start running through a pit of dirty action where just about anything goes - gloryhole sex, raunchy and sweaty group scenes, sling fucking, bondage, bareback sex, assplay and fisting, spitting and piss play, spanking and rough sex.

The videos come from Wurst Films' 32 DVDs, and there are 217 video updates - most of which are full scenes but a few are only half a scene - that are offered in streaming MP4 format, the player displaying the videos at 700x370. You can use the full-screen mode and the videos don't lose much clarity and the sound is good so you can hear all the moaning and groaning, dirty talk, and sometimes screaming. The site uses full-streaming servers so you can fast forward the videos without waiting for them to load. There's no DRM on the site but the videos are not offered for download.

The videos are presented in two ways: the Gay Porn link gives you the entire collection of videos as they're added to the site (about one new video every 2 weeks) and Movies arranges the scenes by DVD and you can click into each DVD to see all of its scenes (about 5 to 7 per DVD). I liked both set-ups because sometimes you're in the mood for lots of water sports and the Piss Prison DVD will give you plenty of that, but other times you just want to see what's new on the site and the Gay Porn section will give you that.

There are only 27 picture galleries on the site and these come from some of the DVD scenes. There are 24 to 100 or so pictures per gallery and you can only view them in a slider, but there are no hands-free slideshows or zip files to download. You can, however, save pictures individually. There are also 37 performer galleries, but these don't feature all of the men on the site and they're really just a way to find more of the men who have done multiple scenes.

Does the site have any issues? Well, the site offers a 3-day trial that allows you to watch only seven scenes, but that'll be enough to unleash your inner pig and get him oinking for more. Updates aren't always on the same day of the week, but while they're often a day early or a day or two late, they always happen. While not precisely an issue, as I mentioned already, you can't download the videos. I'd be happier with more picture galleries and a more encompassing performer index, but otherwise, Wurst Film Club is a good solid site.

Wurst Film Club is for the serious fetish pig, so this site was right up my alley. I get so bored of seeing the same thing offered on one gay porn site after another - how many ways can you see two men fucking on a bed? The action here is darker, rougher and dirtier, with lots of imaginative scenarios and settings to keep things exciting. One of my favorite scenes had a skinhead getting tattooed, and he was so turned on by the pain that he let the tattoo artist shove his fist up his ass! And the offering of men is quite varied, giving you lots of everything. If you like all the weird and dirty things uninhibited and kinky men can get up to in dark places, I can't imagine that you wouldn't like the nasty crowd of pigs and perverts at Wurst Film Club.

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