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In 1989, a man named Buddy created "Southern Cumfort Magazine" which brought us rugged and real American men from the South. A few years later, the magazine morphed into a website called Workin' Men Movies and continued bringing us rough and masculine blue-collar guys and rednecks jacking their dicks in solos or alongside a buddy, and some do a whole lot more than that.

The men here are 100% amateur and Buddy apparently scours the streets of Atlanta and the back country roads of the South to find them. The men range from their twenties right up into their sixties, although most seem to fall somewhere in the middle. Truck drivers, construction workers, mechanics, and laborers are among the men you'll find here, but Buddy has also picked up homeless guys and hustlers to film, and many of the guys have done time in jail. These are regular men, not models, so don't expect much manscaping. Many of the men have scruffy, ragged beards; they might have wrinkles or may be missing a tooth, some are covered in tattoos and most of them prefer to leave their pubes au naturel, although I did see some trimmed and even shaved ones.

The men come in a range of sizes from slender to some bears with bellies. Some of the guys have quite nicely developed bodies, but most have average physiques. I saw many skinny guys, lots with athletic bodies, and a whole lot of fit guys. But you'll also see men wearing a few extra pounds as well as a very few that I'd consider true bears with bellies. And speaking of bears, you'll find lots of mustaches, beards, goatees, and plenty of body hair - not every guy is hairy, but many are.

Most of the men perform in solo videos jacking their dicks and shooting their loads. Often Buddy spends some time talking to the men getting to know them a little bit and loosening them up so they're not so nervous when their clothes come off. Many of the men smoke or drink a beer. And when it comes to jacking off, many of the guys are watching porn while they play with their cocks and balls, some use dildos on themselves and sometimes we're treated to a couple of men jacking off side by side, sucking dick, and very occasionally fucking.

I had a hard-on for a man named Lee. He's a rough-looking bald man with dark, thick chin scruff. He's 37 years old, married, and he's got a mess of kids. He's a handyman and aspiring photographer. And he goes both ways. Looks-wise, he's a little scary, the kind of roughneck who might push you up against a wall in a dark alley and make you do dirty things to him. He's got tattoos across his right shoulder, another over his left nipple, and there's a work in progress across his torso just under his pecs. He peels off his jeans and sits back in his underwear, then he finally strips. His dick is still soft, so he lubes up and strokes himself until a minute or so later, he's sporting some good wood. After a few minutes, he lubes a red vibrator and shoves it in his ass, then he lets Buddy finger him and stroke his cock. Finally, after nearly an hour, Lee says "I'm going to cum," and he sprays all over himself.

Buddy often inserts himself into the scenes, convincing some of the men to give him head. He also likes touches the men's cock or playing with their butts when they allow. There are some duo videos with men sucking one another and there's a whole series of facial cumshots, so it's not all just masturbation here. In the Buddies section you'll find lots of blowjob action in the 69 videos here, and there's fucking, too.

One of the best parts of the Workin' Men videos is Buddy's description that rolls across the screen and highlights a couple of interesting points about each guy, and they often include Buddy's commentary, which can be quite entertaining. For instance, Joe is a "pleasant fellow who works for a large commercial construction company, he travels the country building hotels and casinos. He loves transsexual women. His latest lady friend went into his apartment and took everything he owns. Probably not the love affair of the century. She keeps calling him so maybe he'll get his stuff back."

Workin' Men Movies currently offers 935 videos in the Whole Session Section, which features raw, unedited sessions that include the informal chats Buddy has with the men, but you'll also find the men doing other things like various chores outside the house like chopping wood or working on a car, and he also catches them pissing or showering among other things. Many of these videos were released on several dozen compilation DVDs, and you'll find them here in several sections: Buddies, In Your Face, GloryHole Cumshots, Load Series, Workin' Men Video and Oldies But Goodies. Each DVD runs around an hour and contains as many as ten men. As well, while Buddy shoots all of the content here, some of it is available on another site by a similar name and you'll find the DVDs on many video-on-demand theaters across the web.

The newer releases are offered in both MP4 and WMV formats, and both play at 720x404. The older videos on the site are medium-sized WMVs that plays at 640x480 and there's a MP4 that's labeled "for Smartphone" that plays at 480x320. I should mention that when we last reviewed the site in 2012 that older WMV's came in at 320x240, but since then the videos have been re-encoded and are now offered in twice the screen size at 640x480. Also, at the time of our last review only the latest 250 videos had a streaming and mobile version, but now they all do. The mobile MP4's play on iPhone, iPod Touch, and Android - and many other mobiles - and look good.

There are a few downsides and quirks worth mentioning about this site. First, the non-recurring monthly membership costs a full $20 more than the recurring monthly version. Next, when you get to the page-by-page listings, the videos are arranged from old to new, so page 94 will have much newer videos than page one. The episodes aren't dated so there's no way to know how often the site is updating, but they have added 214 videos in the four years since our last review, and that works out to be almost one a week. Next, each video's description is underlined in red, which makes the text a little difficult to read. And last, keep in mind that you'll find a lot of the same shoots from the Whole Session Videos in the other video sections.

The guys on Workin Men Movies are exactly as described by the tour - rough, ragged and masculine guys. You can almost smell the sweat while you watch these men in action, and keep in mind there's a good percentage of hairy, older daddies. While many sites claim to have construction workers or blue-collar guys, most of them seem awful clean and well-groomed, but not so at this site. These guys are without a doubt the real thing. While the site has grown, there's no way to know how regularly new content is added, but there are 935 videos and the men and the action are hot, raw, and real. The bottom line - if you're looking for genuine amateur men, Southern rednecks, daddies and amateurs, Workin' Men Movies should definitely be on your radar.

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