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It looks like Wrestle Hard is making a comeback. This European wrestling site opened in 2008 but stopped updating after three years. However I'm exciting to report that in July 2014 they started adding new videos again, and they're continuing the format of men wrestling until the loser slaps his hand on the mat in defeat and the victor claims his opponent's mouth and ass. Let's head inside and see what's going on now that the site is updating again.

Hungarian gay porn star turned director Roland Dane created Wrestle Hard, and with a background in Thai boxing, he knows what fighting fans want to see. The men are very well-built muscle hunks or jocks with strong bodies; they're mostly Hungarians in their twenties and early thirties. While there are lots of good-looking men, their physiques are the scene stealers - they're masculine and gorgeous gym-built bodies. If you're into European porn, you'll recognize several of the performers, but I saw lots of fresh faces, too. Almost all of the guys are smooth and clean shaven; I only saw one with a full torso of hair and a few with face scruff. Some of them sport tattoos, and you can expect plenty of uncut cocks.

Most of the scenes run about 30 minutes and a good portion is dedicated to realistic wrestling. I'm not an expert, but the fighting and holding looks authentic. The opponents start off in underwear, swimsuits or jockstraps, and a few had the guys going back to the roots of wrestling wearing Greek tunics. One duo match I watched was 20 minutes long with no sex, but the guys stripped at the 8-minute mark and finished their sweaty fight in the nude.

Two of the newest videos took the men outside to fight in the sun, all of the other videos are filmed indoors. Atilius Regulus is a beefy, bald hunk with massive arms and shoulders. Ricky Bombay is smaller and leaner but doesn't seem intimidated. They size each other up with stares and bicep pumps, then jab and slap. After some pushing, they're on the mats rolling around. When the shorts come off things degrade to unfair holds, dick pulling and nipple twisting. After fucking the loser, Atilius stands his foot on Ricky's chest; then with lots of chimp faces and caveman grunts, he unloads all over the loser.

There are a few tag-team wrestling matches with pairs of men fighting first in skimpy underwear, then naked, and this is when things get dirty with ass slapping, stuffing their sweaty underwear or jocks in their opponents' faces and mouths. There are no rules here so guys have sweaty crotches or butts pushed in their faces; I even saw some wrestlers slapping their opponent's faces with their cocks. After 20 minutes of rolling, pinning and holding, the losers must service the winners with their mouths and asses.

Some of the earlier scenes had a bit more fantasy and BDSM themes, and a lot of these videos are about larger, aggressive men humiliating and defeating smaller men before making them suck cocks. Some are a little wilder, with prisoners dragged out of jail cells and onto the mats. In one episode a thief was caught trying to steal a car and was dragged into the fighting gym by two other men who punched him and fought with him together or one at time before giving his ass a punishing fuck.

The 107 Wrestle Hard videos are offered in streaming Flash with no downloadable versions. The older videos are sized at 512x382, or some at 670x536, and where most of these were offered at "normal quality," they've been upgraded to "high quality". Still, I didn't find them as crisp as the newer ones, but they were quite watchable. The newest videos are offered at 720x578 or 710x400 and only in "high quality", and the quality is much more what I'd expect to see by today's standards - bright and crisp. The site does not have full-streaming servers, so I had to wait for the videos to load fully before I could fast forward. There are also 25 behind-the-scenes videos.

Each episode shows the first four gallery pictures and you view these in a pop-up window, and navigate the whole gallery of 20 or so pictures using forward buttons. There's also a "Models" section where you can see bios and stats for each of the 78 guys, and download a zip of glamor pics, and there are also 158 action galleries you can download containing 20 to 24 pictures each and sometimes more. They're good quality digital stills and display at 400x600 (portrait) and 895x600 (landscape), but I also found some at 685x1024.

There are a few issues with the site. They've only been updating again since the middle of July 2014, but so far they've hit the bi-weekly update schedule, and have added 4 new scenes. We'll keep an eye on them and report back in a couple of months. There is a community forum, but it was broken and 7 of the 25 behind-the-scenes videos were also broken; these clips were quite a bit smaller (320x240) and of lesser quality than the regular videos.

Wrestle Hard offers realistic fighting, and often there's wrestling for at least half of the scene, so I'm glad that this site has started updating again. It's a big turn-on watching these muscle hunks and studs rolling around on the mats in skimpy gear or naked. And the dirty fighting with sweaty butts and cocks pushed into an opponent's face makes them extra hot. And to keep thing interesting the site filmed some sizzling fantasy scenarios to mix things up and keep us turned on. If you're new to Wrestle Hard, they've got 107 sweaty fight scenes for you to enjoy, and if you're a true wrestling fan, you should be pretty happy.

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