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Voyeur Boys features six well-built hunks and jocks who live together in a house that's got a cam in every room. Whether they're in the livingroom, kitchen, bathroom or their own bedrooms, these guys are on cam. And I must say that they're all worth watching, as they're all sexy, attractive and obviously spend enough time in the gym to keep most male physique lovers paying attention. Jaden is the one who makes my mouth water - he's 6' 2", 180 pounds of male perfection. Dustin's probably the most manly man there, also tall and with an 8 inch cock. Rocky is more of a fitness model type, and Ken and Tony have sixpack abs and hard bodies.

The videos are a mix of one of the hunks teasing, playing on camera and stroking their cocks; one guy does a hot dildo show, using one after another deep in his ass. In another scene, all the guys get together to play a game, just like any group of roommates might, but the losers have to suck another guy's feet or show their asshole on camera as another guy lubes it up. In my favorite video, two of the performers give a third one a long, thorough massage that ends with all three of them jerking off together.

When you watch the guys live, you never know what you'll see. I watched one guy in his bedroom, naked and bent over showing his ass while he typed on his laptop. Another was shirtless and kicked back in the livingroom; later on, most of the guys cleaned the kitchen. There's a cam in the shower, so if you're lucky you can watch one of the dudes lather up and rinse off. That being said, as far as I can tell the hottest action with closeups and stuff happens while the guys are doing cam shows on other sites - we can see them in action via the house cams, but not close up. If you're looking to get up close and personal, they tell you in chat what site to find the guys on.

Voyeur Boys currently offers 66 exclusive streaming videos, each of which is offered in MP4 format. These are sized at 660x370, and quality is pretty good amateur stuff with good sound. The videos can be enlarged to full screen with only a little loss of quality. BTW, I first thought these videos were recorded live shows, and maybe they are, but the house cams aren't that close to the performers, and these videos are fairly close up, showing the action well.

When it comes to updates, it's been 13 days since the most recent video was added, but previous to that they were adding a video every 7 days. I believe the site only just launched, so we'll check back on the updates in about a month and will let you know what we find.

Now let's talk about the live streams. These are shown at 560x316 with no sound - they are, after all, voyeur cams - and it's easy to go from cam to cam and room to room. There are a total of 11 cams in the house, As mentioned earlier, you never know what you'll see - a guy showing his ass, taking a shower or a fully dressed dude doing housework or typing away.

Does this site have any major issues? Other than the question about the gap in the updates, I can't think of any. Yes, I'd like to be able to download the videos, and it would be nice if the site offered pic sets, model blogs and more info about each guy - as it is, there's just a couple short sentences about each performer or else "Coming soon". And I noticed that often the guys are just dressed in t-shirts and jeans while hanging around the house. I'd like to see a little more tease, more shirtless chests or involvement with their viewers, or maybe shorts showing off the guys' legs.

I'll tell you one thing that confused me about this site. Why would they have their models doing live one-on-one for another service? I'd prefer an option for members to pay for scheduled live shows or even better, include scheduled live shows for members and charge for one-on-one sessions.

Voyeur Boys focuses on 6 sexy amateur guys with muscled physiques living in a house together on cam. We watch them dress when they get up in the morning, hang out, shower - whatever they do, they do on voyeur cams located around the house. The feeds are fairly good quality with smooth motion, and there's chat, as well. There are also 60 videos, and while they're not offered for download, they were hot and engaging. While the dates show a skipped update, in reality I believe the site just launched. Overall I liked watching the jocks and hunky roommates do everything on cam at Voyeur Boys, and with a few tweaks, the site would be one I'd enjoy revisiting.

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