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We Worship Feet is a new site which promises to turn on guys who like sexy male feet. The site's tour says they offer bare feet, toe spreading, shoe sniffing, socks on cocks, and nude guys in shoes. The guys look pretty sexy, too, and the site is produced in the UK. There's lots to check out, so let's get inside.

The guys on We Worship Feet are mostly British, but a couple are Eastern European. They're in their 20s with athletic bodies. They're largely amateurs, but a few have appeared on a couple of other sites in Great Britain, so while a couple of them are not completely new faces, they're not exactly porn stars, either. And when the guys do pull out their cocks, they're likely to be uncut. Right now there are 10 guys on the site; four have done multiple videos and six have only appeared once so far. Some of their feet are quite nice looking with soft soles and clean and trimmed toe nails, some feet are calloused and rough, and I saw one pair of feet that were in need of a bath.

We Worship Feet only opened its doors in December (it's February now); I didn't see any sex on the site, and I wouldn't expect any. The action focuses on foot worship and has all of the guys showing or playing with their feet and talking to the camera, so you feel like you're getting a private show, but there is quite a bit of variety here. Some guys are already bare footed when their video starts, others are wearing socks or sneakers (trainers, they call them in England) and one guy was wearing dress socks and shoes.

One guy named Tony has done a series of videos starting with talking about his running shoes and why he needs to buy such expensive sneakers. Through 7 videos he takes us on a tour of his running shoes and bare feet. He talks about how he takes care of his feet and the challenges he faces as a personal trainer in maintaining good, attractive feet; he strips off his clothes and does some foot rubbing naked, then tries on a couple of pairs of socks.

Some of the performers are quite sexy and erotic while showing and playing with their feet, others get a little filthier with their dirty talk, and a couple are down right nasty sticking their dirty socks in the camera and saying they know how much you want to smell their stinky socks.

As mentioned, We Worship Feet is new, having just opened in December, and they have 23 clips in their member area. These clips run from a couple of minutes to around 7 minutes. The videos are offered in downloadable WMV and MP4 and they play at 1280x720. The picture quality is good amateur and the videos played smoothly and have good sound. You can also stream the videos on the site, and they display at 700x394; again, playback was smooth with no buffering issues. There are no picture galleries on the site.

The site says that they update twice a week, but none of the episodes are dated, so I can't accurately verify this. However, January was the first full month since We Worship Feet launched and there were 4.5 weeks in the month and 9 videos added to the site. I'm reviewing the site in February and there are 4 weeks and already 7 updates with 5 days left before the end of the month, so they seem to be holding true to their promises.

I do find the videos short, which is why I call them clips: 18 of them are under 5 minutes with most coming in around 2 or 3 minutes, and 5 videos are over 5 minutes, but none is longer than 7.5 minutes. Also, Tony has made 7 clips, all of them between 2 to 3 minutes each and he does a different thing in each; the site could have easily made it one long 20-minute video. It would have been more satisfying, I think. And 3 other guys also have released multiple scenes which seem to be continuations of the same session, so this may be the way this site works; we'll check back in a couple of months and let you know.

We Worship Feet is a new site featuring British guys in their twenties who are mostly pretty hot, with athletic bodies and sporting uncut dicks. There were really only a couple of guys I didn't fancy. The action focuses on the guys showing and playing with their feet and talking to you through the camera. I liked that aspect because it felt like they were right there in my bedroom. Some of the guys are better talkers than others, and some are absolutely fantastic and know how to run their sexy or dirty mouths. The site has 23 clips right now, but if We Worship Feet continues with twice-weekly updates and maintains the same quality, I think foot fetishists will enjoy checking out what they have to offer.

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