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The guys at World Gay come from all over the world, which means there's lots of variety. You'll find Americans, Europeans and Australians, as well as guys from Asia and South America, and even some from the Middle East. Not only are the performers an international bunch, they also come in different ages, shapes and sizes. It's impossible to describe the type of models in just a few sentences, but you'll find muscular Caucasians, cute Asians, hung black guys, horny Arabs and sexy Latinos with dark features. The performers are aged anywhere between 18 and 40, and while most of them seem to be amateurs, they are hot and know how to fuck a tight hole. There are plenty of performers with big uncut cocks, too.

The action here is just as diverse; there's a good mix of jerk off videos, hardcore duos and threesomes and orgy scenes. The action includes cock stroking, deep throat blowjobs and intense ass stuffing and there are even some scenes featuring auto-fellatio, gloryhole action, pierced cocks, crossdressing and filthy facials. The videos have been shot at different locations, including hotel rooms, outdoor hot tubs, public bathrooms, and even in the snow and on the beach.

World Gay was launched back in 2005 and offers 137 videos. You would expect a huge library from a site that was launched almost 10 years ago, but unfortunately they stopped adding new content only a few months after the introduction. The videos are downloadable WMVs that are small in size (most of them play at 352x288), and while some are fairly decent quality, others aren't sharp or well lit. I don't believe that the videos are exclusive to the site, and the quality of the videos is about what you might expect from videos that were produced more than 10 years ago and ripped from DVDs.

There are 60 photo galleries divided into 13 softcore sets and 47 hardcore sets. The sets do not match any of the videos and each set contains 50 images on average. There is no hands-free slideshow and while you can save individual images, you can't download the sets in easy zip files. The photos come in different sizes and quality ranges from average to pretty good, although some have issues common with pics from 10 years or more ago. Many of the photos come at a size of 600x800, but you will also find smaller and larger images.

The site promises free access to three bonus sites and they are indeed listed on the main page of the members section, however when you click on the sites the links don't work. I believe members can get access to each of the bonus sites if they type the addresses of each site into their browser's location bar.

World Gay has quite some issues. As mentioned, the site has not been updated since 2005. The videos are small, and the content is old - however not old enough to consider them vintage. The links to the bonus sites are broken, so members may or may not be able to access them.

World Gay features men from all over the world. There's lots of variety, which means there is a bit of everything. Both, the performers and the action are hot, but the the content is disappointing. The 137 videos are small and some are of poor quality, and some of the photos could use some work, as well. I was particularly disappointed by the small size of the videos and lack of updates, and while those looking for gay porn from the 90s and early 2000s might like the guys and the action this site has to offer, there are other sites offering this same type of content in a larger format.

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