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We Live Together has been one of my favorite girls-with-girls sites for years. While the site has gone through some changes - not surprising since it's been around since 2003 - the models are so sexy, and what's more important is that they always have fun together. Most of the women you'll find here are in their early twenties, ranging from girl next door types to model-quality gorgeous babes. Many of the models are on the slender side, but you'll find firmer bodies in the newer episodes, girls with soft and less firm (but still fairly slender) bodies in the oldest episodes. I like variety, and so I enjoyed the mix of girls with big breasts, average breasts and smaller, perky ones. I noticed that there's a mix of porn stars, amateurs and porn regulars.

While this site was probably made to entertain men, it delivers for women into girl-on-girl play, as well. The videos vary greatly, as the oldest videos - the ones that first caught my attention - had a theme: female roommates finding a new girl to join them each week. These are fun and sexy, and include the set-up where the roommates go to the beach, a nearby college campus, a sidewalk cafe or just about anywhere, find a cute girl who's friendly and interested in joining them, and off they go for what's usually a girl/girl/girl threeway including lots of kissing, teasing, pussy licking and toy play. These videos felt very intimate and not only are they super hot, but some of them make me smile.

The newer videos don't always have a theme, although they are also both sexy and fun. Most of these are duos, with a very occasional threesome or group session. There's lots of kissing, but the sex is a bit more... er... gymnastic; girls stand or hit more photogenic positions while their clits are getting licked, and you can expect fingering, both pussy and anal. There's lots of scenes where the girls start out in their bikinis, either at the beach or the pool, but you'll also find chicks wearing nothing but bodypaint while playing soccer - some episodes start off with a scenario while others start things off with a couple of sexy girls undressing each other or making out.

We Live Together offers 600 exclusive videos, each with pics, and the site adds a new episode every week. All the vids are DRM-free, and most are available in both MP4 and WMV formats. The newest MP4s are offered in full HD at 1920x1080 plus two smaller versions including one for mobiles, and the new WMVs are sized at 768x432. The older videos aren't available in HD - the MP4s are sized at 768x432 plus a smaller version for mobiles, and the WMVs are shown at 720x480. Video quality is good amateur, the newest vids being sharper and clearer. And for those who prefer, all the vids are available to stream. The very oldest videos are only offered as small WMV clips.

Every episode comes with at least one set of pics, and all but the oldest come with two - a set of digital stills and a set of screencaps. Most of the digital stills are good amateur quality or better, and they're sized at 600x900 and show off the performers and the action well; the oldest pics are smaller and average but still decent quality. The screencaps are sized at around 900x507 or just a little smaller, and most are pretty good quality for screencaps. All the photo sets can be enjoyed as hands-free slideshows, downloaded in zip files and saved individually.

When it comes to bonuses, there's a lot to talk about. There are 42 straight bonus sites, and while none of the others feature lesbian sex, they're all shot by the same studio and most are still updating. In fact, there are multiple network updates every single day. And you'll find porn niches like Latinas, squirting pussies, huge boobs, anal action, big asses, Milfs, handjobs... the list goes on and on.

It may be worth noting that most of the women in the videos aren't actually lesbians - they're straight and bisexual porn stars who also enjoy being with other women. And something you'll notice while watching the sex in the videos is that the performers make plenty of noise once the action gets going - sighing, gasping, crying "oh, yes" and so on. This may be a turn on for you, and I felt it worked pretty well in the videos a lot of the time, but on the other hand, it takes away from the intimate, sometimes amateur feel of the videos, too.

Now let's talk about some issues. First off, there's a pre-selected offer on a dropdown menu on the sign-up page that, if you don't de-select, will sign you up for an additional site membership when you join this one. Next, trial members get limited access to what the site has to offer, and trials recur at $15 more per month than the price of a recurring monthly membership. Full members have a 10 gig per day download limit; this isn't bad if you download the medium sized MP4s, but if you save the full HD versions, you may find yourself cut off after 4 or 5 per day. By the way, when you first log into the site, you will find yourself on a full page ad you must pass through in order to get to the member area. And speaking of ads, you'll find lots of them here, many animated and eye catching.

We Live Together delivers fun and attractive girls teasing, licking and getting off together in well-produced and sexy videos. The content is exclusive, the women are a nice mix of adult stars, porn regulars and first timers, and although all are fairly slim, you'll still find a variety of types from curvy to athletic, different breast sizes, hair color, and a mix of smooth pussies and girls with trimmed pubes. There are 600 downloadable videos that can be downloaded or streamed, and most can also be played on your mobile; each vid comes with either one or two sets of pics and the site updates every week. Yes, there are some issues, but overall We Live Together offers the kind of women I'd like to get naked with in hot and sometimes playful girl/girl sex that's really worth watching.

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