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Vintage Gay Loops focuses on videos from the golden age of porn. These are mostly from the '70s and '80s, when men had natural unshaved bodies, most porn was condom-free and almost everyone wore a mustache. If that sounds good, why not join me for a trip down memory lane to the days of disco balls and viagra-free porn as I boogie down and take a look at Vintage Gay Loops.

The men are everything classic porn lovers are looking for. They have nice normal bodies rather than gym-built perfect physiques, and almost no one shaves their chest or their pubic hair. In fact, for the most part only the twinks and jocks have smooth bodies. Many of the men over twink age have those mustaches guys wore in the late '70s and the '80s, and those hairsprayed hair cuts. Most of the guys are attractive, but by today's standards they look more like amateurs than porn stars - which, IMO, is a good thing.

The sex in these videos feels natural. What I mean is that the guys seem to be fucking and sucking because they want to, not because they have a career in porn. There are a couple jackoff videos, but for the most part the content here is hardcore classic porn. There's threesomes, outdoor sex, ass play, lots of sucking, fucking and guys shooting loads of jizz.

Vintage Gay Loops has grown to 216 videos, although they stopped updating earlier this year. The videos are offered in your choice of downloadable WMVs and streaming Flash. The WMVs come in 2 sizes, the high resolution versions shown at 720x480 and 360x240. The larger videos are a little lower in quality than the smaller ones, but since these are classic porn videos, I'd say they're about average. The streaming Flash vids are about the same size and quality as the larger WMVs. All videos are full scenes and are DRM-free.

Each video comes with a set of screencaps. These are shown at 720x480 like the vids and are similar in quality, which means quality isn't good, but considering that these are vintage video screencaps, they're actually not bad at all. The "gallery of never before seen historic and classic gay erotica" in the Vintage Photos section turns out to be a collection of non-clickable scans from box covers, with all the titles and info cut off. I'd have been more interested to see the actual front and back covers with all the info. I would have liked to see lots more of these - there are 23 total.

I did find some issues with this site. There's a pre-checked offer on the join page, and if you hit your back button to leave the join page, a pop-up with a fake rep appears. It goes away easily if you keep hitting back or go elsewhere. Trial members may only be able to stream the videos, and may need to upgrade for download access. Something worth mentioning is that the videos aren't remastered as claimed on the tour. They're standard quality for classic porn, which means they haven't been digitally remastered. Still, if you're into vintage porn, these issues aren't really a problem.

I was disappointed that the video descriptions rarely include the names of the performers. They also didn't mention the names of the movie each video was from, what year they were produced or what studio they were from. This kind of info adds a lot of interest value to classic and vintage gay porn sites.

If you're looking for gay porn from the early 1970s to around the early 1990s, Vintage Gay Loops delivers. Their 216 videos are from the classic days of porn, when men were unshaved many had mustaches and disco-style hair, and most of the action was pre-condom. The videos are downloadable and DRM-free, and each comes with a set of screencaps. Updates aren't quite regular, but they're very close. I liked the blog and the timeline, and would consider them recommended reading. The site has some good stuff going for it, although they didn't come through on all their tour claims. Still, I'd still consider Vintage Gay Loops as definitely worth checking out for fans of classic gay porn.

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