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VirtuaGuy HD is something different than what you're used to. This site spices up your desktop by showing you male strippers and famous porn stars dancing, teasing, doing pushups, stroking their cocks and more on your computer screen. The guys that appear on your screen aren't computer animated; these are real guys who have done strip shows in front of a camera.

The performers are good looking males in their twenties with athletic bodies and nice-sized cocks. Most of them are Caucasian mixed with some Latinos. Among these guys are a couple of famous porn stars, such as cute blond Luke Hamill and sexy stud Jonathan Agassi.

The shows are quite entertaining and diverse. There are guys dancing, stripping, giving you sexy looks, playing with themselves or even shooting their loads on your desktop. There are a couple of duo performances, in which the guys kiss, stroke each others cocks or swap blowjobs. The action all happens right on your screen, while you can continue to browse your favorite sites or work on those statistics your boss asked for.

It has been four years since we last reviewed this site. At that time, VirtuaGuy HD offered 25 different guys in 79 shows. Currently, they are offering 27 guys in 92 shows. Sadly the site is no longer adding new content, but 92 shows is a nice library you can choose from.

In order to view those sexy guys on your screen, you need to install the free VirtuaGuy HD software. It basically adds a control panel to your computer from which you can browse their database and download the guys you like. The software comes with some free shows, but you won't see any cocks or asses or any hardcore action in the demos, although they are definitely sexy. The program also lets you change the settings, such as the size of the guys, the position on your screen, transparency, sounds and default download settings.

As soon as you have downloaded the software (available for Windows and Mac), you actually don't need the site anymore, as you can access everything you need from the control panel. The downloadable shows are available in three different sizes (1280x720, 1920x1080 and 3000x1688) which are big enough to work on all desktop sizes.

You need to buy credits in order to purchase and download more strip shows. The more credits you buy, the cheaper they will be, but you can get a show for just a couple bucks, and some of the shows aren't just hot, but last over 20 minutes.

As soon as you buy a new strip show, you will also unlock some bonus stuff for that same show. Each show comes with one or two bonus videos. The scenes are of good quality, available in WMV and AVI and shown at a size of 960x544. Each show comes with a set of photos, as well. On average there are 60 photos in a set and they show at a big size of 1800x1200. You can watch the photos from the control panel or you can download them altogether in an easy zip file.

VirtuaGuy HD also comes with free screen savers and you can interact with other members by sending them private messages or through the public chatroom.

I really like what VirtuaGuy HD has to offer, but unfortunately it seems like they are no longer adding new shows. Another thing that might be an issue for some is that you need to install software on your computer in order to make things work. The company behind VirtuaGuy HD is a big company that is offering gay and straight adult entertainment for many years, and it would really harm their reputation if the software wasn't safe to download.

VirtuaGuy HD offers 27 hot guys in 92 different strip and sex shows. Once you have downloaded the software to your computer, your boring desktop changes into a virtual strip club. The shows come with bonus videos and photos. You can access everything you need from the control panel, which is accessible from your own computer. The site doesn't update, but the current shows are very entertaining. I would suggest you download the free software and see if you enjoy watching hunks and porn stars dancing and stripping on your screen. I always look forward to reviewing VirtuaGuy HD, as I get a kick out of watching the guys in action on my computer.

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