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With a name like University Crush, you'd expect the guys to be college aged, and yoube right. The performers are in their early twenties and they're quite a eclectic bunch, many like you'd expect to see on a university campus. Some of the guys are alternative-looking - there are even a few hipsters - with face scruff, tattoos, nose and navel piercings, and stylish and dyed hair; others are wholesome and cute with smooth faces and bodies; and some of the guys are quite close to twinks with slender bodies and boyish faces. Surprisingly, though, there's aren't a lot of jocks or athletic guys, but there is one guy with a big bushy beard who looks like he may have been shipwrecked on a desert island for a while.

I watched one video with three naked guys jacking off beside a river, and one at a time they dropped their loads on the rock below. Another video had a couple of guys sucking and fucking in bed. Two hipster types jack side by side, then they blow each other until they shoot their creamy loads; another couple of guys masturbate on a balcony and one finally sucks off the other. The latest episode features two men who aren't particularly collegiate in an outdoor suck and fuck session. There are also quite a few solo jack-off videos with guys mostly lying back on their beds and draining their nuts across their bellies.

University Crush now offers 47 videos. The videos include 26 hardcore / duo vids and the rest are solo masturbation scenes. The videos are DRM-free MP4s offered in four sizes from 480x270 to 1920x1080, the smaller vids good for most mobiles, and if you prefer you can stream the videos on the site at similar sizes and qualities. These are good amateur productions with decent lighting and sound. The videos look as if they've been processed with a filter that gives the guys a silky or airbrushed appearance, but the videos are definitely watchable.

Each video comes with a set of pictures. These are screencaps sized at 1000x563. You can view them in thumbnail galleries, save the pics one at a time or you can download each set in a zip file, although there's no slideshow. There are 35 to around 85 pictures per set. Also, that air brushing effect I just spoke about really shows through in the pictures; some of them have a dry brushed look like some paintings.

Full members also get access to nine other sites from the same network, most featuring guys in their twenties including a lot more twinks but one includes fisting daddies. The network has been growing a lot in the last few months, now offering 512 and three of the sites currently update. The other sites either don't update or update very infrequently.

And speaking of updates, University Crush started updating again, then stopped again. Disappointingly the site only added eight videos this year (it's July 2017) and two videos last year (2016, one in March and one in August. There's also a pre-checked offer on the billing page that, if left checked, will sign you up for second site membership when you join this one. Trial members get limited access to the site's or network's content. It's also worth knowing that the animated thumbs at the bottom of every page are actually ads that will lead you to a third-party live cam site.

My last concern involves University Crush saying that these guys are "real college amateurs". Some of these guys appear in other videos on the bonus sites, so just how "real" or "amateur" they are is wide open to interpretation. There are guys in leather gear, some rougher guys and some who are definitely older than the normal ages most of us associate with college students. Also there's absolutely no classroom filming or any settings or conversations supporting the college theme. But the guys are at least mostly college aged.

University Crush offers a collection of guys including alt twinks sporting a variety of looks, and I appreciate that the guys aren't all clones. Both the hardcore and solo action are hot in the 47 exclusive videos to download, stream and watch on your mobiles, and each episode comes with a set of pics. Unfortunately while the site started updating again this year, it's either stopped updating again or has grown glacially slow - there have been no new videos in over a month. Still, while the site itself isn't that big, the 500+ videos in the bonus network give more of the same kinds of guys, so your membership will offer enough to keep you busy for a month or two.

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