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I have never reviewed a cam site before, so with my 30 credits lined up I headed over to Webcams. After making my way into the Guys Online section, I find a half dozen guys waiting to talk to me. These six guys appear to be in their twenties, a couple are well built, but the others with average physiques. I click on a performer's thumbnail - I get a large cam area 860x650 and the guy is in frame, he's actually standing and sliding his underwear down a bit and showing us his pubes; I guess someone had just asked him to do that when I entered.

Each guy has a profile page with some basic information like age, eye and hair color, ethnicity, build, height and weight and what languages he speaks. The models can write about themselves in a free-form area, and there are also other sections like fantasies, turn ons and turn offs that give you more information. Some of the guys have minimal information, others take the time to provide more detail. The models can also add G-rated pictures of themselves. You can add the ones you like to your Favorites

I decided to check out a guy calling himself HornyUncut. I'm a hound for foreskin so he caught my eye right. He was a nice looking guy with glasses, face scruff and a decent body. Once inside I can see him in the cam area on the left and there's a chat area off to the right. And this is all free and out in the open. I can see what others might be saying to the model as well. HornyUncut greets me and continues engaging with a couple of others in the room.

After a couple of minutes I decide to go into a private session with HornyUncut. There seems to be some leeway in the cost of these private chats. I saw some models asking for $1.99 a minute, others were $2.99. But I don't know if $2.99 is the upper limit because those were the only prices I saw during my review session. Also, models can invite you into a private session, and those seemed to cost $2.49 a minute.

So back to HornyUncut. I was a little nervous about how this all worked. Do I make small talk for a bit? Do I jump right in and ask to see his cock? I entered the private chat and HornyUncut greeted me, then he immediately pushed the camera back so I now have a full view of him sitting on a couch, and then he slipped off his underwear. So I didn't have to ask. I wanted to make sure I wasn't just watching a pre-recorded show, so I asked him how he was doing, I told him I lived in Toronto and he told me he was in Romania, and we swapped ages and marital statuses. He seemed like a nice guy who knew how to engage with people and he spoke English quite well.

I asked his name and he told me it was Cyprian. I asked to see his cock up close and he obliged, and I asked him to peel back his foreskin and he did that too. He kept the camera on his cock for a while and stroked it for me while we chatted. And when I asked if I could see his face again, he adjusted the camera. After a few minutes, I wanted to write my review, so I told Cyprian that I was heading off and thanked him for spending time with me. I figured I'd get an "oh, don't go" sort of response trying to get me to spend more money, but he was respectful. He said it was a pleasure talking to me and said we could do it any time.

I checked out another guy named Alexey, and he was quite different. He had the television blaring in the background, it took him forever to notice that I had engaged him in a private chat, and when I asked to see his cock, he fumbled with the camera and gave me a just-the-tip view and asked me if I liked it. So I guess that's how it goes - each guy is different. Cyprian was a great introduction to the world of cam chatting, Alexey could take a class or two in social interaction.

There are dozens of guys the Guys Online section, but on the Saturday morning I logged in there were only six guys online and four of them were already talking to other guys in private sessions. And there really are all kinds of different men here. These aren't just guys with pornstar bodies, most of them were quite average to be honest, and I don't mean that in a disparaging way; they're just regular guys. Walk into your local coffee shop at 2 p.m. on a Saturday and that's kind of the selection of guys you'll have here on Webcams.

What I didn't like about this site is that it presumes we're all there to talk to women. When you first log in you get a wall of women and have to navigate into Categories, and buried amidst 22 different types of women, you'll find Guys Online. But even then, if you don't use your browser's back button, any navigation click is going to take you back to the women. Even the Free Cam Shows section only gives us women. It'd be nice if Webcams could figure out how to create a place that was more gay friendly. There are even thumbnails of women running across the bottom of the individual model pages. Come on Webcams, I'm talking to a guy on his cam, why aren't you showing me more guys?

One other thing I wasn't thrilled about is that the guys who are in private chat are shown on the Guys Online index as being available, so you have to click a performer's thumb to find out whether he's currently available or not. Also some of the guys don't offer free chat - when you click to their pages, it says "Model is inviting you in a private session". Personally I'm not really likely to go private with a guy till I can get an idea of what he's like, but if you really find a performer's profile and pics hot, perhaps it's worth a shot.

So that ends my first experience on a cam site. I enjoyed my session with Cyprian. He was nice and easy to talk to and obliged all of my requests. I can't say every guy is going to be like him, but for me, he was a keeper. And if I were so inclined, I'd gladly engage him for some more of his time. He seemed pretty easy going and if I just wanted to talk and watch him play with his cock, he was fine with that; but if I wanted a full-on jack-off show, I felt he would have given me that too. I liked the look and feel of Webcams, it felt modern and it was simple to navigate. But I wish they'd give their gay clients the consideration they deserve, and having more live guys on at a time wouldn't hurt.

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