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Budapest-born Joey, Jason and Jimmy Visconti saw a gay porn world devoid of triplets and thus Visconti Triplets was created. Are we the luckier? Let's find out. While there are some minor physical differences among the triplets, each is lean, toned, cute and decently hung - your basic Hungarian gay porn triplets next door. They jerk off or have sex in the same room and with the same guy or guys (and sometimes women), but not with each other. There is some incidental body contact, and they will cum in front of each other, though each seems to be in his own world during the scenes, shy about acting turned on by his brothers. This gives a vanilla sheen to what could be a kinky endeavor.

According to an interview on their site, they turn 24 in February (though the site elsewhere proudly proclaims them to be 19, but time has passed, and it's been over a year since I first watched the interview). The guys who join in with the Viscontis are Euro jocks generally similar to the triplets, some with a bit more muscle, some older, many hornier, plus the periodic gay porn star. After all, when you don't have the triplet thing going on, you have to work out harder at the gym, moan louder, and of course, take it in the ass and mouth more eagerly. There is lots of group action on this site, and some toy play, bareback and solos.

There are 241 videos, which is 16 more than there were about 15 months ago. I've heard from the site owners that updates are currently on hold, but it's possible the site may start updating again. Now let's talk about the videos. The newer vids are offered in both WMV and MP4 formats, and are sized at 960x540 at good quality, and there are several smaller MP4s as well as a nice quality streaming version. The older vids were less consistent - I downloaded one that was full HD and another that was smaller than the new vids. And I ran into a problem with some of the oldest videos. In some cases, I could download the WMV but not the MP4s, and in others I could download the large MP4 but not the WMV, and in the case of some vids I couldn't download either format, but was still able to stream.

Visconti Triplets also offers 370 pic sets. Some are digital stills, the newer pics at 1912x1280 and older at 800x1200. These are good amateur quality or better, with 9 to over 200 pics per set. The other picture sets are decent quality screencaps. All pic sets can be viewed as a hands-free slideshow (to leave your hands free for other things), and can also be downloaded as zip files or you can save the pics individually.

Membership gets you access to three bonus sites. Scary Fuckers offers exclusive content of guys with bad attitudes and skinheads in rough sex, and the action here is hot. Male Digital still updates, and this site offers videos for download and streaming. Bisex Digital no longer updates but offers 279 DVD titles. Accessing each bonus site requires logging in again with your Visconti Triplets password.

Let's talk about issues. First, there's a pre-checked offer on the join page, so be sure and read it before you join. Next, there's a video on the join page that auto-starts, so if you're in a place where you need to be discreet, you might want to turn down your speakers before going to the join page. And as mentioned, some of the oldest videos seem to have download issues but can still be streamed. The site has stopped updating at the present time, but it's possible updates may start again at some point.

Visconti Triplets gives you exclusive solo, duo and group content featuring sexy, fit European jocks. While the triplets take center stage, their lack of direct sexual interaction with each other keeps things legal while still interesting. Still, lots of the guys they bring in are hot, muscular and eager; ironically, each brother is sometimes hottest when in a duo with a non-triplet. Action is primarily all-male, with a few bisexual scenes. Similarly, one of the bonus sites is all-male and one bisexual. Most of the 241 videos can be downloaded and streamed, although the site is not currently updating. If you want to watch 3 brothers who jerk off together and sometimes play with the same guys, Visconti Triplets is pretty much the only game in town.

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