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United Men bills itself as a chat and dating service for gay men from various races or ethic backgrounds. Whether you're looking for friendship, chat or fun, the site allows you to set up a free profile and sample the site's premium features. United Men's stated goal is to encourage interracial encounters, tolerance and peace. Sounds good, so let's check it out.

When I first logged in I landed on a page showing me guys who were closest to my location. There's a sidebar on the left with various options, so I checked out the New Guys section and discovered 2,156 guys there. This is a dating site so you'll find all kinds of men here, and the site makes it pretty easy to find the types of guys you like best.

If you're looking for a particular type of guy, you'll want to check out the Filtered Search on the sidebar. It lets you look for men in particular age groups like 18-25, 25-35, 35-50, or 50 and up. You can select from eight different styles: Scally, twink, muscled, sneakers, discreet, geek, preppy, and trans - I guess if you're looking for bears, daddies or chubs, you'll have to do a lot of searching. There's an Origins section where you can choose Arabic, White, Black, Mixed, Latino, Asian, India, and Other Origins. And you can hunt for Top, Bottom, Vers as well as Soft, whatever that is.

You can mix and match the search criteria, so for example, you could select 18-25, Black and Top, and I found nine guys who fit all those criteria. Obviously the less criteria you use the more men you'll find. Selecting Black men got me 12 guys on the first page and then I can browse through a number of different pages one at a time and each featuring 12 more guys, and just for the record, there are 67 black men on the site. I also found two Indian men, eight more under the Asian category, and I found 273 Arabic men. There were 131 guys under the Latino category, 80 men defined themselves as Mixed, and 54 profiles fell under Other Origins. There were over 70 pages under the White category, which would put the total at over 840, but I gave up clicking for more pages and can't tell you precisely how many are in this section. Finally, there are 32 profiles in the Trans category.

If you want to refine or change your search criteria you have to click the Edit My Filters button at the top of the page, and you'll return to the Filtered Search page where you can change anything you'd like. But remember, the more criteria you select for your filter the fewer guys you'll find.

When you select a guy's profile a detailed section pops up on the right sidebar. It shows his handle, sometimes there's a brief description detailing something about him or what he's looking for. There's a stats section where men can list their age, height and weight, there's an indicator showing whether he's currently online and another showing how far he is from my location, and then there's a specific location section showing the guy's city and country, sometimes a province or state if it's applicable. At the bottom of the profile are a number of tags like muscled, sport, discreet, top, white - whatever the guy selected when he signed up.

You can favorite guys who you like, there's a link to see other pics if they have them, and you can send the guy a message. On the sidebar you can check out who checked you out or liked your profile and there's a "We like each other" section if you and another guy each liked each other. There's a capability to allow specific guys to see your private photos, and you can block guys, too; that's always handy for the ones making a pest of themselves or being abusive.

When you create a profile you have the option to fill out height, weight, birth date, and then your style, origins and sexual role. Then you can create a public and profile picture album and you designate a picture that will display on the search pages as well as at the top of your profile page. You can select automatic or manual settings for the system to determine your geographic location or not. And there's a settings page where you change passwords or emails or various other things.

When you first sign up you're assigned a free premium membership which allows you access to all of the site's features and benefits. It looks like it's good for one week. This is a free trial and doesn't renew automatically; you have to opt in to various memberships durations, i.e. one, six or 12 months. You don't have to give a credit card when you sign up for the free profile.

So what do you get with the Premium Service? You can see who liked or blocked your profile and see who checked you out. You get access to premium galleries, perform advanced search of profiles, the system will tell you if users have read your messages, and you can block access to the app by pin code. And in case you're wondering, the charge will appear on your statement as Studio Presse and not United Men. There is an app available for your mobile device, and you can download this at the App Store or Google Play.

Are there any drawbacks? Well, there are a couple of things. The site gets you to register for a Free account, but nowhere does it say that this free profile is limited. You'll figure that out once you get inside. And I don't know if you're still able to log in after the free membership expires. I tried to find out more information by clicking the terms and conditions link, but the documentation is in French and my high-school French is a distant memory.

Finally, on the tour United Men claims there are 281,032 profiles created and 6,928 guys connected. I can't verify either claim because the members area doesn't actually show how many guys are registered. One more note on this: The site says that all United Men profiles come from another dating site called BeurOnline, so presumably if you sign up on United Men your profile will appear on the other site.

And I want to cover a couple of things for American visitors: the profile statistics are in metric, so when you see 29/176/80 it means the guy is 29 years old, 176 centimeters high, and weighs 80 kilos. Not all guys list the full range of stats, many just include their age. And by the way, the prices here are in Euros only.

Finally, United Men is a worldwide site so you'll be seeing guys from everywhere, and not all of them speak English, or French or Spanish if you happen to be from France or Spain. There is a selection on the sidebar "Around me today" that will allow you to pull in the guys who live closest to you. But in my case, there was no one even in my city, which is Toronto, and a reviewer in Los Angeles found a single guy within driving distance. So United Men might be good for meeting men around the world, but not so great if you're looking for a man around the corner to fuck. Although that's not impossible either.

United Men is a fairly new dating and chat site where men from around the world can meet others for dating, friendship and fun. Signing up is free and gets you access to the site's features and full selection of men, but the free membership is a limited trial. After a week you'll need to sign up for a premium option, which isn't expensive. But you'll have enough time to poke around the site and see if it's a good fit for you.

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