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The guys on Wank This are in their early twenties. They're a mix of unknowns and familiar faces like Chris Hewitt, Trent Ferris, Jackson Kline and Sam Truitt; I've seen many of the 48 guys on other sites. Some of them work out and have sexy, gym-fit bodies (not too muscular) while others have more slender and natural physiques, and a few of the models are still growing out of their twink bodies. Mostly smooth guys, but a couple of furry ones. too. And the tour isn't lying, there are quite a few big cocks here.

When I first got the Wank This review assignment, the site's tour was full of guys jacking their cocks, but when I headed there a couple of days later to write the review, there was a new tour offering lots of "big cock bareback videos." As of April 2014 when I first reviewed the site, the action was running one third hardcore sucking and bareback fucking and two thirds masturbation, but the more recent updates offer more hardcore than solos. Some of the solo videos start with an interview, others get right down the stroking. The guys masturbate both indoors and outside and some use sex toys and dildos for an added thrill. The hardcore sex videos feature bottoms taking some pretty big dicks up their asses, and the action is mostly indoor sex, but there is some outdoor action, too.

Wank This now offers 41 videos in the member area. You can view these in streaming video player or download them in MP4 format. The downloads come in three sizes: 320x180 and 352x288 - it appears the largest size has been removed. The streaming videos default in an embedded player at 980x546, and while there are three other size options, this is the best and most enjoyable. But you can also stream the two smaller download sizes plus a larger one at 900x500. The videos are good amateur quality full scenes with good sound. The videos are also available as 3-minute clips, but they're very small, and are probably best played on mobiles.

Most episodes offer two galleries of pictures. There are between 40 and 80 digital stills that display at 664x1000. You can display these in a smaller size on the site as well. You can save them individually or watch them in a slideshow, but there are no downloadable zip files. Each episode also offers a gallery of screencaps that display at 1706x960. There are usually 100 or more of these in each gallery.

The site updates weekly, sometimes a day late or a day early. Your membership also gives you access to two bonus sites - Dallas Reeves and Finest Latinos - and 10 third-party gay feeds with even more videos.

There are a few things I didn't like about the site. First, trial members get limited access. Next, "wank" is British slang for "jack off." Wank This seems to be going through an identity crisis because they started off as a masturbation site, then changed the theme to bareback sex. The tour says you get access to Dallas Reeves (more bareback sex) and Finest Latinos and 10 other sites, but the "other sites" are just video feeds, not full sites. (A feed is not full, standalone site that you can join, they're more like a video channel.) Although having said that, the feeds certainly add value to the Wank This membership. And I was disappointed that the downloadable HD videos have been removed - if you want the biggest size now, you have to stream the vids.

My last beef with the site involves the cartoon monkey jacking his cock and screaming his head off at the beginning of every video - it was cute once, after hearing it a dozen times, I just want to throw my screen across the room.

Wank This seems to be struggling to decide what kind of site they want to be. Are they a jack-off site or bareback sex site? Sometimes they seem to be an amateur site, and other videos feature experienced porn actors. Despite the identity crises, the site has a decent offering of 41 exclusive videos, weekly updates (give or take a day) and bonus access to Dallas Reeves (82 videos) and Finest Latinos (228 videos) plus 10 feeds give you more content to enjoy.

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