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With Marcello features British "Italian Stallion" Marcello and his stable of kinksters and fellow Europeans. The content offers some interesting fetishes as Marcello is into high-end suits with ties and dress socks, leather, tickling, bondage, and medical.

Marcello is a handsome hunk with a great physique, dark hair and eyes, and he goes through suits and socks like the rest of us go through paper towels. Plus he has a sexy British accent. He doesn't give much information about himself except to say that his background is Italian, but he was born in England. He loves cricket, works out in the gym, and adores his motorbike. He tells us "I've always been a smart dresser" and "I love wearing suits, they make me feel so sexy." Beyond that, he's 6'2" and has a 42-inch chest and a 32-inch waist, and he wears a size 10 shoe, but he doesn't quote a cock size although he is nicely hung. He doesn't give his age, but I peg him somewhere in his mid-thirties.

Most of the videos on the site feature the man himself; in fact, you'll be treated to 210 videos watching Marcello showing off in a variety of gear: suits, underwear and dress socks, women's nylons, bedroom attire like pajamas and bathrobes, sports gears and nothing at all. Most of these session have Marcello playing with his cock, wrapping it with his tie, or spanking it with a riding crop. He fucks Fleshlights, strokes his dick in his hand, and he looks into the camera and talks dirty to us. In "Playing with My Friend's Sheer Socks," Marcello lies on the floor and rubs his buddy's red-socked feet all over his body; his friend is sitting in an armchair but we never seen his face, and Marcello finally blows his load all over his friend's feet.

In "A Wet Dream Come True," an intruder wearing a balaclava breaks into Marcello's bedroom and ties him up; then the stranger strokes Marcello's cock and fingers his hole until he blows jizz all over the burglar's gloved hands. In another intruder fantasy, the stranger ties Marcello to a chair and sucks him off, and in still another, Marcello turns the tables and ties up the trespasser and fucks his feet until he cums. I think all of these duos appear in the hardcore section where there are 22 videos in total. About nine of them don't feature Marcello, but other hunks playing together. These are fantasy scenes, and quite a few of them feature fetish scenes like cop and prisoner, stable boy and rider, master and his butler, or intruder and helpless homeowner.

I have to say that I was impressed with Marcello's attention to detail. He's creative with his sets, and he goes all out in bringing us interesting and titillating scenarios. You won't be looking at 250+ videos of Marcello sitting on the same couch doing the same thing.

When we last reviewed the site in 2013 there were 235 videos; three years later there are 261 spread across four video sections - Marcello, Hardcore, Solo Hunks, and Interviews - and some of those appear in multiple sections. The videos are offered in downloadable WMV format and there are no streaming videos on the site anymore. I found videos that played at 640x480 and 480x360, but some scenes may instead come in a larger size of 720x576 or smaller at 320x240, which were both mentioned in our last review three years ago. I can't be more definitive because I strongly suspect that the site is recycling older videos as new.

With Marcello also offers 261 exclusive pic sets, one for each video. Pics are fairly good amateur quality digital stills shown at around 533x800. Action is well-caught in a basic, no frills way, and there are around 35 to 85 shots per set. No slideshows are available, however the newer pic sets are offered in zip files and you can save pictures individually if you want.

There are 24 videos in which Marcello interviews some of the models who appear on the site and I haven't counted these in the 261 video total. There are no other extras; there's still a link to a blog, but that's no longer available and wasn't the last time we reviewed the site.

The site says it updates twice a week, but the dated videos show it's updating once a week, and I really don't think it's updating at all. Instead, I think older videos are re-dated and moved to the front of the queue. Why do I think this? The videos are in WMV, which as a format is quickly losing favor and disappearing from most websites; the video sizes are odd and not what we normally see on current sites, and some of the men in "new" videos haven't appeared in porn in years. The site used to offer streaming videos, but those have disappeared.

With Marcello does a good job of showcasing a variety of kinks. The majority of the content stars Marcello himself in - and out of - dress clothes, although he gets into a range of fetishes, as do his fellow performers. Marcello himself is a mouthwatering and hunky man over 30, he's an excellent dirty talker, and works hard to provide us with creative and fun themes. I don't think the site is updating any longer, but with 261 videos there's quite enough here to keep your cock happy.

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